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Confirmatory factor analysis
Tests of model fit
EFA in CFA Framework using Dichotomous Variables
MGROUP Modelling & Mean-Structures
Fitting a measurement model in a multi-level analysis
An indicator with three categories
Multigroup analysis versus MIMIC model
Factor analysis df
Modification Indices
Obtaining scaled chi-square difference test
Chi-Square Diff Testing Using the Satorra-Bentler Scaled ...
Chi-Square Difference Testing Using the SB Scaled Chi-Square
Confirmatory factor analysis
Cronbach's alpha etc..
General-factor, specific-factor modeling
3 dimensional data
Factor structure and stability of a scale in a RCT
How to compute composite reliability
StdYX greater than 1 leads residual variance negative
Error Message
Loading coefficients
Interaction terms
Configural invariance with M Plus
MIMIC modeling with 2 timepoints
Allowing for correlation among error terms in manifest va...
Stepwise regression
Count and categorical indicators
Correlation between factors
Obtaining factor scores
Testing Restrictive Invariance Hypotheses
Second order factors
Nonlinear Factor Analysis
Testing the equality of covariance matrices
Satorra Bentler chi-square correction for non-normality
Scale Factors for Mgroup CFA
Item Parcels
Polychoric correlations and ULS
Construct validiy with CFA-SEM
Factor loadings
Applicability of CFA
Linearity of effects
Monte Carlo Models
Interpretation of factor score determinacy coefficient
RMSEA in CFA using WLSMV estimation
Individual Factor loading matrix as input
Power Analysis in CFA
Mean Structures in CFA
Negative Residual Variance
Polyserial vs. biserial correlations
Estimators and stratified sampling
Hiearchical CFA
Batch processing: chi-squared values
Range of Factors
Error Message - Categorical variable S1 contains less tha...
Test for skewness and kurtosis
Chi-square difference testing using MLMV
Measurement Invariance across groups
Monte Carlo Studies
Residual correlations
Item Level CFA with SEM
Correlations between factors
Analzing residuals
Factor interactions
Standard errors of parameter estimates
Monte Carlo -style analyses query
Multigroup CFA with different variable sets
Non Positive Definite Matrix
Multicollinearity in Confirmatory Factor Analysis.
2nd-order CFA with complex sample
Model Fit Chi-Square in MPLUS versus LISREL or SAS
Multiple group factor invariance
Pre- and post-treatment means, mediated paths
Questions about Interactions
Sample size by Monte Carlo simulation
Setting factor variance to 1 in mplus
Output question
Modification indices, TECH2, and LM test
EFA with ordered categorical variables
Pattern and structure coefficients in CFA
Intercept in the StdYX column
When to use sample size adjusted BIC?
No standard error presented
Robust Statistics
Comparing CFA models
CI for ratio of two factor loadings
Chi-square difference test using WLSMV
Restricting residual variances to be positive
Higher-order model comparison
CFA for repeated measures
Group size in MCFA
Multiple group CFA when using MIXTURE COMPLEX
Twin Study
Comparing correlations -- output vs Tech 4
Measurement invariance across groups and time
Degrees of Freedom
CFA using multi matrix sampling data
How to interpret Multiple Group CFA output
CFA testing equality of factor means across groups
Nested CFAs create linear dependency?
Schmid-Lieman Transformations
A few problems
Metric of factor loadings
Measurement equivalent/invariance
Bootstrapping Standard Errors
Multi-group CFA with ceiling effects for 1 group
Chi-square value Mplus vs. Lisrel
G Theory and SEM
Fit indices for CFA with categorical indicators
Formative (causal) measurement model
Correlate errors in CFA
Why does number of indicators affect chi-square?
"type=missing" and MLM
Maximum number of variables
Standardized estimates of residual covariances
Fixing factor loadings to zero
Probit coefficient
CFA with dyadic data
CFA with COVARIANCE data BY Groups
Semi-continuous items
Error message parameter 36 (?)
CFA with count variables?
Degrees of freedom
Multigroup CFA with Dichotomous Variables
CFA for to-level data
Multigroup factor analysis with summary data
CFA and Rasch model
How to order standardized var-cov residual
Factor analysis and distal outcomes
CFA of Symptom inventory
MTMM Multi-group
Test of equal sigmas
Estimation of factor means
Multi group Second order CFA
Modification Indices
Outputting a Variable?
