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Intraclass correlations
Evaluation of model fit
Categorical Outcomes
Factor loading MCA models
Total and Indirect Effects
Building a Multilevel Structural Model
Hierarchical regression
Multilevel factor analysis
Example data: Published?
Multigroup Model
Fit indices
Saving Parameter estimates in separate files
Multilevel SEM Examples
Missing data
Cluster Size
Multilevel Time Series Question
3-level analysis by HLM and Mplus
Random intercepts
Is it possible to run "type=complex"and "type=mgroup" sim...
FIML versus MUML
Version differences
Random regression in Mplus
Path analysis with 3-way (multilevel?) data
Simple multilevel problem (?)
Testing for clustering
Random intercept model with latent independent variable
Using only the within or between matrix
Autoregressive errors in multi-level model
Adjusting standard errors for cluster sampling
Effective sample size
Path Analysis using categorical latent outcome variable
Group level variable and low intra class correlation
Linear dependency in ML models
Unconditional model
Power/monte carlo studies with multilevel data
Nonrecursive models
Rmsea with unbalanced group sizes
How does Mplus handle non-normal model?
SEM and sampling weights
Multilevel latent class analysis
Two-level model without first-level covariates
Analysis=integration, multiple groups
Unstable estimate of correlation
Multilevel data in discrete-time survival analysis
Possible LISREL syntax for multilevel modeling?
Multilevel Means Modeling
Numerical integration
Non-linear constraints and complex sample data
Teory path analysis with multilevel data
Modification indices in multilevel?
Multiple group comparion with complex sample using cluste...
Estimated means for multilevel mixture model
Multilevel path analysis for binary outcomes
Random slopes for SEM?
Weight Option and ICCs?
Standardized Solutions
Unknown Factors in Between Level
Data Structure
A general comment
Contrasts using multinomial logistic
Robust WLS Sample size?
Zero-inflated Poisson regression in multilevel setting
Discriminant validity in multilevel model
Start Values in Multilevel Path Analysis
Is type=complex or type=multilevel the appropriate type o...
More thann two levels?
Level-two variables with no complement on level-one
Unbiased Estimates Using Type=Complex?
Unit of Analysis in Aggregated Data
Between Level Covariance Matrix is NPD
Multiple membership models
Help with a random slope interpretation
No ICCs when using ordinal variables?
Unbalanced multilevel data
Non-Positive Definite Between Level Matrix
Save out factor scores with complex data
Complex sample (BRR) and dichtomous outcomes
Three-level growth modeling
EFA/CFA with complex sample data
Multilevel SEM --everything random?
How many degrees of freedom?
Weight variable in SEM
Formative vs. Reflective constructs in MSEM
Minimum number of level-1 units within level-2 units
Memory shortage
No SIGB and SAMPLE matrices
ICC with Latent variable SEM - 2 Level Model
"Negative Nonindependence"/"Frog Pond Effect"...
How many clusters?
Censored Two Level Model?
How to consider this dataset / which model is good?
Question more / How to consider this dataset
Ex 9.13 Question.
Multilevel measurement/structural invariance
How to fix this problem? ex 9.13
Multilevel Model Example on Web Site
The Big help for your comment about model/ output/ concep...
Example for type=complex
Two-level model with cross-classified random effects
To Integrate or not in two-level modeling
Information matrix: expected vs. observed vs. combination
A few question in Mplus example.
Using "Design Effect" weight variables in NCES datasets...
Cross-level and between-group interactions
Using Mplus: the Multilevel model Question.
Multilevel model -> Assume Logistic Regression
Multilevel model <- Cluster level one more than
Random slope with fixed intercept
Error message Output
Multilevel model and eroor message / Lots of missing data
Cluster Issues
Binary Data at Level-2
Non-positive Definite Matrix--Between Level
MONTECARLO and weights
Using Sigb
Multilevel Regression
Latent random slope models
Level-2 variables on level-1 independent variables
Monte Carlo Question
Scaling in CFA/SEM with complex data
Multiple sampling weights for growth model?
Multilevel SEM for repeated surveys
Simulation of Multilevel SEM
Convergence Number in Simulations
Zero-Loadings on Level 2 Factor
Invariance across reporters (multilevel v. not)
Within and Between Specification
Combination of MFA and multilevel path analysis
Recommended Estimator
Relationships between latent constructs
Can MPLUS analyze a general three-level model?
Std vs. StdXY
Mplus 4 Multilevel features?
Categorical dependent variable using complex?
Shouldn't within-groups variables be latent too?
