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Constraining residual variances in growth models with cat...
Meaning of "variance" in LTM when outcome is categorical...
Regressions Among Random Coefficients
Computing effect sizes of of growth rates
Model identification
Growth Models with Censored Data?
Power Estimation for Intervention Study
Growth model with time-varying variable
Invariance constraints on factor means
Data interpretation
Multi-level Growth Curve Modeling
Specifying a reg path from inpt to slope
Sample size in LGM?
Interpretation of quadratic factor
Comparing two growth trajectories
Latent Growth Curve without the same observations
Std and StdYX coefficients
GGMM with categorical indicators of c
Residual variance and R-Square of slope factor in LGM
Interpreting output
Growth models with age-specific indicators
Confidence Intervals around Growth Curve Trajectories
Longitudinal binary data
Nonlinear LGM
Growth Mixture Survival Analysis
Residual output for GGMM with covariates
Decomposition of variance in growth curve model
Growth modeling with multiple trajectories
Latent Class Growth Analysis
Interpretation and significance of growth factors
Latent growth model with weight variable
Using time-varying predictor of latent class variable
Multiple Indicator Growth Model
Growth modeling with categorical variables
Time scores associated with slope growth factors
Time-varying covariates
Regression paths or correlated residuals between intercep...
Piecewise LGM
Log odds in growth modeling with categorical data
Variances of growth factors
Log odds to odds interpretation with LGM
Modeling the influence of time-varying covariatews in lat...
The RUNALL Utility
The Delta Method
LGM Power Analysis
Contrasts for growth-curve effects
Three level LGM with latent variables
Meaning of the coefficients in penn8
Complex mixture (multilevel growth mixture model)
Missing data
Factor scores in Growth Mixture Modeling
Initial Status by Treatment Interaction
Negative variance
Aggregate Data Growth Modeling and Fixed/Random effects m...
LGM with two groups
Monte Carlo Modeling
Moderation and monte carlo modeling
Equality constraints in prediction
Factor analysis of latent slopes?
Modeling error structure in growth model.
Growth modeling of latent repeated measures
Invariance in observed variables across time
Are slopes hard to predict?
Question of interpreting covariate effects on a non-linea...
Parallel process for non-time-strucutured data
Two group LGM with time invariant covariates
Two group LGM with categorical data
Multiple cohort
Constraint of x
Effect Size
Parameterization for Parallel & Sequential Growth process...
Shape factors
Power calculations in LGM
Random Time
Experiments, multivlevel data, noncompliance and weights
Random times of observations for two variables
Two parallel processes growth model
Significant Digits for Printed Output
Effect of correlations between growth parameters
Graphing growth curves
LGM and within person correlations
Reading data from ascii file
Two groups analysis in growth models
Added Growth LGM
The old quadratic issue
Piecewise Growth With Individually Varying Times of Meas.
Fitting LGMs and MLMs and comparing results
Cutpoints in Monte Carlo Simulation
About "individually-varying times of observation"
No. of decimal places
Error structure in multilevel models
Cohort-sequential design with missing data
Testing the threshold assumption in LGC analysis
Dual trajectory model
Logistic Growth Trajectories
Interaction Model and Fit Indices
Interpretation of coefficients in growth model
Reciprocal effects between slopes
Survival analysis with latent independent variables
An identifiability issue in the EM algorithm
PLOT3 adjusted by covariates
Simple constraints on multigroup mean structure LGM
Decision on Growth Mixture Model
Using Means in LCGA models
Warning messages in GGMM
LCGA and Zero-Inflated Poisson Model
Can Mplus mimic a HLM growth curve trick - setting scores...
Levels of analysis in latent growth modeling
Questions on LGC
A flat slope issue?
Intercept factor loadings
Insufficient memory error message
Regression to the mean in LGM
Multivariate longitudinal analysis
Equality constraints on the level-1 residual variances wi...
Standardizing the dependent variables - or not!
Question about RMSEA
Very basic question
Slopes as Indicators
Constraining growth curves and interpreting quadratic curves
Negative error variance
LGCM and cross-lagged
Mplus 2 vs Mplus 3
MAR instead of censored analyses?
Fixed effects and sem growth models
Significace of non-linear slopes
Estimation of saturated model for LRT
Growth models with varying time of intervention
Multinomial regression with slope as predictor
Growth of latent variable construct measured by multiple ...