Construct unidimensionality
Testing Equality of Covariance Matrices
Compare factor means across two groups
Fit indices with categorial and/or weight option
Measurement invariance
Confidence Intervals for RMSEA (Other than 90%)
ML Fit Function and SaveData
Robust Procdure??????
Perfect goodness of fit
Empty Bivariate Table is not equal to 1?
Identification Problem / Second Order Factor Model
Factorial invariance
Factor scores in SPSS vs. Mplus
New to Mplus - how to use modification indices?
CFA with Constraints
Identification problem
CFA of An Unusual Scale
CFA Testing Model Constraints
Different WRMR values with the same code
Using vars with differing numbers of categories
CFA ascii file dataset question
Second-Order Factor Model
Testing bivariate normal assumption
No goodness of fit
Question re: handling replications of items in CFM
Two CFA models from one dataset
Direct effects in CFA model
Significance of CFA factor loadings
Logit regression
Differences between LISREL and M+ outputs
Fixing correlations in a CFA
How to get the plot in CFA ?
How to get more fit index
Temporal Invariance
Power analysis for CFA of large scale
Second-order factor model
What does "PARAMETER 93" mean?
Data read problems
Factor scores
Measurement Invariance
Bianary outcome variables and CFA
Various types of indicators
Fit statistics and factor loadings
Factor loadings
Possible to have too many factors?
Minimum Number of Indicators per factor
Should EFA Results be the same as CFA Results?
Bifactor Model Problems
Correction for non-independent observations
Error Message "variance for latent variable"
Simulation using estimates from a MIMIC model
Second factor reverses sign of parameter
Model fit with both binary & continuous indicators
Modification indices in MC simulation
Diff test single and 2nd order factor
Error message
Inconsistant fit
"by" or "on" ?
CFA for measure validation
Plotting DIF in MIMC
Discrepancy among the fit indices
CFA with categorical data
Second order factor problem
Fit indices with inconsistent results
Paper: MLE in general latent variable modeling
MLM mean adjustment
How MPLUS Computes Factor Scores
Correlation between latent variables
Factor determinacy with categorical predictors?
Optimal system requirements
Not positive definite error message
Raykov's scale reliability estimate
Latent factor output
Multi-group CFA with ordinal, complex data
General specific factor model
CFA: setting varibles to 1
MODEL statements in MCFA
Covariance pb in CFA of categorical with MLR
ULS in Amos vs. WLS in MPLUS
Monte Carlo with CFA and multiple groups
Constraining covariances
Number of observations
LM test for multi-group analysis?
Measurement invariance over time and attrition
Factors with only one variable
Significance issue bw delta & theta
CFA with non-normal continuous data
CFA with only formative indicators...
Confusing error message about sampling weights
2pl correlations
Multigroup cfa for a lot of groups and subgroups
Saving CFA estimates
Modeling cross-loadings in Monte Carlo
500+ limitation on variables?
Non-significant intercept
IRT: Item discrimination parameter =1 (logit)?
Fixing error term according to known reliability
Multiple group analysis for second-order factors
Excessice multivariate Kurtosis
DIFFTEST (one vs two factor model)
Monte Carlo ordinal CFA y* total variance
Multigroup comparison in CFA
Factor mean differences
IRT with screening questions
Testing of configural invariance
Variance of a higher-order factor is negative
Constraining standardized uniqueness
Test theory and factor analysis
Area under aggregate information curve in IRT
Surprising Modification Indices
MLR Fit indices
Z scores as factor indicators
Factor scores with missing value
Anchor points in scales
Implied covariance matrix
Output factor scores with ID variable?
Type of CFA - fscores output
SE for factor scores?
Power for multi-group CFA
Running a CFA from correlation matrix
CFA in Type Complex vs Type twolevel
Within subjects measurement invariance testing?
Residual Bootstrap with Weight Variable
Convergence problem in multigroup analysis
Mplus vs Lisrel
Simulation using factor loading matrix--possible?
Standardized model results
SEM with a nominal dependent variable
SE of factor scores
Role of Cronbach's alpha in scale development
Multivariate nonnormality
Perfect fit statistics
MPlus means not consistent with SPSS
MG-CFA with covariance matrices: Number of groups?