StdYX in Multilevel Regression
Saving Multilevel Residuals
Between-Level Question
Estimating interactions with sig-w
Multiple Weights in Mplus Multilevel Models
Comparing MLR models with type complex
Design Effect and Biased Parameter Estimates
Looking for polytomous multilevel data
Analysis Advice
Reliability coefficient
Panel Data Econometrics
Residual Variance of Random Coefficient Set to 0
Multilevel regression
Examples from national data sets
Large and varied design effects
Factor Scores for Random Slopes
Sample weights
When are level 1 variables designated "within"?
How to classify by logistic regression
Parallel process multilevel growth curve model
Working with pooled data in sem
Multilevel mixture modeling
Estimating Chi Square
Factor scores in multilevel analysis
Multilevel reliability
Analysis of nonindependence of groups
Model specification
Max number of levels allowed in Multilevel Model
Cross-classified random effects
Cluster Specific Multilevel Modeling
Group level DV
Multilevel Mixture Modeling
Mutliple Nesting Variables
Partial Least Squares advice needed
Categorical variable codings
DIFF-test and cluster sampling
Entering a level 3 variable in level 2?
Intercepts and slopes as random effects?
Within subjects design
Heterogeneous longitudinal design- Any opinions?
2 continuous dependent variables?
2 Level SEM Effect Size and 95CIs
2-level path analysis
Path analyses, individuals nested within couples
What are X and W?
Does this make sense?
Additional cases in multilevel mixture model
Mixed model
Group constructs
Handling multiple level-two clusters
Saving estimates for each clusterID
Statistical power in type=complex models
Mediation in repeated measures (time series) data
Regression to the Mean in Multilevel Growth Models
Unspecified parameters entered in model
Reliability estimate for the intercept
Cox path model and the effects of collinearity
Survey data analysis
Assigning data point to complex clusters
Estimator for multilevel sem
Normality test and HLM
Is multilevel modelling right for my sample?
Three-level factor analysis and SEM
Factor scores from between level growth model
How to obtain std. coeff. not using Mplus
Should i pool clusters together?
Modeling direct or total effects
Testing for significants
Covariates using twolevel complex
Ex. 9.3 random intercepts in twolevel SEM
Within-variables with between-variance
Grandmean centering in type = twolevel
3-level CFA -- within-variance, between variance
Generating two-level data based on SIGB matrix
Complex sample data
Integration Dimensions Question
Modeling clustered data over time
Very low ICC
Splitting Within and Between Variance (part1)
Multilevel Regression of Factor Scores
Multilevel model testing
Measurement invariance and multilevel SEM
Regarding skeness in my sample
Cross-level interaction in multilevel SEM
Number of Parameters in Multilevel Model
Within residual variance
Cluster averages
Bootstrapping with multilevel data
Use DEFINE in Monte Carlo simulation
Between level only factors
Between level information function
Purchasing multilevel add-on
Understanding fit
Multilevel Path Analyses
Interactions with 2level random model
Multi-level CFA null, independence, maximal model
Multiple groups
MLM and complex survey data
Level 2 Latent Variable
Multiple group analysis in complex survey
Comparing Design Effects?
Complex sample analysis with strata and secu/psu
Cluster versus multilevel
Problem with "SUBPOPULATION" command
ICC for count variable in two-level analysis
Replicate weights with complex sample
Effect Size interpretation under type=complex
Multiple continuous dependent variables
Within level matrix and between level matrix
Estimators and Missing Data
When Repeated Measures Don't Permit a Growth Model
Not positive definite
Problem with Two-level HLM
Non-significant r2 in twolevel pathmodel?
Different log-likelihoods for equivalent models
Error message
Complex analysis and df's
Twolevel CFA problems (identification, modindices)
Jackknife replicate
Mul levl reg & complex survey data weighting
Within or between?
Output twolevel logistic
Between level and within level factor
Size of stdyx b's in type= twolevel
Between-group variance for the factor loading
Mplus Web Notes: No. 11
Multilevel Factor analysis supervisor-subordinates
Negative values in file
Patterns of Nesting are Different Across Years
Question on twolevel LCA
Comparison of Mplus results with R & HLM
Multilevel model using long data and residual
Indirect effects in two-level logistic model
Zero-inflated poisson models
How to get R-squared out of type=twolevel random
Variation within cluster
Multivariate Ordinal Mixed Model
Wald ChiSquare F tests for complex data
Labeling variance of an oberved variable
Moderated mediation two-level model
Parameter estimates in TYPE=COMPLEX
2 level multilevel SEM
Multilevel manifest covariate
Replication error
Standardised output in multilevel SEM
DIFFTEST without outputting derivatives dataset
Correlated errors in a twolevel EFA
Estimation methods for multilevel mediation model
Estimated probabilities in 2-level logit models
Multilevel cox regression
Cluster-Level Dependent Variables
Stratafication versus clustering
Multilevel CFA
Multilevel and testing mediation
Residual correlation of 1.000
Random intercept and slopes with latent variables
Contextual effect for twolevel SEM
Intercept vector in twolevel factor analysis
Multilevel regression with a distal outcome
Correlations with TYPE=COMPLEX
Generating dichotomous independent variable
Panel and interaction
Multilevel CFA vs. EFA: identification issues
Degrees of freedom with standardized variables
Unequal sample sizes in multiple regression
Multilevel sem, modification, and categorical vars
Multiple sample path analysis with complex sample
ICC in Mplus
Normalized weights
Output file prematurely terminated
Spatial power law in Multilevel model
Warning message regarding number of clusters
Standardization for MFA with categorical variables
Moderated mediation in MLM
Parameterisation Delta or Theta
DIFFTEST in Multilevel CFA
Explaining a significant interaction term
Bootstrapping multilevel data
3-Level GMM CACE with Randomization at Level-3
Computing Power for a complex multilevel model
Interval-level dependent variables
Variance decomposition when using %within%
Cross level interaction
Information Criterion for Survey Data
Model identification in twolevel CFA/SEM
Multilevel CFA
Options for twolevel mediation analysis
Cross-classified random effects approach?