Multiple group parallel process GLM
Interactions: cross-product vs. multiple group
Sample size for LGM with missing data option
Binary case / Growth Curve Analysis
Individually varying times
Growth modeling about Binary Responses
Growth modeling and latent growth curve analysis
Suggestion for Mplus 4 Documentation
Non-Positive Definite Psi Matrix
Which model would be appropriate to my data?
Theta Matrix--Non positive Definite
Latent growth factors predicting binary outcomes
Simulation and Growth Modeling
Admixture model - M+
LGM with different data collection between groups
Basic questions concerning LGM
GCM - wide range of ages at baseline
Growth modeling with parallel processes
Basics of model estimation
Two-level latent growth modeling (ex 9.12-9.13)
Intercept-slope relation
Time-varying Covariates ..
Comparing growth curves
Comparing growth curves
Dist Out - Time Vary CV - User Spec Start Values
Missing Data
Appropriate df in mean-adjusted chi-square calc
Estimated means for latent growth factors
Diff between LGC and RE models
Growth of normed data
Can this be estimated using LGC?
Growth modeling with factor scores?
Time-varying covariates in GMM
Latent Growth Curve modeling - some Questions
Class membership in LGC mixture modelling?
Z-scores in LGM
C#1 ON cg#1 command on GMM with known classes
LGM: Multiple indicator and regular models
Total effects
Power to detect group differences in slope
Slope as mediator
Interpretation Issue of Growth Curve Modeling
LGM with non-linear data
Correlated Errors in Growth Curve Models
Multigroup tests in multiple growth curve model
Unbalanced data
Graphical display
Interaction between two slopes
Natural log transformation in growth model
Can Mplus 4 estiamte piecewise Gompertz model?
Survival Mixture Analysis
LGC for 3-group RCT
Model fit indices for two-part growth model
Mixture growth modeling on sequential processes
Convergence for Linear vs. Nonlinear Models
Parallel Process Growth Model
Smoking cessation trial
Poisson distribution for count data?
Sibling clustering in LGM
Saving intercept and slope scores
Count Data in LDA Using the Poisson Distribution
Binary Outcome Growth Model
Growth model output
Multiple group LGM -- some questions
Lgm with missing data
Multiple mediation analysis
Multilevel growth model (three-level model) ...
Baseline by Tx Interactions in LGM
Interactions in zero-inflated poisson LGCM
Simultaneous growth model-Complex survey data
Wlsmv estimation
How to get predicted values out of a growth model
DTSA latent variable as a predictor?
Multilevel vs. multivariate approach
Limiting the latent classes in a known class
Truly Nonlinear Models
Growth curves and random slopes
Fscoefficients in latent growth models
Freely estimated time scores and more
Interpreting Covariate Effects under ML estimation
Auxillary threshold parameterization binary LCM
Dynamic Nonlinear Panel data
Binary LCM
Significance test in LCM
Class enumeration
Recognising stabilty and change in a growth model
Longitudinal modeling - mplus course
Correlated indicator variables
Growth curve reliability
Power analysis for GGMM with distal outcome
Growth factor intercepts vs means
Specific case assignment to LCGA/GMM?
Endogenous variables
Growth modeling of reactivity
Unconditional vs. conditional GMM
Unconditional vs. conditional GMM
Analysis type in growth modeling
Modeling parallel processes
Comparing nested GMMs
The sign of the trend factor
LL difference testing between two models
LGM in intervention research
Random effects Poisson model
Nonpositive definite psi matrix
Integration Points
Singularity in covariance matrix
Problems with Parameter Estimates
Multiple group growth modeling
Effect of the dependence on the invariance tests
GMM vs. LCGA - interpretation of classes
Model Test with growth models
Two-part model with an ordinal outcome
TECH11 and TECH14
Latent Growth Curves with Twin Data
Generating a new latent variable that represents
Model selection, entropy, processing time
No variation in growth parameter estimates
Growth model for categorical outcome
(ALT) Models: How To?