Comparing models across response distributions
CFA with an observed variable factor
Comparing item estimates in Multiple Group IRT
Model fit without chi square
Higher-Order Confirmatory FA
CFA: Correlation > 1 for latent variables
How to interpret Mplus output
SEs of parameter estimates problem
Nonlinear constraints for loading DIF
Factor analysis on day-level
2nd order factor model Typ II
CFA in two samples
To use binary rating system(0-1) in CFA
CFA Standardized Loadings greater than 1
Analysing imputated mupltiple group data
Non positive definite and fit statistics
SAVEDATA factor score
Model Fit Index WRMR
Testing within-subjects diff' in factor means
Chi-Square difference testing with WLSMV
TLI > 1
How to get fit index when the sample size is large
Effects coding method of identification
Nested Model Error
Chi-square in MPlus vs. Amos
Esimator for the v.2.02 of mplus
I can't get the list function to work
Multi-group CFA - good fit, but n.s. estimates
Interpreting probit regression coefficients in CFA
Standard error of factor score
Local independence
An idea
Outliers in CFA
Error message
Measurement Invariance - Constraints
When should you add factor loadings?
Multilevel CFA with ordinal variables
Problematic indicator reliability?
Multiple Group Analysis - Problem building factors
Standardized Residuals (z-scores) for Covariances
Measurement Invariance testing
Transfering Data
CFA on measured var for Multi-Group Path Analysis?
Obtaining Additional Fit Indices
Freeing measurement errors
Parceling dichotomous items
Means for latent variables
Outliers and model fit
Second-order CFA in AMOS
Monte Carlo simulation
Adding Labels for Factors in the CFA Output
CFA : empty cell warnings
Latent mean partial invariance interpretation
Problem estimating parameter
Identification and Choice of Path Fixing
2nd Order Formative Indicator
FSCORES - why has my variance changed?
Second order ESEM
Second-order CFA among multiple groups
What does Mplus analyzed for CFA model
How to constrain the two factors to be equivalent
Model fit between free and restricted model
Marker Indicator @1 vs latent Variance@1
Deviance information criterion
Problems with Mplus Version 6.1
Examine a CFA model with simulated data
CFA with Bayesian estimation
Obtaining additional decimal places
MC sample size simulation with categorical data
Degrees of Freedom in "Baseline model" output
Modification Indices and Sample Size
MI as a continuous function of age
Generating an artificial data set through mplus
Orthogonal indicators in simulation
Negative -2LL values
Rating scales - one source
Factors scores method
CFA when measures have different scales
Factor score transformation to Rasch IRT W-scale
Adding syntax for default settings
CFA Warning Message
Using MLR for factor invariance analysis
Mplus CFI is smaller than LISREL's?
Factor Mean Constraints in CFA
Estimation of Scale Reliability Using Mplus
Higher-Order FA
Weird df coming out from CFA tests
Total SEM novice
No convergence. # of iterations exceeded
Constraining residual variance
Empty cell in bivariate table
Steps in MGCFA with continuous variables
Multiple measurements of the same subject in CFA
Strict Factorial Invariance in multigroup CFA
CFA with control variables
2PL parameters
Measurement model - selected observed variables
CFA all binary Variables
Some discrimination parameters equal in IRT
Generating out-of-sample factor scores
Checking for acquiescence: correlation
Factor Scores as Dependent Variables
CFA fit indices
Longitudinal Factor Analysis
CFA with nonlinear indicator
Multiple imputed CFA - standardized residuals?
Discriminant Validity in Mplus
Analysis of means
Correlated Errors in CFA using ML
Est./s.e. 999.000?
Saving residual scores
"normal distribution"
Outliers in CFA
Chi-square value
AMOS and LISREL vs. Mplus
Fixing loading to zero vs. excluding an item
CFA with categorical data
Estimating factor scores in categorical CFA
Model Convergence
Error message concerning categorical variables
MGA Syntax Question
Effect of multigroup CFA on RMSEA
Modification Indices with WLSMV estimator
CFI index
MCFM and structural model specification
Rotation + Loadings
Item errors correlate
Summed Raw Scores as Latent Variables
Moderated factor loadings
Invariance of single-item constructs
Variant latent means
Censored variable
Comparing models in bayesian framework
Output error - too many categories
Correlations in Mplus
Syntax for second-order and bifactor CFA
Longitudinal measurement invariance
Factors scores
Z scores of factor loadings and error variances
Saving residuals
Reading a covariance matrix data file
MIMIC model and multigroup analysis
CFA with dichotomous outcome
Interpret indicator intercepts in Longitudinal FA
Group Comparisons in cases of metric variance
Data type for CFA analysis in Mplus
Using sampling weights
Noncongeneric CFA model
CFA with repeated measures
Construct discrimination validation
Bifactor model
Detection of threshold differences
Measurement invariance, freeing intercepts
Error No. 59 ?!