Measurement vector
Save residuals
Save matrices
3-lvl structure w/ 2 nested repeated measures?
Testing Level-1 moderator on Level-2 predictor
Sampling weight and design variables
Mediation, clusters and longitudinal data
MLM Regression of latent vars within on between
Cross-level moderator
(dis)aggregated data without multilevel
Construct/use neighborhood-level variable
Pairwise testing of fixed effects
Odds ratio interpretation
Modelling growth by groups
Testing assumptions
Decomposing a covariate
Complex sample/path analysis
MLM with outcomes at different levels...
Descriptive info in Mplus
Multigroup analyses with weighted data
Mean of between-level-variables
How to model this sample design in mplus
Decomposing x-variables for categorical dv
SEM with Multilevel Modeling
1 categorical variable vs 2 categorical variables
Control group in Latent Class Analysis
Two Levels of Repeated Measures
Saving data
Multisite cluster sample
Cross-sectional experimental data
Control variable in Mplus
Nested data and bootstrapped standard errors
Ordinal model
Unbalanced longitudinal non-equidistant time
Nominal Outcome in Multilevel-Analysis
Between-Level Sample Stats for Clustered Twins
Warning in multilevel regression analysis
Not enough memory
Factors Score from Multilevel EFA
Output for multinomial logisitc regression
Mplus estimates?
Model constraints
Multilevel Multigroup CFA and Latent Mean Analysis
2-level CFA, with a predictor at level two
Multilevel data and mediation/path model
Type=Complex and singleton PSU's
Multi-Level SEM with Latent Variables
Non-Recursive Models
Multilevel mixture loglinear model
Tests of Model Parameters
MPML estimation method
Individually-varying times in multilevel models
Estimator for complex data
Fisher Information Matrix in MCFA analysis
Multi-level model using complex survey data
Multilevel Multiple Group Analysis
Path modeling of binary data from a biased sample
Monte Carlo Simulation Data File Not Appearing
Withinlevel variable not required at betweenlevel
Multilevel SEM for Diary Study
Multilevel and multiple mediation in M-plus
Three level model with complex sample data
Multi-level Logistic Regression
Multilevel model on two waves of non-repeated data
Intercept of factor in MLM
Bayes multilevel analysis
Hypothesis Testing
WLSMV with unbalanced clusters/categorical data
Question grandmean-centering
2-level analysis
Twolevel mediated moderation
Fit indices for LCA
Multilevel mediation 2-1-1, Zero-infl Poisson
Time Varying Covariate in ML Growth Curves
Reading data from txt file incorrectly
Diary study 3 levels
Zero-inflated negative binomial and complex data
Clustering and stratification
AIC/BIC question
MPlus is using half my data
Plausible values for Factor Score Estimates
Multilevel SEM (diary study)
Centering and Intercepts in Mplus
Coding of Categorical Covariates
Replicate weights and subpopulation
1-1-1 multi-level mediation with a moderator
3 level model help
Level 1 independent on Level 2 dependent
Independence model for TWOLEVEL EFA 3 UW UB
Multilevel model with group-level outcome
3-level model (binary outcome)
Model Fit with Complex Survey Data
Complex 3-level repeated measures SEM
Default estimator for TYPE=TWOLEVEL
Scaling correction factor using WLSM
Significant groups
Constraining paths across levels
Nested model has fewer df than comparison model
Multivariate Outcomes Model - Bayesian Estimation?