Count and continuous variables in PPLGM
Plot with individually-varying time
Autoregressive model vs autocorrelated disturbance
Standardized parameters in growth modeling
Very unequal time intervals
Two-part growth model with continuous data
Is TSB2 implented in MPlus
Problem with adding a quadratic factor
Notation for growth model with ordinal outcome
Modeling a quadratic term with three time points
Modeling a quadratic term with three time points
GCM with Truncated Endogenous Variable
Failure to achieve measurement invariance
Correlation between intercept and slope
Error decomposition
2-part piecewise models
Outliers/influential case in Single Class Growth
Monte Carlo setup for Growth Model Power Analysis
Multigroup tests of indirect effects
MG Growth Mixture Model (Syntax Issue)
Warning flag for non+ def 1-order deriv matrix
Individual Growth Parameters
Missing data across Class
LCGA Output for Class Membership
GMM, Cont distal outcome, time varying covariate
GGMM equations for ordered & continuous
Lcgm and binary outcome
Number of observations
Modeling a proportion
Time-lagged discontinuous growth curves
Non-parametric GMM
Zero-class in GMM: Model specifications
A lot of questions...
...part two...
...part three...
...part 4...
...part 5...
...part 6...
...part 7...
...part 8...
...part 9...
...part 10...
LTA and distal outcomes
Growth model using zero-inflated poisson model
GMM and Plotting Both Sample and Estimated Means
Comparison of LGC and LCGA
GMM warning
Joint survival and logit model, selectivity
Beta coefficient into effect size
Model fit
Latent growth curve code
GMM with two growth structures
Individual growth curves
Age differences in parallel growth processes
MIMIC growth model
GMM with missing/truncated data
Chi-square in discrete-time survival model
Group-based GMM
Zero cells in the bivariate table
Higher Order Latent Growth
Two-class growth and single-class growth
Do growth factors have "standard deviations"
Mplus crash
Power for added growth
Multilevel Latent Growth w/ Unstructured Time
Growth modeling with Count data
Growth model with no intercept
Covariates & Constrained (0) Random Variances
Conditional Mean (Intercept & Slope)
Discrepancies in Estimated Cox PH Coefficients
Using longtowide
Mixture model for parallel growth
Question about factor means
Type=RANDOM and standardization
Testing for intervention effects in LGMs
Two-part modeling
Random Starts
Non linear parametric growth curves
Residual variance/covariance
Two-part growth model
Cells with zero covariance coverage
Syntax for basic growth model with ordinal outcome
Question for chi-square test model fit
Modeling 3 waves of data as quadratic trajectory
When to run conditional models
Plotting probabilties for categorical outcome
Slope Growth Factor
Interpreting Linear and Quadratic Slope
Intercept of outcome variable
LCGA/GMM with time-varying covariates
Estimated survival probabilities
Interpreting thresholds (in version 5)
Ecological Momentary Assessment
Types of treatment in trajectory classes
Quadratic Effects and Multilevel Growth Modeling
Plot commands about individual growth curves
Path diagram for lgc model with binary outcome
Rank Longitudinal Data
Growth model with interval and binary variables
Modeling of parallel process
Interaction between slope and a covariate
Cross-domain versus parallel processes models
Longitudinal Growth Mixture Models
Syntax for curvilinear effects
GMM and multiple indicators
Semi-Continuous GMM
Comparing slopes in piecewise models
Starting Values in GMM
Associations between slopes and intercepts
Factor Scores as Predictors
Effect of Covariate
Categorical covariates
Test the parallel regression assumption
LGCA and warnings
Savedata for growth factors
Mplus Short Courses August 21-22 at Johns Hopkins
Odds ratio output for LGMM
Negative Covariate on Negative Slope
Effects of covariates
Longitudinal Data Analysis Excercises
Modeling with Time-Varying Covariates
Missing Data Analysis Exercise: Pattern-Mixture
Missing Data Excercise Cont'd: References
Estimating Power and required Sample in GMM Models
Time Points Varying Across Students
Prelim analysis with ANOVA?
Missingness in semicontinuous model
Practice or retesting effects
Graphing growth cuves for different groups
Growth modeling with many time points
Small sample size
Parallel processes with multiple outcomes
Multiple indicator linear growth models
Missing at random and covariates
Individual estimates of growth factors in LGM
Growth Mixture Modeling with Unbalanced Data
Non-convergence with centered data
Correlated Residuals with Categorical Dependents
Modeling intecept by T0 measure
Cohort sequential designs
Constraining correlations instead of covariances
Covariates at second time point
Confirmatory GGMM?
LGMM with nested data
Plotting estimated factors
Entropy and interpretation
Control variables in longitudinal model
Fit ARMA model in latent growth model in Mplus
LGM with ZIP
Number of observations
Time score estimation and GMM
Modeling intraindividual variability
Effect size of predictor?
Input question based on LSAY example
Error variance.
