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Calculating the % variance explain
Binary data and factor analysis
Factor Scoring Coefficients
DF in EFA with Categorical Indicators
Standardized loadings
Unrotated factor loadings
Loading greater than one in a EFA with categorical data
How to set seed number in Monte Carlo study
Second-order EFA with dichotomous variables
EFA eigenvalues
Standard errors with categorical indicators
Factor analysis
EFA with 7-point items
Comparing covariance matrices
Formatting the output
CFA with tranformed variables
Creating a Measurement Model for a Single Composite Laten...
EFA with sampling weight
Appropriate sample size for Robust WLS?
EFA with categorical indicators
Reading a Configuration
EFA with ordinal complex data
EFA IN A CFA FRAMEWORK: Identification constraint
Factor Loading larger than 1
RMSR as an extraction criterion
Monte Carlo Simulation
MPLUS sample size limitation
Reference about the inapropiate use of EFA
EFA in version 2 and 3
G factor in EFA w/ ordinal data
Factor Loading Cutoff
Rotations in EFA
Request for help with Two Wave SEM
Non-normal Continuous Data
Mplus vs sas
EFA on repeated measures
Binary VS Dichotomous variable.
Correlation from Covariance Matrix
When loadings depend on the order of the items
Differences between Mplus and SPSS in EFA
EFA Monte Carlo
Problems minimizing the function
Mplus vs STATA
External Monte Carlo Sets
Regression expression with factor scores?
Factor weights
Factor Analysis with Ordinal and Continuous Data
Factor analysis in Mplus and SPSS
Sample size for EFA
EFA with nominal data
Scores for binary/ordinal CFA?
No convergence
Testlets and Factor Analysis
Sample size for EFA
Eigen plot in Mplus 5
Rotation in Mplus 5
Estimator in MPlus
Mplus font size
Monte Carlo Simulation with binary indicators
Model constraints in montecarlo EFA
Ordinal data & EFA
Random selection for replication
Warning Message for EFA
EFA with twin data
EFA Rotations
Good value for percentage of variance explained
EFA Monte Carlo study
Problems in running EFA
Specify Decimal Places
Standard Errors with ULS Estimator
Saving factor scores in ESEM
EFA in SPSS, CFA in Mplus
EFA with categorical indicators
Modification indices for EFA in version 5
Handling Heywood Cases
EFA plus monte carlo question
WLS vs MLR in EFA w ordinal data
Can I use Mplus to analyse my data
Correlation Matrix in Mplus and other softwares
Please help
CFA followed by EFA
Basic MPLUS Question
EFA w/ Skewed Dichotomous Variables
Kaiser-guttman rule
RMSEA and SRMR <0.05 but Chi-quare P-value=0.000
Determining rotated factor loading Significance
Efa simulations
Inquiry about number of observations
Monte Carlo EFA has been disallowed.
Modern Multidimensional Scaling
Path Analysis
Principal component analysis
General Syntax Question
Exploratory factor solutions
Model Comparison EFA
Factor Loading Greater than one
Variance accounted for in EFA
Saving latent variables
EFA with categorical and continuous variables
Tucker's coefficient of congruence in EFA
Unexpected Termination
Principal axis factoring
Factor loading signs flipped
Wish list
Number of Reported Observations
EFA with covariate
RMSEA too high
Less than 2 categories?
Hanging Variables/ NS Paths within my Model
Interpreting Two-Level EFA Model Test Results
Splitting sample for EFA and CFA
Two stage least squares
Residual variances
Sample statistics problem
Factor determinacy
Cross loading
High-dimensional EFA (optimize run time)
High-dimensional EFA (optimize run time)
Compare factor loadings?
Ratio of factor loading to standard error
What is the default method of EFA in MPLUS?
Maximum number of factors in EFA
Negative residual variance
Factor extraction
Sample size for Multilevel EFA
Bootstrapping the EFA
Plot loading factors
Correlation structure
Data entry problem
EFA with Bayes estimation
Contribution proportion for each factor in EFA
EFA with ML
EFA - Estimator with Planned Missing Data
Significance of factor correlations
EFA interpretation
Number of factors
One factor EFA vs CFA for categorical
EFA question
Strange Error Message with ESEM
Longitudinal Factor Analysis
Factor structure with negative correlations
EFA in Mplus vs EFA in SPSS
EFA with categorical indicators
Significance of factor scores
MGA ESEM Syntax question
Factor Scores
Which Example details ESEM?
EFA model comparison
EFA with formative
EFA rotated solutions: SPSS v. Mplus
Unconstrained ESEM with target rotation
Chi-square interpretation
Number of integration points in Monte Carlo EFA
EFA negative factor loading
Two-Level Exploratory Factor Analysis
WLS vs ULS for ordinal items?
What is wrong with this code?
Simple descriptives
Replicating EFA results with CFA
Output of EFA
EFA taking a long time
Increase N of iterations for rotation algorithm
Exploratory bi-factor analysis
KMO statistic
EFA with dichotomous variables
Geomin rotated loadings > 1
Correlation Matrix for EFA
Factor Loadings
WLSMV vs. MLR in EFA/ESEM and what to do?