Varying numbers of factors in MGCFA
IRT scores
Strict Invariance
False claim: "Variance of zero"
Multilevel CFA-- Between Level Factor Necessary?
Error message
Huge chi square but other fit indices perfect?
CFA + nonnormal Likert data
SRMR fit index for order categorical data
Mplus on Mac
MPLUS error message
Semicontinuous Analysis and Gated Questions
Higher order and three correlated factors
Distribution of latent factor(s)
Picture of model?
Exceeding character limit
Degrees of freedom with multiple groups
Syntax errors
Correlation between factors
Measurement invariance depedent samples
2-tailed p-value
Low cfi
Second order and bifactor
Modification indices and different ML estimators
Multigroup CFA advice
# of Free / Estimated Parameters in Mplus vs. Amos
About p value
Positive and negative factor loadings in cfa
Reliability of a questionnaire
How to obtain unstandardized factor score
Help with CFA on longitudinal data
Measurement invariance of 2nd-order factor
Confirmatory Factor Analysis WITH statement
Error in analysis command
Binary CFA vs IRT
Testing two CFA models on the same sample
BIC index
The role of astericks on model fit
Binary Single Indicator Latent Variables
Longitudinal CFA estimates to use in simulations
Longitudinal CFA with multicollinearity
Multitrait multirater CFA w/ categorical outcomes
Strong factor correlation and factor means
CFA design?
Residual covariance of first-order factors
Mixture CFA with different number of factors
Saving values in a separate file
Positive and Negative factor loadings
Multigroup multilevel CFA with ordinal indicators
Measurement model
CFA with ordinal data
CFA with zero-inflated neg. binomial paths
Fit indices
Multilevel CFA?
Saving separate array files
Chi-square difference test is overpowered
Longitudinal Monte Carlo Study
Dissimilar fit indices outcomes
FSCORES not the same as factors
Measurement Invariance Analyses
Measurement invariance with multigroups
Labeling correlated errors
Implied Model Output from BSEM
Error output
Cross-validation in CFA
Multigroup Analysis in a within design
Saving factor scores
Error message multi-group
Warning Message
Measurement invariance with trend design data
Bifactor - negative loadings on group factor
Non-positive values in CFA
Bootstrap standard errors
Validition sample command
CFA. missing data by design (cat variables)
Nominal variable in CFA Example
Odd CFA results using MLR
CFA method and reporting with categorical data
Correlated residuals among first-order factors?
Residual Variances in Multi-level CFA
Factor correlation significant difference
Multivariate normality and scale chi squared test
Bifactor CFA model
Multigroup CFA using modification indices
Select Standardized Model Results for CFA
Select Standardized Model Results for CFA
Mean comparison in ESEM and CFA
Outputting factor score problem
Testing Moderated Longitudinal Invariance
Two-parameter logistic IRT model, persons scores
Error Message - Computing Standard Errors
Item Response Theory
CFA with count data
New invariance testing feature
Multiple processors, CFA, imputed dataset
Plausible values
Satorra-Bentler Chi-Square Difference Test
Standardized and unstandardized esitimates
Second-order and bifactor model
Interpreting Probit Factor Loadings in CFA
Cronbach's Alpha vs Composite Reliability
Multigroup alignment method
Multigroup CFA for dummies/beginners?
Corr>1 between second and first-order latent var
Error message
High error variance
Three-level CFA?
Does not get the correct no. of observation
Standardized regression weights
Measurement invariance
Comparing latent means
CFA with different response options
Basic stats before the CFA
Different results from different versions
How to obtain factor score weight in Mplus
Scaling issues for surveys in a CFA
Chi-square difference test for MG
Bayes Factor for Complex Model
Ordinal CFA with Imputed Data
Data cohort command
Error message when doing CFA
Use only one of the factors from a model
Cut-off point for chi-square
Priors for residual correlations in Bayes CFA
Standardization in BSEM?