Effects of trends on levels
Degrees of freedom in example 6.14
CFA & EFA in Multiple indicator growth model
Comparing Type=Mean Structure and Type=Random
MGA in parallel process model
SAVEDATA command
Latent distal regressed onto GGMM
Error intercorrelations
TSCORES without "|"?
Latent distal/ggmm regression with knownclass
Multiple indicator LGM
Regressing covariates on slope
Chi-sq diff testing
Estimation steps and samples
How to Obtain Asymptotic Covariance Matrices
Too much data?
Extreme skew in longitudinal model
Split plot question
Survival analysis of two time to event outcomes
Partial measurement invariance
Error message about untrustworthy standard error
Seasonal effects
Longitudindal invariance analysis
Parallel process regress on covariates
Question about plots
Linear growth model with binary outcome
Covariates and their interaction terms.
Cohort effects
GMM and missings
Linear Hypothesis Test?
Test for autocorrelation
Positive linear slope, negative quadratic slope
Class specific constraints in LCGA
Multiple Groups on a Single Graph
Intercept loadings
DTSA - output interpretation
Obtaning and comparing predicted values
Constraints in a GMM
Error trying to plot
Sample and estimated means
Correlated slopes
Fit indices and stand residus with nonnormal data
XWITH w/ multi indicator quadratic growth model
ALT with explicit residual AR & ALT for Count data
Count as DV
Local solution problem??
Cubic spline model
Intercept/slope correlations
Regression of slope on intercept
GMM with standardized variables
Predicting Dummy Covariate from LGM Model
Individually-varying times of observations?
Bootstrap LGC
Integration dimension
DTSA Power Analysis
Growth Model with Latent Predictors
Effect size
Confidence interval for distal outcome regression
Growth curve modeling with multiple imputation
Coupling-Effect - Interpretation
Small sample for LGA?
Problem with variable / Tech4
A question about TSCORES
Coupling Effects < 0.000
Interpretation of results with covariates
GMM with type=complex
Parameter as a "function of change"
Reordering classes
Cross loadings in measurement instrument
Hierachical effects of covariates in parallel GMM
Sample selection and missing data
Model Fit Statistics
Contradicting results in GGMM
Longitudinal proportion data
First order autoregressive error covariance
Power analysis on Latent Growth Mixture Model
Model warning in LCGA
Linear Spline Model
GMM Residuals
FIi Indices
Handling missingness and zeros
Latent growth modeling of binary outcome in Mplus
Multiple group analysis within GGMM
Intraclass Correlation in unconditional means
LGCM regression slope on intercept vs. correlation
Inequality constraints in a growth model
Multicollinearity in LGM
Understanding Implications of setting variance
When do I use linear growth model?
Error when correlating residuals
Mplus versions
Correlation of covariances
Receiving estimates to more decimal places
Interpretating LGC results for argument
Interpretation of Y-axis in parallel GGMM
Equivalent models in sequential LGCM
Monte Carlo Simulation of Survival Data
Individually varying occasions with nested models
Multiple group growth curve-complete missing data
Status change model
Multigroup comparison
Calculating Probabilities in growth model
Ceiling effect in growth curve analyses
Monte Carlo data generation for DTSA power
Dynamic #discrete# choice models in MPlus
Scaling in semi-continuous model
Parallel growth model and zero cases
Survival analysis without time-censoring
LGCA with (unused) predictors in the dataset
Growth factor covariances with quadratic growth
Multivariate LGM, growth factor corrs >1.0
Modeling trajectory for latent variables
GMM with type=complex
GMM with different growth parameters
Quadratic growth model with ZIP variables
GMM with distal outcome
Growth: multi-group pretest/postest & clustered
GCM with chronological age on x-axis
Specifying a second order curve model
Incorrect Covariance Coverage
Incremental Fit Indices
Parallel growth and survival modeling
Latent curve modeling with Couple data
Interaction term with growth trajectory
GMM and multi-level data
Growth model with Version 6.0 and Version 5.2
Question about data import and ouputs export
Warnings about starts value
Autocorrelation in a Monte Carlo
Post-Hoc - Differences at Each Time Point
GMM/LCGA -- non-linear with few time points
Categorial predictor of Latent Growth model
Estimated means and variance for LGC models
SEM with Cross Sectional-Time Series Data
Measurement distance problem
Multiple indicator LGM - Slope variance
Class-specific time scores
Time unstructured data with two slopes
Plotting piecewise models
Fit indices in complex survey data (TSCORE)
Planned comparisons of slopes
Analysis of change without latent variables
Mediate effect
Starting value
Multivariate survival analysis
Association between a stable slope and an outcome
Plotting growth curves with varying time scores
Negative binomial growth model
Latent Curve Modeling
Categorical indep var in cross-lagged panel
Software for plotting growth curves
Measuring over time growth, but not on individuals
Optimal decision of LRT
Process Mixture
T-Score question
Modelling change in 2 repeated meausres
Adjusted estimated means plot
High Correlation Between S and Q
Syntax for modeling "holiday effects"
Negative Variance in Growth Factor
Recommend and article?
