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Mplus Discussion
Exploratory Factor Analysis
Save Factor Scores from EFA?
Lan Huang - Dear Drs. Muthen, I tri
Linda K. Muthen - Use a different rotation.
Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Confirmatory factor analysis
Linda K. Muthen - Maladi: You can look at
Linda K. Muthen - Seungjin: This is not a
Mahdi - Dear Dr.Muthen Based on o
seungjin lee - Hello Muthen, Thank you
Linda K. Muthen - Mahdi: If you cant chang
Linda K. Muthen - Seungjin: In factor anal
Estimation of factor means
Mosi Ifatunji - I am interested in produc
Linda K. Muthen - Factor means are not iden
Structural Equation Modeling
Multiple group analysis
thanoon younis - yes i want to use bayesia
Linda K. Muthen - See MODEL PRIORS in the u
Kathrin Dehmel - Dear Bengt O., thank you
Linda K. Muthen - Send it along with your l
Mariah Mantsun Cheng - Dear Bengt & Linda, I
Linda K. Muthen - Results can be different
Moderated Mediation
Linda K. Muthen - Whether you include a dir
Degrees of freedom
Eric Teman - Never mind. I was using
Est./S.E. and Two-Tailed P-Value
MBH - Dear Linda and Bengt, Im
Linda K. Muthen - These will be available i
MBH - Thanks, will we need to p
Linda K. Muthen - All upgrades are free for
R-square undefined
MBH - Dear Linda, I have just
Linda K. Muthen - This can happen when you
Multilevel Data/Complex Sample
"Negative Nonindependence"/"Frog Pond Effect"...
Linda K. Muthen - See the following paper w
Working with pooled data in sem
C. Lechner - Suppose I am interested i
Linda K. Muthen - I would have time as wide
C. Lechner - Dear Linda, thank you. Ye
Bengt O. Muthen - Nothing comes immediately
Save residuals
Josh Klugman - Do I understand correctly
Linda K. Muthen - You can save the random i
Josh Klugman - Professor Muthen, thank y
Linda K. Muthen - Random intercepts and slo
Latent Variable Mixture Modeling
The new 3-step approach latent class analysis
Linda K. Muthen - Weights are not allowed w
Laia Becares - Can weights be applied in
LCA with ordered categorical variables
ruthjlee - Hello, I am new to LCAs
Linda K. Muthen - 1. No. 2. The best logl
Growth Modeling of Longitudinal Data
Latent Class Growth Analysis
Bengt O. Muthen - This gives the probabilit
Multiple group LGM -- some questions
Linda K. Muthen - See the Adjusted Mean plo
3-step manual calculation
Bengt O. Muthen - This looks correct. But
Missing Data Modeling
Missing data
Linda K. Muthen - You can do this using mul
Categorical Data Modeling
SEM for count models?
Linda K. Muthen - You should treat this as
Yvonne LEE - Thanks for your advice.
Mediation and moderation
Shifeng LI - Hello -- Im new to MPLUS
Linda K. Muthen - The best way to do this i