Example 9.6
Multi-group Multi-level CFA
Level 2 random intercept in latent regression
Chi-square & type= twolevel random
Proc mixed SAS versus mplus on mixed models
Zero inflated count model
Sample size
Getting residuals for school effectiveness scores
Correlation between endogeonus variables
Four-Level Modeling
Problem involving parameters
Plotting longitudinal growth curves by individual
Testing cross level effects
Job Oportunity - Research Psychologist
MSEM mediation model with random slopes
Incremental Validity
Longitudinal Factor Analysis
Three-level model corrections in multilevel CFA
Common pathway cross-lagged biometric models
Number of clusters for Bayesian estimator
Multilevel Covariance CFA (1994 paper)
3-level Factor Model
Plots with multilevel complex sample analysis?
Residual variance
Model fit indices in Multilevel SEM
Importance weights
Error in cfa, type = complex
MGMM convergence issue
Centering default in Type=twolevel
Combining MLM and parallel process LGC mediation
Correct multilevel multigroup model?
Effects from within to between level
Random intercept in categorical MLSEM
Error Msg - Variation within a cluster
Multigroup analysis
Saving the repetition variable in WIDETOLONG
Type = Complex
Bootstrap mediation test with complex sample
Multilevel or multigroup analysis
Number of dimensions/integration points
Moving variances
Normalised residuals?
Two-level growth models for a categorical outcome
Effect coding
Multiple number of indicators?
Different predictors at the two levels
MSEM 1-1-1 Moderated Mediation with Lev 1 Mediator
Nonpositive Trace
Variance of L2-factor?
Error Message - 2-Level EFA
Mediation model with time-varying mediator
Multi-Level Multi-Group Path Analysis
3 level poisson regression
Model indirect with Bayes
Fixed parameter warning
Reliability Estimates
Unidentified Model - Increase H1 iterations
Comparing the impact of the independent variables
Fixing a negative variance and outcomes
Latent interactions among random intercepts
Two-group growth with different follow-up times
Compare path strength in two groups
Multilevel categorical data
Haywood case in two group analysis
Dealing with Poor Model Fit
How to specify latent composite in mlm
Multilevel LCA with marital dyads
Two Level Moderated Mediation?
Intercept (Only) Model with categorical outcome
Number of integration points
Zero-Truncated Poisson
Complex Data, Missing Data, and EM Algorithm
About data entering
DIfferent ICC of summated vs. latent scores
Testing causality with multi-level data
Two-level modeling with replicate weights?
Sample weights documentation
Marginal models & level 2 variable as mediator
Descriptive statistics with replicate weights
Draw a model
Multilevel model + multiple groups
Multiple group analysis of mutilevel model
Generate multi-group data within clusters
Between-group Interaction
Testing Configural Invariance with clustered data
Mplus on Mac
"0.000" Estimates and Standard Errors
Multilevel path analysis
Missing data on covariates
Within and between-person analyses
Standardized solutions in two level model
Interactions with categorical indicators
Groupmean centering in type=complex
Power of difference tests in weighted estimation
Multiple outcomes
Applying Survey Weights (Millenium Cohort Study)
P-values for variances
Error when adding between level variables to model
Higher level constructs and MFA
Chi-Square Difference Testing
MLM and Complex survey design
Partial correlation / Multi-level/ Large N
Standard errors
Useobservations command
Ill-conditioned Fisher-Information-Matrix
Ill-conditioned Fisher information matrix
Measuremetn Model Evaluation
Multilevel random effects meta-analysis
Hierarchical LV Structural Modeling + Mediation
Reliability coefficient for empty model
Missing values level 2 covariate
Between-factor based on variables measured within
Mixed Effects model in MPLUS
Using define with widetolong
Multilevel SEM
Bayes Estimator for Multivariate ML (ordered)
Bayes posterior distributions for covar. matrix
Multilevel model in dyadic analysis
Multilevel path analysis
Modelfit /Multilevel Analysis
Cluster correction, no standard errors
Fixed effects models
Cross Classified Multinomial Logit
Different baseline hazards Cox model
Cross-classified Mplus7
Survye cross-sectional
Survey longitudinal
A common problem for binary independent variable
Model fit in cross-classified model
Monte Carlo for Multilevel Analysis
Interaction in two-level model with random slopes
Cluster means for latent factor
Multilevel modeling with within-cluster groups
Multi-level mediation analyses with binary outcome
Interpretation of multilevel LGM
N2mplus software
Multilevel CFA with continous latent variables
2 DVs with different numbers of higher-level units
Moderated mediation model
Logistic regression using replicated weights
Cross-classified model
LGM with 2 sets of Time Varying Covariates
Complex data doing with plausible values
Mediation and Model Constraint
Aggregated data with group level predictor
Complex Samples and categorical outcomes
HLM Missing Data on Timepoints
Warning about MLR standard errors
Multilevel IRT Model in Mplus
Complex modeling with two cluster variables
Question about error message
Level 1 variables predict level 2 variable?