Covariances vs Correlations
Default in GMM
Mixed ANOVA using sampling weights?
Plots when modeling categorical data
Covariates with LCGA
Increase model fit
Two level continuous time survival analysis
Fit data to Zero-inflated Poisson
Parallel Process and Multi-level Modeling
Interaction covariates (intercept & slope)
Standard disturbances reporting
Latent growth modeling with three time points data
Getting Mplus to properly read data
Why a WITH statement affects the model fit
Simulation of overdispersion in LGM
Covariances among growth parameters in LGCM
Effect size & slope var for multiple indicator LGM
LGM with binary outcomes
Continuous time and unbalanced measurement
Modeling interaction effects in LGCA
Multicollinearity bivariate autoregressive model
Growth model for three parallel processes
Interpret the growth factor means (binary obs var)
Freed loading growth
Simulating LGM models
Ploting trajectories of multiple subscales
Multilevel piecewise latent growth model
CPROB output
Growth Model Questions
Weighted Analyses
The number of characters in input line
TSCORE: time variation only available in wave 3
Minimum time points needed for LCGA
Fixing outcome intercepts for parametrization?
Latent Interactions in Growth Curve Modeling
Mediation Growth Curve Modeling
Conditional effects model
Chi-Square Test for the Baseline Model
Parallel growth curve process: error message
Question on Muthén et al. (2011)
Effect size
Latent Class Growth Anlaysis Quadratic Issue
Olsen and Schafer(20010 method and TSCORES option
Psi matrix troubles
Covariance matrix - toplix or homogeneous?
ML-GMM with different within-level variables?
Significant slope with WLSMV but not MLR estimator
How to interpret the mean of stvc?
Growth model and covariate adjustment
J-shaped Likert items/scales
No growth
Plausible values with varying times of observation
Coefficient changes when introducing MGA to PPM
Set Bayesian Priors in LGM
How to interpret continuous-time survival analysis
Interpreting GGMM error messages (various)
Significant effect on insignificant slope?
Nested model
GMM Introduction & Sample Size
Add latent covariate to Level and Shape Model
Growth process in meal composition study
Model fits linear latent growth model
Moderation in a Growth model for two processes
Growth modeling with data missing by design
Predictors of decline
Univariate ALT model
Growth curve multilevel modeling
Multilevel growth modeling
GMM: Fixing Common Intercepts with Random Slopes
LGM interpretation
Bootstrapped standard errors
Correlations > 1
Monte carlo study with GMM
LGM with "underdispered" count data
Mod index of an indicator ON itself
Equality constraints in cohort sequential design
Second order growth model
Getting SRMR in a cohort sequential model
Missing outcome and classification quality
Finding breakpoint in a piecewise model
Multiple group multiple cohort growth model query
Intercepts in orderered logit
Multiple Indicator Linear Growth Model
SEM with latent growth
Multiple group analysis for count outcome LGC
Randomized Clinical Trial
Why slope variance changes in growth models
Time varying covariates
Parallel process model with interations
Pre post data with pre post mediator
LCGM with covariates
Correlations with covariates
Simultaneaous MODEL TEST statements vs one
Zero-class in LCGA with categorical outcomes
Zero-inflated model w/ categorical covariate
Parallel process count and continuous outcomes
Reporting negative binomial LGM results
A negative variance/residual variance for i?
Conditional Model
Higher-order Multivariate growth curve models
Individually time-varying measurements
Multilevel LGC with unequal time intervals
Measurement invariance bi-factor growth model
Matched case-control analysis.
Observed by latent variable interaction
Time points for Cubic GMM
Mid-point intercept in growth curve analysis
Meaning of WITH on %BETWEEN% level?
Dummy-Coded Predictors
Reading CSV into Mplus
Getting posterior class probabilities for cases?
