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Mplus Discussion
Confirmatory Factor Analysis
CFA and missing data
Linda K. Muthen - Please send the output an
Aurelie Lange - Thank you for your quick
Two higher-order factor analysis
Yousun Baek - Hello, I am testing sec
Yousun Baek - Since the model is quite
Structural Equation Modeling
Censored data
David Jendryczko - Hi I am aware Mplus can
Bengt O. Muthen - To some extent - see the
Can MIMIC be incoperated in SEM?
fatima bouharaoui - I am trying to test a MIM
Bengt O. Muthen - I think you are after a f
Mplus error -- CONDITION NUMBER IS -0.122D-15
Jessie Rudi - Thank you very much. Yes
Bengt O. Muthen - It sounds like the model
ESEM as measurement model in multigroup SEM
Tihomir Asparouhov - If you remove this part o
Interpretation of the coefficients
Ujjwal Kumar Das - Dear Prof Muthen, Thank
Useobservations & invariance tests
Christoph Herde - Dear Dr. Muthen, I have
Categorical Data Modeling
Correlation matrix in SAMPSTAT output
Carolina Schwedhelm - I am running a two-level
Bengt O. Muthen - Sampstat gives correlatio
Growth Modeling of Longitudinal Data
Nonlinear LGM
George Youssef - Hi, I am wanting to estim
Latent Variable Mixture Modeling
samah Zakaria Ahmed - I want to ask about MODEL
Bengt O. Muthen - The threshold parameter f
Class Probabilities
samah Zakaria Ahmed - I want to ask about MODEL
Bengt O. Muthen - Answered. Please post the
LCA with binary and categorical indicators, and continuou...
samah Zakaria Ahmed - I want to ask about MODEL
samah Zakaria Ahmed - and what is the reference
Bengt O. Muthen - Answered. Please post the
Selecting the number of classes
Larissa Gaias - Hello, I am having a rela
Larissa Gaias - I should add that I tried
Bengt O. Muthen - 9 schools is too few for
Larissa Gaias - Thank you! Is the case o
The new 3-step approach latent class analysis
nidhi gupta - Thanks Prof Muthen, do y
Bengt O. Muthen - It says on page 11 that S
nidhi gupta - Thanks Prof Muthen for yo
Bengt O. Muthen - Covariates should not be
Multilevel Data/Complex Sample
Cross-level interaction in multilevel SEM
Bengt O. Muthen - Yes, that would be better
Multilevel CFA
Thula_Chelvan - Thank you! Do you mean so
Bengt O. Muthen - Right.
Bengt O. Muthen - You can then see how much
3-level random slopes as predictors takes 4ever
Derek Boy - Dear Dr. Muthen, I have
Bengt O. Muthen - Please send your full out
Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling
Missing Data in DSEM
Brandon Reed - In my time-series data, t
Bengt O. Muthen - Use Tinterval. Time must