CFA bifactor simulation syntax
Data simuluation in Mplus
Data simuluation in Mplus
MTMM model
Bayesian measurement invariance?
Negative residual variance message?
Adding/Subtracting Two Latent Factors
Convert LISREL syntax to MPlus: a question
Correlating residuals in BSEM?
Measurment invariance with other variables
Indicator order for latent variable
Multidimensional IRT script
Using and calculating Factor scores
CFA and Cronbach’s Alpha
CFA measurement model
Multi-group CFA empty cell
CFA of count data
Factor alignment method possible?
Proportions of data in CFA
Satorra-bentler chi2
Variance explained by 2nd order factor
2 Questions about Monte Carlo Simulation
2 Questions about Monte Carlo Simulation (conti)
A warning message
Second-order CFA growth model
Item retention in bifactor CFA
Multigroup parametrization
Model fit
Dependent variable is observed not latent
Multigroup invariance testing with missing items
Group selection - Mplus implementation
Multi-level CFA
CFA with missing data on indicators
Compare result from bilog and mplus
BSEM with zero mean and small variance prior
CFA with censored data
CFA of categorical and nominal indicators
Significance level for difference output?
Factor score vs. Unit-weighted subscale
CFA of Ordinal Data via Adaptive Quadrature
Categorical CFA - Longitudinal Invariance
Scale or metric scale
Facet Models and Negative Residual Variances
Issues with input
Bifactor model, AMOS and Mplus
Replicating a CFA using summary data
Contributors to model differences
Negative Variances in Bifactor Modeling
CFA - ERROR in MODEL command
Latent construct with only two indicators
Formative models
Inverse-wishart prior and fixed variances
CFA of a two-dimensional model
2nd order CFA identification problems
CFA with clusters
Which kind of bootstrapping?
CFA of Second-Order Constructs
Bi-factor model with dichotomous variables
Computational Demands of multigroup bifactor model
CFA bi-factor model and centering
CFA wlsmv or mlr
Estimating FS for Skewnormal, T and SkewT
Error Message - 'Sharing Violation"
Interpretation Of Factor Loading In CFA
Error message with multiple level CFA
Obtaining and Comparing Latent Means in CFA
Bifactor CFA - Error Message
Multiple group analysis with correlated residuals
Path diagram
Ordinal variables, estimators, and missing data
Evaluating Impact of Nonequivalence Across Groups
Group Means Testing with Covariates
CFA with catgorical variables
Multilevel CFA with skewed, continuous data?
Multilevel CFA with skewed, continuous data
Comparing models with PP checking?
Error message
Saving factor scores for all observations
Ssd Chemical for cleaning black Dollars, euros,
CFA correlation
CFA on imputed data with grouping
Testing convergent & discriminant validity
About to chi-square difference test
Reading in data file
Correlations for clustered variables
CFA and missing data
Saving factor scores
Dfs in multilevel CFAs
Sufficient power for difftest
Measurement Invariance: model vs. equality constr.
Monte Carlo simulation to detect power
Savedata output
E/CFA with indicators having strong ceiling effect
CFI and TLI depends on sample size
Standardized factor loading
Multilevel MIMIC model
Negative factor loadings for composite reliability
CFA with binary data
Multigroup CFA 0 observations
Warning meassage in CFA
Bad model fit
Choosing a parameter
Covarying variables
Real madrid v juventus
CTCU Model Definition
Multivariate normality
Split data or random sampling
Measurement Model Factor Determinacies
CFA with formative and reflective indicators
Convergence problems
Diagrammer Display
Factor scores covariance and factor determinacies
A Cfa model with different categorical indictors
Invariance testing for categorical indicators
CFAs on Binary and Binary/Continuous Data
CFA Binary data - factor scores
Bayesian CFA: ERROR in MODEL PRIORS command
MTMM for trait effects
MI across time using ON instead of WITH
Latent variable by categorical and continuous var?