Large variances
Non significant VLMR concerns
Non-Linear Constraint in Survival Analysis
Fixing residual variance to zero
Individual varying times of observation
Possible incorrect assignment to class
Structure of data for LGC modeling
Relating three sets of classes in Mplus
Predicting Future Observations
Attrition analysis
LGM with time varying covariates
Intercept with slope is not significant
Competing Risk Model
Use Growth Curves for Imbalanced Crossover Design?
Person fit?
Relative vs. absolute differences
Modeling Outcomes of Change
Plots for Growth Curves Mplus 7.1
Individual vs multigroup model fit
Interpret coefficients for regression w/intercept
Zero-inflated data in LCGA
Interaction in Growth Modeling
Item intercepts in bi-factor model
Conditional LCGA/GMM with missing data
Plot: estimated mean and estimed individual values
Multiple group analysis
Hierarchical IRT model
Bracketed Factor?
Significance Testing of Variance Components
Indirect effect of parallel process of LGM
Moderators in LGM
Negative residual variance
Parallel process GMM - Z scores?
GMM - including covariates or not?
Interpretations of interactions in LGCM
Fixing non-significant slopes - or not?
Bivariate latent growth with latent moderation
Constrain TSCORES in a Monte Carlo Growth Model
Effect size for within subject longitudinal change
GMM - variance of slope is fixed to be 0
Procedure for parallel process GMM
Constraining slopes to equality
Loglikelihood for H0 in VLMR and BLRT tests
New 3-step approach for GMM with covariates
Problems using a continuos covariate in GMM
Differing number of response categories
Zero inflated variables in a GMM
Zero class in a Two-part GMM
Joinpoint analysis?
Time points in mean trajectory curves
Modeling longitudinal biomarker profiles
LGM with large data set
Centering of Factor Loadings; Effect on Chi-Square
Factor scores with repeated measures
Significance of growth factors
Different output Mac vs. Windows
Mover Stayer Single Variable Model
Covariances with multiple time varying covariates
Sample size for latent class growth analysis
Correlation analysis for longitudinal variables
Discontinuous Modeling
GMM with mothers and children
Constraints for Correlated Uniquenessess
Cross-lagged models
2 Part LGM Correlation between 2 latent variables
Exporting class membership in GMM
Dyadic LGM
GMM with Multiple Continuous Outcomes
Adjusted estimated means for parallel processes
How can LCA predict the future?
Growth Curve&Pattern Mixture Model: Interpretation
Missing p-value in conditional growth model
Parallel piecewise growth w/ estimated time scores
Model constraint and MLR
Growth model combined with formative indicators
Can I reference your online course material?
Lagged effects
Dichotomized variables in the latent growth model
Model Fit Bootstrap P-Value
Latent class linear mixed model?
Unconditional LGM un- versus standardized variable
3-step manual calculation
Chi-square difference testing
Exploratory Latent Growth Models
Testing slope variance
Sequential GMM
Allowing correlations with residuals
Control variables - 3 years follow-up study
Searching for the right modeling approach
Joint latent class analysis
ZIP GMM with 1 zero class
GMM with predictor covariates and distal outcomes
Mediated effects of slope
TECH11 and TECH14 in Bayes Growth Mixture Model
Latent class mixture fitting for longitudinal data
Effectivity intervention:comparison between groups
Latent growth model with moderation
Binary growth model: crashing w/no diagnostics
Identifying members of classes in GMM
Longitudinal polytomous IRT growth curves
Logit values for GMM models in V7.2
Two-part latent growth modeling with two groups
Outputting posterior probabilities
Growth for a repeated latent class measure
Effect sizes of linear trends
GMM for skewed positive dependent variable
The role of coding time in growth curve models
Computing Variance Using Model Constraint
Error intercorrelation
Mediation analysis in latent growth curve model
Different results from different versions
Trajectory modeling of nominal data in MPlus
Observed or latent covariates
MILM with dropouts and WLSMV estimation
Significance of covariates
What analysis to use with 2 timepoints 1 variable?