Negative Chi Square
Correlation among estimates
No equivalent MSEM-models with random slopes?
Cluster Randomized Trials
Repeated measures / group-level dependent variable
Unrestricted within for 2-level CFA?
Multilevel SEM with WLSMV estimation
2-1-2 two level SEM model
Time Series Varying Start/End Dates
No intercept model
Cross-level interaction - Warning Saddle Point
Three level path analysis
Cluster or multi-level CFA?
Multilevel SEM modeling
Complex sample SEM with mediators
Robust Standard Errors
2-1-1-2 modeling
3-level MLM with version 6.11
Individually-varying times of observation
Multilevel IRT
Parallel nesting structures
3-level complex survey design estimate
Interpreting intercepts in MLM & FE models
Define/ recode variable with Imputed dataset
Estimating Residual Variances in MSEM Path Model
Between-level variance/covariance matrix
Problem with excluded cases
Latent between level variable?
Mixed model for lower-level factor
Crossclassified Longitudinal Model
Multilevel mediation model and grouping
Basic Questions on Sampling Error
Problems with input SPSS data file
Groups as clusters and age differences
Unbalanced growth model
2-Level Seemingly Unrelated Regression
Clustered Data with a Count Outcome
2-1-2 model with a level-2 moderator
1-1-1 mediation model with random slopes
Comparison of non-nested models
Cross-level interactions in mediation analysis
Correlating slope and intercept
Chi Square Multilevel for categorical data
R2 for categorical DV (Snijders & Bosker, 1999)
Interpreting within-level effects at between-level
Programme with no outcome
Intercept in twolevel SEM with latent variables
2-1 cross level interaction
Multigroup multilevel/complex logistic regression
Multilevel, multiple group with random slopes
Problem with group-level Y and complex model
-2LL comparison of two nested models
Structural invariance with complex data
3 level complex and longitudinal data
Correlations between IVs in multilevel analyses
Cross-Level Interaction
Adding covariate into multi-level mediation
Different numbers of replicate weights
Two-level path model with small number of clusters
Binary level-1 independent variables
Between level
Twolevel random with level-3 cluster added
Posterior covariance matrix
2nd order multilevel CFA with formative construct
LPA run
Type twolevel random with binary outcome
Covariance in two-level interaction
When to fix factor loadings across levels
Two level CFA Large residual variances
Standard Errors Under MLR in Two-level Models
Latent profile analysis
Unusual multilevel structure
Three Level SEM with Random Slopes
Saving lower level mediation effects
Not positive definite between covariance matrix
Multilevel path modeling problem
Monte Carlo
Calculating within-cluster variance
Syntax for mutual influence APIM model?
XWITH at level 3
Two-level SEM ERROR message
Logistic regression using clustering
Two level random slopes
MMC Syntax
Fit indices for multilevel SEM
Matching Mplus Output to APA Reporting Standards
Moderated Mediation
Running time for 2-level bifactor model
2 level LGM
Model fit indices with Bayesian estimator
MCFA - variance of between-level latent factor
Endogenous problem in multilevel analysis
Multilevel analysis for ordinal responses
Multilevel model with repeating repeated measures
Minimum level-1 sample size?
GLM with log link and Poisson regression
Moderated Mediation with cross level moderation
Known Reliability
Sorting the data
Multilevel moderation
Negative Deviance
Constrained 3-level Model vs. 2-level Model
Estimator and S.E. with Fay's
Paper Request and Question
2-1-1 path analysis with binary mediator/ outcome
Three-level data: cross-level interactions?
Missing Level 2 Data
Heterogeneous Level-1 Variances
Within Cluster Variability on L2 predictors
Two-level mediation analysis with binary outcome
New to MLM - Basic help request
Within/between specification
One-way random effects ancova
Plotting MLM interaction
Implicit and explicit stratification with weights
Three level model with complex data
Cluster ID exceeds the maximum allowable value
Multilevel mediation with random slopes 2-1-1
Fit Indices in Cross-Classification
Simple Moderation in Multilevel Data
Sample Statistics Check
Nonlinear regression in weighted samples
Summation of indirect effects in two level
Two cluster variables - measuring change
Replicate Weights and cluster information
Adding AR1 Structure in MLM SEM
COMPLEX TWOLEVEL EFA processing time
DIF with categorical data in multilevel model
Level 2 variable as the outcome
Multilevel mediated moderation model
Logistic MLM
Small Number of Between Units
Estimate random slope with multiple variables?
Type=complex or twolevel in a sample of twins
Three Level SEM Random Intercepts
Error covariance structure
Centering: implicitly done or not?