MCFA for Categorical Variable
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MGCFA Warning
CFA Estimator DWLS
Bifactor model
How to model the ordinal and nominal GRM correctly
Measurement Invariance
Multilevel CFA - Factor loadings
One factor two categorical indicator CFA
2 Parallel Mediation analysis problem
MLM vs ML under normality conditions in CFA
Non Positive Definite
Using missing data
Residual variances
Multiple Group 2-PL IRT Model
Estimator Choice in CFA
Reliability/mesurement error in observed measures
EFA/ ESEM /CFA with clustered standard errors
IRT EAP scores and missing data
Cross Loading Indicators
SRMR for multiple-group CFA
Problem with identification of SEM
Bayesian SEM
Measurement invariance
Optimization algorithm CFA / LCA
Longitudinal invariance CFA
CFA with three nesting variables
Linear Dependency
Multiple groups with different sets of indicators
Simple Example of MGA with multiple data files
PSI Problems
CFA binary data factor scores
Error - weight variable exceeds variance limit
TLI > 1
Nonlinear constraints with threshold parameters
Multiple Group CFA with binary data
Grouping in CFA
CFA with PATTERN and dichotomous items
Factor scores with weights
Two-Level Bi-Factor Confirmatory Factor Analysis
RMSEA too high
ME Doesn't Stop Running
Modeling Data with Completely Missing on Groups
Questions about multigroup analysis
Comparing non-nested models
2-level CFA model: problems with estimation
CFA constraints
Fscores (same data, different output)
Second-order CFA - Identifiability Problem
Missing Nonnormal Data
Which standardized estimates...?
Monte Carlo Power Estimation for ESEM
Guidelines for Specifying Zero-Loadings in ESEM
Measurement invariance across both groups and time
Non-significant loadings with fit model indices
Allignment optimization
Internal rescoring of ordinal data
WLSMV standardized residuals
Multiple-Group Measurement Invariance in CFA
Testing Factor Similarity Across Measures?
How to output the the theta (ability) of IRT
Multigroup METRIC invariance
Delta and theta in multi-group MI CFA models
Power Analysis w Monte Carlo Sim w 3+ Factors
CFA Model Comparison with WLSMV Estimator
Bifactor model
Monte Carlo CFA with 3 factors
ECV for bifactor model
CFA result only shows CFI GFI
Alignment and cross loadings
Estimated Asymptotical Standard Error
Explaining group diffs in multiple-groups CFA
Fixing factor loading
Fixing factor loading
Fixing factor loading
"phantom" third category in a logistic IRT model
Monte Carlo Simulation for CFA
Can L1 structure influence L2 variation
CFA Running for a very long time
Estimators for EFA & CFA
Alignment Method Question
Please advise me the mixed format CFA model
CFA - Measurement Invariance
Two higher-order factor analysis
Bifactor model - ensuring traits are orthogonal
Scaling method for categorical indicators in CFA
Technical Documentation for count indicator CFA?
Error reading file for CFA
Multiple Group CFA with count and NB data
Mplus Data file Problem
Data Aggregation Problem in Mplus
MLM or MLR estimator for CFA
Two-level confirmatory factor analysis
Bifactor Model - No Convergence
Recommended estimator for CFA with censored data
Alignment or AwC in second-order structure.
Why not all residual covariances are presented
AMI Parameterization
Factor with zero-inflated continuous variables
Confirmatory factor analysis on binary data
Model Constraint details
Probability RMSEA <= .05
Correlation difference in Mplus results using CFA
Chisquare diff test
Multifactor item response model
MCFA problem
Invariance model from covariance matrices
Simulating binary data for CFA in Mplus
No model fit?
Using summary data in multi-group analysis
CFA for longitudinal data
Comparing CFAs with continuous indicators
Metric Invariance
Factor mixture modeling
Multilevel nominal response models
Using binary variables as factor indicators
CFA with method factor error
AMI Group Means Comparison & PPPP
Perfect correlation
Estimation Methods
Monte Carlo CFA categorical & cont. data
WLSMV estimator chi-square difference test
Omega coefficients
SRMR and residual values
Structural invariance test for multilevel CFA
Partially constrained model & items to "freed"?
Differences in avg estimates between sets of items
DIF using Multi group CFA
How to compute the variance of path coefficients?
Monte Carlo Simulation
Dropping a path ro det it to zero using @0
ESEM MIMIC Path Constraints
Seemlingly inconsistent CFA fit statistics
WLSMV with lots of missing data
Latent variable indentified without fixing
Tutorials to conduct multilevel CFAs
Multigroup bifactor Rasch model; WLSMV; theta
Factor Scores in a bifactor model
MLR and WLSMV fit statistics (again)
Eigenvalues EFA with WLSMV
CFA with dichotomous indicators
Online .dgm viewer?
Weak factorial invariance
CFA with MAX function
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