Comparing means at each timepoint within an LGM
Standardized output for Latent Growth Model
Model not running after updating version
Different output using parameter labels
Number of latent classes
Mediation with LGCM
Limitation to Latent Transition Analysis
LTA with continuous indicators
Plotting trajectories continuous data
Conditional Multivariate Change
Ssd Chemical for cleaning black Dollars, euros,
Coding of slope coefficients in conditional LGCM
Binary Growth Model
GGMM with synthetic cohort data
Two data points
Parallel Process LGM
GMM with combined cluster and knownclass commands
Individually varying time points of measurements
Importing data
Error in covariate
LCA vs LCGA/GMM Comparison
GMM with categorical outcome
Error when adding quadratic slope
GMM conditional model
LGM with SEM VS. Multilevel Modelin
Equality constraints for growth parameters
BOOTSTRAP CIs and parameter estimates
General questions GMM
Conditional growth curve
Second order growth model with shifting indicators
Introducing covariate into GMM
Missing means
Novice. HLM data?
GMM/LCGA to predict distal LATENT outcome
Nonrecursive growth model
Plots in GMM with categorical outcome
Multiple group longitudinal analysis
GMM with binary outcome
LGC Model Non-Convergence
Longitudinal CFA
Freeing intercept and slope with binary outcome
Age as time varying covariate?
Gmm and starting values
Basis coefficients
Meaning of variance in binary outcome
Data of Mplus example 8.1
Launch Model with Categorical Contrasts
Random rate effect in non-linear growth model
Plots in conditional models with binary outcome
Cross-domain LGM - minimum data waves per person
Warning GMM
Auxiliary DCAT - Probabilities Across Classes
Multiple imputations and covariates for GMM
Cross-lagged model with two time points
Fixing classes
Predictors on intercept and slope
Growth factors as predictors in Regression
GMM with covariate
Starting Values GMM
Conditional GMM
Compound symmetry
GMM and auxiliary variables
Cross-domain LGM
Multilevel Growth Mixture Modeling Syntax
Accelerated Cohort Design (example 6.18)
Growth curve model with binary outcome
Multiple Group Intercepts Interpretation
Calculate pooled standard deviation from TECH4?
Latent growth curve model issues
Question about covariates
Latent Growth Curve Model with Moderation
Growth modeling with within-subjects variables
TSCORES documentation
Appropriateness of my data
Error Message - Unknown group name
Testing longitudinal invariance
Poor fitting model but significant results?
Generalized linear mixed modeling (GLMM)
Random Intercept, No slope - Plots
Observations Disappearing
Non-linear growth models
Covariate query
Exponential decay growth model with Est = Bayes
Difference in entry timing on firm performance?
Plotting estimated trajectories from ALT Model?
Log-normal distribution for within-person residual
Challenging dataset: daily variability in dose?
Correlation > 1 between slope and quadratic
Individually-fitted intercepts and slopes
Role of time-varying variables in latent models?
Diff between latent and traditional panel models?
Censoring above and below?
Fixing residual variance across time points
Significant change at each timepoint
LGM with logit link function
Growth Curve Model with Non-normal data
Interpreting H1 Model Non-convergence
Covariate changing intercept direction
Interpret latent intercept with missing data
Two-level non-linear growth model
LPA Plots - Mac
New to Mplus - GMM latent classes on diagram
Plotting an Interaction
First LGM path not showing in diagrammer
Nonlinear TIC model
Are growth models nested?
Unstable mean number of visits
Interpreting the latent slope
Autoregressive model with count data
Conditional LCGA for binary outcome
Identical initial observation
LGCM convergence problem
Should I exclude some cases?
Estimated means in growth models
Time series cross sectional data
Model syntax for Growth Model, possibly piecewise
Saving latent change scores
Questions about LCGA with continuous variable
Calculating model-implied growth curves.
Negative Mean for Non-Negative Distal Variable
Interpreting negative value
Interpreting negative value
Nested models in growth modelling
Unequal distances between measurement occasions
Specifying time scores and clustering
Plotting interaction predicting latent intercept
GMM with skew t distribution
Fit indices non-normal longitudinal data
Linear, quadratic and logistic growth
Testing for growth at different time periods
Latent-basis GCM with individually-varying times
LCGA or GMM: which suits better?
Steps in mixture modeling
Latent class growth model
Plotting growth models
Trouble reading longitudinal data
MLM v SEM for Growth Models & using Factor Scores
Parallel processes LGCM interpretation
Continuous-time survival in latent variable model
A question about the univariate approach
Issue with T-scores
Predictors in LCGA
Intercept error
Growth curve mediation
LGCM with latent variables
Syntax IRT
Time Series Growth Model with Autocorrelation
Lgcm with cross-classified data
To save the class probabilities
Lags within the interval of measurement
Number of parameters in the model_estimation
What type of model should I use?