Warning Messages
EFA in CFA format
SE for factor scores from EFA output
LCGA of factor analysis of count variables
ESEM - correlations different between groups test
Reverse coding
PAF code
Target rotation
ESEM example 5.27
Parallel analysis and bifactor EFA
DEMO version of MPLUS
Error 59???? EFA
EFA with count variables and exposure indicators
Diagrammer and EFA
Negative loading and sign swtiching in EFA
EMPTY CELL warning
Factor analysis
EFA positive definite
EFA with Mixed Variables
EFA items sum to 1
Posterior Probability for the Number of Factors
Factors in exploratory bi-factor analysis
Parallel analysis for categorical data
Output - sample statistics
Mplus 5 and 6 - different results
Polychoric correlation
Bifactor EFA
Changing defaults in EFA
EFA with Parallel option
ESEM: Factor structure and external covariates
Modification index in EFA
Ordered Ploynmous Rating Scale in Muplus?
EFA Warning bivariate table empty cell
EFA -No Convergence: number of iterations exceeded
Scalar invariance Mplus 7.1
Sample Size EFA
Centering error
The Power of ESEM ?
Monte carlo for EFA
Save Factor Scores from EFA?
Maximum likelihood EFA with categorical indicators
EFA with three-level model
Two-level item bi-factor EFA
ESEM - Multiple groups & factors
Conditional Normality - Categorical Variables
Scree plot
Questions, BIC using EFA with categorical
ESEM with correlation matrix?
F0(Discrepancy function value) in EFA.
ESEM and composite reliabilty
Measurement Invariance continuous vs. grouped
Model identification
Multiple Multiple Group ESEMs
Error message
Bi-factor EFA with categorical factor indicators
Second order EFA with continuous variables
Outliers and EFA
Missing data in EFA
Percentage of explained common variance question
Family Data
Geomin factor loading
DF in ESEM and target rotation question
Path Analysis with Multiple DVs
Bi-factor EFA questions
Perfect fit indices?
Target Rotations with Summary Data
EFA in version 7 versus Version 5
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EFA with model identification
EFA with repeated or aggregate?
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Missing data handling in EFA
Negative Residual Variance EFA
EFA with zero-inflated count factor indicators
Class membership in EFMA
Technical options for EMFA
Different factor loadings when using complex EFA
Factor scores in EFA with categorical indicators
EFA Analysis "RSTARTS =" command
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How many variables should I include under a factor
Parallel analysis
"Residual" causes program crash
Computing Hierarchical Omega in bi-factor EFA
GEOMIN Rotated loadings vs. factor stucture.
Binary variable-zero variance
Reading Output: Exploratory Bi-Factor Analysis
Weighted, Multiply Imputed Data
Interpreting EFA Results
Scree Plot/Parallel Plot
Writing EFA Results to an Output File
Longitudinal EFA
EFA error message
Multiple Imputation and EFA
Improving model fit in EFA
USE observations
Correlation Matrix as Input
A question about 2 factor solutions
Two-level exploratory factor analysis
Identical Model Fit for EFA and Bi-EFA analyses
Implications of tiered EFAs
Differences between programs
Run EFA using a correlation matrix
Factor with low reliability
Procrustes Rotation
EFA for IQ test questions
Mplus software options
EFA with egocentric network data
EFA with Methods factor
Significant loading across factors in EFA
Data and Savedata path
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Weights for Multi-group EFA
Using latent covariance matrix as input
Multi-group model structural constraints
Descriptive Statistics
Observations go missing in EFA
EFA categorical data and empty/low frequency cells
Only half of cases used
Exchange EDB file to Outlook PST
Target Rotation ESEM
Bifactor EFA taking a very long time to run
Observed variables under the same latent variable
MLM estimator
Different results from three EFA methods
Canonical correlation
Negative residual variance with ESEM
View scree plot in R
Model fit in EFA vs CFA with censored variables
Missing modindices EFA promax rotation
RMSEA p vaule
Likelihood function specification for EFA/EM
EFA Factor Model Improvement
Priors for Bayesian EFA
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Polychoric correlations - EFA
Qualität Real und (
Promax/Varimax Unavailable with ESEM
How many factors to choose in EFA
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Model difference testing
Two level EFA with categorical variables
Read free format savedata to SPSS
EFA using imputation with categorical data
Covariate missingness with WLSMV estimator
Higher-Order Factor Analysis
ESEM & Multicollinearity
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EFA with categorical variable
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EFA With Two Cross Random Factors?
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Computing Variables from an EFA
Random Intercept EFA (RI-EFA)
Multilevel EFA and PARALLEL option
Comparing two different models
Model fit information-estimators&rotations
I have a idead
Model Comparison EFA
Longtitudinal mediation
EFA using data from 3 centers
Standardized estimates for a growth model
Differences EFA MPlus versus R
Measurement Invariance with Categorical Indicators
ESEM loadings question in structural regression
Number of indicators per factor in EFA
Monte Carlo simulations
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