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Mplus Discussion
Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Obtaining scaled chi-square difference test
M Tasavori - I have run CFA with MLM.
Bifactor Model Problems
Kort Prince - Hello, I am hoping you c
Bengt O. Muthen - With the 3 factors uncorr
Structural Equation Modeling
Test for Moderating variables
Kristopher J. Preach - 1. That looks right, alth
SY Khan - Hi, Using the LOOP optio
SY Khan - Kindly excuse my shallow
Bengt O. Muthen - 1. You can either use NE
Correlation of exogenous variables in SEM
shaun goh - Dear Bengt, Im sorry i w
Bengt O. Muthen - Say f1 on x1 x2;
Multilevel Data/Complex Sample
Intraclass correlations
Susan Collins - Perfect! Thank you so muc
Tobias Debatin - Hello, I am analyzing lo
Total and Indirect Effects
Rohan Jayasuriya - Hi I seem to have proble
Bengt O. Muthen - If you say Y IND x; you
Save out factor scores with complex data
Pega Davoudzadeh - Thank you very much! Ju
Bengt O. Muthen - I need to see the output
Warning X and Y variable in two level model
James Algina - Hello: With the code at
Linda K. Muthen - It sounds like no error i
Bayes test of indirect effect in MSEM
Edward Lemay - I am running a 2-level MS
Bengt O. Muthen - You can express the indir
2-1-1 mediation model with 2 outcomes
A. Molina - Hi, Im trying to test a
Bengt O. Muthen - a Yes, but why do you wan
A. Molina - Thanks! Im not sure what
Bengt O. Muthen - You have the labels b and
Latent Variable Mixture Modeling
Latent Profile Analysis
S.Arunachalam - Respected. Prof. Muthen.
Bengt O. Muthen - Decide based on BIC and i
S.Arunachalam - Thanks a lot. BIC for eq
Growth Modeling of Longitudinal Data
Multiple cohort
Marissa Alert - Im hoping to run a cohort
Bengt O. Muthen - 1a, b Definitely use the
fred - Dear Bengt, when you say
Compound symmetry
Bengt O. Muthen - I will take a quick look
jan mod - Thank you very much!!! I
jan mod - Dear professor, Did you
Categorical Data Modeling
Multiple group analysis with categorical variables
Bengt O. Muthen - I think what you propose
Mediation and moderation
Gouri Shankar Mishra - Hello - In my path model,
Residual covariance categorical observed
Jan Olav Christensen - Dear Drs Muthen, I am wo
Bengt O. Muthen - If you use ML you have a
Jan Olav Christensen - Thanks for your reply! S
Bengt O. Muthen - Q1. correct. Q2. That c