R3ste/du3ste of GMM(w/p covariate)
r3step gives me a different result from GMM
Data cohort & missing data
FIML for TWO-LEVEL Growth Model
Selecting number of latent classes
Results of parallel vs. separate growth curves
Relating growth factors to occasion residuals
Variance greater than maximum allowed?
How can I get the plot showing multiple factors?
Undefined Correlation of latent variables
When Sample Size is the Population
LGCM with Formative Measurement Model
Query on incomplete data and bivariate LGCM
LGCM error
Troubleshooting errors with time-varying data
Measurement invariance: non-fixed time points
Error because of "grouping" command
Time-varying covariates: Short Course 3
Autoregressive cross-lagged model (N=300)
N=1 Time Series Forecasting
Latent growth curves: grouped binomial data
Adjustment for correlated observations?
Parallel LGCM
Multiple group LCM with different obs per group
Growth Modeling of Accelerated Longitudinal Design
Mean of intercept when dividing by a constant
Parallel LGM
Growth mixture models with MNAR
Individual growth model with parent covariates
GCM plotting individual and mean estimates in R
Non-linear GMM
Age-period-cohort using latent growth curve model
Compute "growth" fscore and plot
Semi-continous growth curve modeling by age?
Mplus 8: Program Type: Mixture: Graph option?
Correlation i with s
Simple Slope Analyses in Growth Curve Model
Multiple Cohort Growth Model (by grade in school)
Model Fitness in Growth Modeling using Mplus
Modification of Model
Multi-level GM and distal outcomes
Repeated measures with autocor, binary outcome
2 groups, 1 flat /1 quadratic w/heteroskedasticity
Cohort sequential design: preblem about PSI
Question re: interpreting LGC
LGC with Positive Log likelihood
LGC with Fix effect
Odds ratio
Multiple group, multiple indicator growth model
A question about LGCM
Starting values and onset variables
Launch model, individually-varying times of obs?
Parallel process, piecewise growth model
Area under the curve
Adjust age, sex in latent class growth analysis
Assessing internal validity of a LCGA model
Building an ALT model
Growth Model with Count Outcome
Comparing two growth models
Mplus 8 Bayes: Setting prior on NEW parameter
Slope variance
Procedure to limit problems of local solutions
Problems of non-convergence
Mplus export
Error Message in MPlus
Multiple Group Cohort Estimated Time Scores
Time-variant covariates versus parallel analyses
Cumulative time-varying predictor
Time varying predictors in MPLUS
Missing data in growth curve modeling
Longitudinal mixture classes and latent outcome
Moderated Mediation with Piecewise Model
How to correct my growth model for age?
Cross-lagged Questions
Growth terms with/out a time-varying covariate
Joint Survival Analysis
Differences between softwares
Differences between models
Altering CONVERGENCE = X requirements?
Comparing fixed
Compare LCGA through chi²
Plotting a count (negative binomial) growth model
Interpreting distal outcomes output (DCAT)
Validating A Model
Plotting Latent I * Manifest Predictor
General questions about cross-lagged models
Syntax for Cross-Lagged Panel Analysis
Fixed effect
LCGA continuous vs count
LGM with a multivariate outcome
Chi-square test in two part model
Power for a moderation analysis
Negative Binomial Latent Growth Models
Two-Part Model
Growth Mixture Modeling with Categorical Predictor
Checking measurement invariance
Post-hoc power analysis for a growth curve
Measurement invariance- correlating factor scores
Extract individual intercept and slope for GMM?
Multiple groups by sex, constraining
Help interpreting model with quadratic term
Modification indices when imputing
LCGA R3STEP Imputation of auxiliaries
Piecewise GMM vs General GMM
Change across life events
2nd order LGCM - fixing of factor intercepts
Cox regression plots for interaction term
Plotting a conditional Latent Curve Model
3-level Monte Carlo analysis of RI-CLPM
Growth Modelling in Experimental Designs
Distal outcomes and covariates
Grouping by gender
Count Scale as Predictors in a GMM-CI
GMM for non-normal ordinal outcome
Latent predictor of latent growth
Interpretation of Upper and Lower bounds in Plot2
Configural invariance
How to free residual variances?
Discrepancy in number of observation
Interpretation of covariate on LGM
LCS Model with single-indicator latent variables
Known-Class LGM Version differences (8.3 and 8.4)
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