Standardized solution in moderated mediation model
Compute between/within component of Level 1 var
Centering and interaction
BSEM Measurement Invariance Analysis
Single item indicator Multilevel SEM
Testing For Non-Zero Variance Of Random Loadings
How to use Mplus version 7.3 new features
Clustering ID
Scale correction factor
Plausible values in large scale surveys
Mediation in two-level using bootstrap
Cluster specific parameters
Chi-square, MLR
Multilevel CFA
2-1-1 Moderated Mediation Model
Output window is blank
Multilevel latent covariate model
Bayes estimator in a multiple mediator model
Non-intervention analysis with intervention sample
Cross level mediation-moderation
Cross level mediation-moderation
Interpretation when DV is categorical
Full Rank Models
1-1-1 multilevel mod. med.: unusual results
Heteroscedasticity at level 1
Degrees of freedom in multilevel analysis
Three-level longitudinal ML model_error message
Multilevel Mod-Med - L2 Interaction
Ignore first data row?
Random intercept as latent mediating variable
References for type = THREELEVEL
Within-level predictor with Between-level variance
CFA clustered data
Warning about parameters and clusters
MEFA/MCFA Cross Validation Problems
Multilevel multiple group SEM
TECH3 output
1-1-1 ML model with level 2 moderator
Testing level 2 relationship with level 1 controls
EFA with strata
Controlling for between person covariance
Two wave 2-1-1 mediation
LPA with twin data
Speed Accuracy Hierarchical Model
Causation and Multilevel Modeling
Multilevel Quadratic Regression
Visualization in R
Monte Carlo model for unbalanced 3-level data?
Warning X and Y variable in two level model
Random factor loadings of 2-level SEM
Factor analysis for clustered data
HGLM in Mplus
Counts/proportions for level-2 in ML mixture?
Missing data
Degrees of freedom
2-level data without weight
Multilevel with three levels
HELP with 2-1-1 Model with L1 moderator
2-1-1 moderated mediation
Crossclassified twin model
Default method for estimating random slope
Correlations between first and second level
Observed variable must be a BETWEEN variable?
Zero inflated continuous data, three level model
No direct effects given in my output?
2 level bi-factor random item response model
2 level bi-factor random item response model
Population value weights in multi-level model.
Fixed effect model of panel data
Interpreting Coeff from Categorical Predictors
Location Scale Model
Multilevel mean differences?
Number of Parameters
Saturated model
Clustering with Dummy Variables
Multiple membership model
Level-1 predictor level-2 outcome
Multilevel MIRT random item effects model
Unconditional GMM for Nested Data
MLM with interchangeable dyads and level 2 outcome
how to specify %BETWEEN% or %WITHIN%?
Variances for count outcomes at within level
Level 1 moderator approach
Three-level Model with Dichtomous Variables
Complex vs. two-level
Wald chi-square test
2-1-1 & error message
Dummy-coded predictors and reference group
Bayes test of indirect effect in MSEM
2-1-1 mediation model with 2 outcomes
Latent L2 moderator of a contextual effect
SEM with clustered/multilevel model
Parameter changes between levels
Warning about not positive definite covariance
1-1-1 Mediation analysis Deconflated model
2nd-order vs 1st-order with correlated factors
Multilevel ZINB model
HLM from Correlation matrix
Croon and Veldhoven 2007 Model
Indirect effects for sequential/serial mediators
Multilevel LCA
Multilevel Path Analysis - Moderated Mediation
Sample weight
SEM vs. Pathmodeling
Pooling two time points
Covariance Matrix as Input for 3 Level Model
Modification Indices and nonlinear constraints
Two-level moderation
Two Level Path Model for Mediation Analysis
Multigroup model with nonindependence
Random slope estimate greater one
Moderation in actor-partner-independence model
Two-level LPA
Individual time scores over two levels
Three-way interaction
COOKs/DFBetas for second level units
Partitioning variance of predictor?
Problems with twolevel basic analysis
Specification of ran. slope - weird error message
Sampstat = unrecognized output??
Type=Complex and Residuals
About Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling
Three-level dependence and type complex
Scatterplot with regression line in MLM
Cross-classified mediation model
Plotting interaction effects
Cluster/REPSE=BOOTSTRAP (w 3-way interaction)
Multilevel SEM
AR1 in multilevel models
Multilevel mediation with two mediators
Multilevel latent growth curve model
Asymptomatic Covariance and Multiple Imputations
Reliability using a measurement model
Parallel regressions in multilevel modeling
Missing Data and FIML with 'type=twolevel random'
Between effects in Random Slopes Models
Predict end-point level 2 with repeated level 1
Multilevel random intercept & random slope factor
Subpopulation Analysis with Complex Survey Data
Multilevel mediation using diary data
Dependent variable in a within-level moderation
X_b in twolevel decomposition
Cutpoints in Monte Carlo for cross-classified IRT
Intervention effects and model fit
Interactions and centring
Two-level 2-2-1: total and indirect effects
Fit-Indices are too good
Random Factor Mean
RMESA, Information criteria ML-CFA
Cross-classified models with random slopes
Standard errors of factor scores
Indirect effects in a twolevel model
Bayes analysis for multilevel SEM
How to report a (missing) cross-level interaction
Error Message - non convergence in MSEM
output: type=threelevel Bayes estimator
Multivariate multilevel model:grouped binary data
1-1-1 mediation in a balanced factorial design
General Random Effect Latent Variable Modeling
Adjusted Estimated Means
How to interpret warning saddle point
Ex 9.16 question
Polynomial level two terms
Multilevel logistic regression
THREELEVEL ICCs with BAYES and categorical data
Censor-inflated normal model with random slope
MLR model test for invariance in multilevel data
Multilevel with moderators
Multivariate multilevel censored model
FPC with Systematic PPS Sampling
Diagnostics multilevel
Plotting cross-level interaction
Twolevel Complex
Ex9.10 r'slope factor
Minimum number of clusters
Multi-level mediation with unbalanced data
Heteroscedasticity modeling & Type = Twolevel
Cluster commande
Twolevel random slopes: Bayesian model fit
Multi-level mediation analysis
Significance of between-level correlations
Multigroup comparison with latent interaction term
Level 2 IV on Level 1 DVs, and level 1 Ws
Dynamic panel data models in Mplus?
Different results with new release Mplus
Multi-level mediated moderation
Confidence intervals and delta meth
Standardizing with unequal cluster sizes
Mediation, Moderation & categorical IV
Multilevel Latent Class Model (MLCM)
Multilevel moderated mediation model
Multilevel moderated mediation model
Comparing R-squaured values
Three-level multigroup and indirect effect
Moderated mediation analysis with nested data
Multilevel reliability and validity
Small Number of Clusters
Save Random Slopes in a Two-Level Analysis
Parameter variance-covariance with REPWEIGHTS
Level 2 moderator of 1-1-1 mediation
3-level random slopes as predictors takes 4ever
How to estimate model fit in TWOLEVEL RANDOM
Post-Hoc Analyses for ANCOVA
Non-positive definite Fisher information matrix
Why residual between DV and slope in MLM?
How to save within-group residual variances
Priors for logistic regression
MSEM moderated mediation
Save within-person regression residuals in MPLUS
1-1-1 model with a L-1 and a L-2 control variable
Factor scores - Bayes estimator, specify variables
Interpreting multi-level interaction
Bootstrapping option for Type = twolevel random?
Choosing saved variables after factor imputation
Multilevel med. model w. FIML not converging
Level 2 predictors on level 1 outcome
Multilevel autoregressive mediation
Different cluster size in TWOLEVEL analysis
Twolevel path model - does this make sense?
Path modelling of complex data
Using Proportion Data that equals up to 1
Latent variable within and between level
Latent variable within and between level
Results depend on number of cross-level effects
Sample Size for Censored Regression
Endogenous factor intercepts vary across L2 units?
Fit indices with REPSE and bootstrapping
Moderator variable
HLM using Complex Survey Data
Calculating ICC1, ICC2, rwg
1-1-1 with a Level 1 moderator
Multilevel modeling myth
Multilevel modeling myth
Complex with cluster data (pairs)
Within- and between-group residuals
Cluster leads to unidentified model
Controlling for Time
Alternatives for small nb of clusters
Testing for multicollinearity
Penalized Likelihood
Intent to Treat Analysis with Multilevel Models
No Model Fit Indices with MSEM
Intercept-only model, bivariate correlation
Example 9.28
Different stardardized values
When to list variables in %BETWEEN% section
Time-series predicting level 2? outcome
Multilevel Path Modeling
Literature on crossclassified with bayes
Convergence for estimator=Bayes
Multilevel Modelling Questions and Issues
Non-positive derivative product matrix
Non-positive derivative product matrix
Residual variance problem in ML mediation
Multilevel Moderated Mediation Model
How to speed up DSEM convergence?
Multilevel mediation model 2-1-1
Mediated cross-level interaction
Second Order Multiple Groups Analysis
Autocorrelation for twolevel data in long format
How to deal subgroups of stratified samples?
Levels in DSEM
1-2-2 Multilevel Mediation with Controls
Standardized output for DSEM models
Latent Intercepts-and-Slopes-as-Outcomes model
Longitudinal Multi-Level Mediation
Estimated means in THREELEVEL RANDOM
Added covariance in two-level model
Log likelihood vs chi square difference test
TWOLEVEL RANDOM slope model difference test
Multiple Group Multilevel Analysis
Latent class model with complex sample
Discriminant validity in multilevel CFA
Query on DSEM models
Multilevel moderated mediation with fixed slopes
Registered IELTS & TOEFL, ESOL, and
Risk-free deal of US$9.9 million
Poisson longitudinal multilevel modeling
Multilevel simulation - measurement error
Problem with 2-1-1 mediation
1-1-1-1 two-step mediating effect
2-1-1 path analysis model with random slopes
ML-Regression with PV
Multiple hierarchies
Latent Moderation at the Between Level
XWITH or random slope interaction?
Standardization using TYPE=THREELEVEL
Monte Carlo power simulation question
Latent Mediation at the Between Level
MC simulated data with complex twolevel analysis
Mediation at the Between Level
R-square in Mplus
Strength of a relationship
Predicting Level 2 Variable through Level 1
Variance greater than the maximum allowed_PISA
Interaction between two Level-one variables
Widetolong with twolevel data
Random Variances
1-1-1 MESM with one slope fixed
Using within and between level variables
Covariate types in regression
Testing L1 and L2 moderation simultanously
Crossed random effects with latent aggregation
Data format; d format into free format
Multilevel model use level1 parameter as mediator
Random slope is not allowed for TYPE=THREELEVEL.
Type = complex with multiple imputations
Complex data set with varying time lags
Standardization in MLM using BAYES estimator
Multilevel Mediation
Random variaton of thresholds for probit variable
1 X 1 interaction on Level 2 Variable
Multilevel Mediation!!
1-1-1-1 multilevel mediation
2-1-2 ML-SEM mediation model and power analysis
Variances/covariances of Two-level-predictors
Missing data in MSEM
Mediation in a 3-level model
Undefined keyword | for random effect definition
1-1-2 MLSEM
Saving out random effects
Path analysis, sample weights
Problem with SAVE DATA when using SUBPOPULATION
Asparouhov and Muthen ASA SSRM (2006)
3-2-1 Mediation Model with binary outcome
Sample script for cluster randomized trial?
Latent Decomposition of Independent Variable
Cross-Classified Interaction
Inter-item correlations in the multilevel context
Daily diary data and moderation
MSEM 2-1-2: cant get fit indices
Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis?
Significance of indirect effects
Latent Mean Centering in 2-Level Models in v.8.1
Multilevel estimators
Error in ThreeLevel Model
Two-level mediated moderation ERROR message
Within-level estimates with random slopes
Cross-classified multilevel model
"The model estimation did not terminate norm..."
Two-level logistic regression
Multilevel mediation 3-1-1
Gender Comparisons using HLM
3 level model path model
2-level multinomial logit with random effects
Repeated Samples Regression with Moderation
1-1-2 Model
Using widetolong with two-level data
Multilevel multiple group of unequal CFA
Homology test / emergent effects
Clustering But No Between Group Variable
Common Method Variance - Multilevel Path Analysis
1-1-1 MLM with two level 2 moderators
Mediation analysis with multiple predictors
Cross-classified multilevel moderated mediation
Bootstrap complex sample data
Syntax for LCA of complex survey data?
Mediation model with complex data and imputation
Interpreting effects in Bayes ML path analysis
Latent Variable Decomposition with MLR
Type=complex, type=twolevel
Selection probability formulas
Correlated within- and between level errors?
Dyadic daily analysis indistinguishable
Examing DIF in the Multilevel Dataset Using HGLM
Random slopes in twolevel longitudinal model?
Dual change score MLM not converging
Twolevel simulation study using real data as input
Help with error
Aggregating a standardized variable
Finite Population Correction Factor
H1 model estimation did not converge
P-values for correlations in a multi-level model
Multi-level confidence intervals
Type=complex and Multiple imputation
Monte Carlo analysis
Shrinkage Estimator
Estimates random slopes per cluster
LCA output - lost a nominal category
Multilevel Path Analysis and FIML
MC Analysis starting values <-> 95% coverage
Multilevel mediation with count outcome
Three-way cross-level interaction analysis
Three-way cross-level interaction analysis (b)
1-1-1 model with fixed slopes
Crossed random factors
Preacher's Multilevel SEM Syntax
Confidence or credible intervals under Bayes?
Interaction in MLM Mplus 8 on Mac
Multilevel Moderation-Preacher (2016)
Non-independence in LGM with intervention groups
Latent Multilevel Modeling with multiple data sets
Paramter estimates for each montecarlo replication
Path analysis questions
Mediator-Exposure interaction for twolevel data
Standardizing results
Mediation analysis
Plotting a growth model
1-1-1 model with level1 &level2 moderator
Treatment of Variances in Bayesian ML-SEM
Micro-Macro Models w/ Latent Predictor
Default centering for variables
Monte Carlo with between-level variance = 0?
Multiple Random coefficient modell
Estimate covariance of random slope
Survey design when using previously created factor
Three way interactions and moderated mediation
Input Error issue
Three-Level CFA
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