June 24, 2024
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Mplus Upgrade and Support Contract

An Mplus license comes with one year of upgrades and support as part of the purchase price. The Mplus Upgrade and Support Contract begins one week after the shipping date of the original purchase. After one year, an annual fee is required to keep the Mplus Upgrade and Support Contract up-to-date. Annual renewal reminders are sent out one month prior to the expiration date via email. If the Mplus Upgrade and Support Contract expires, in addition to the annual fee, the contract must be brought up-to-date for the month(s) it has lapsed. Besides the normal fee for these month(s), there is a 10% late fee. If a contract has lapsed for several years, it may be less expensive to purchase a new license.

The Mplus Upgrade and Support Contract includes access to the latest version of Mplus and product support through the term of the contract. The latest version of Mplus can be downloaded from the website under Support - Mplus Updates. It is recommended that a backup of the downloaded file be made because old versions are not available.

Support is available to one registered user per license. Following is a description of what Mplus includes and does not include:

Product support includes:
Installation assistance
Diagnosis of abnormal termination of the program
Assistance in understanding error messages
Assessment of bugs in the program with possible workarounds
Advice on setting up Mplus inputs
Explanation of Mplus commands

Product support does not include:
Advice on the type of statistical analysis to use
Advice on modeling data and interpreting results
Training in statistical concepts

Annual pricing for the Upgrade and Support Contract is shown below. The pricing is per license. Discounts are not available for multiple renewals. The Upgrade and Support Contract for a student license can be renewed only three times or three years with proof of current student status.

University/Student Pricing
Mplus Base Program -- $125
Mplus Base Program and Mixture Add- On -- $150
Mplus Base Program and Multilevel Add- On -- $150
Mplus Base Program and Combination Add- On -- $175

Commercial/Non-Profit/Government Pricing
Mplus Base Program -- $200
Mplus Base Program and Mixture Add- On -- $250
Mplus Base Program and Multilevel Add- On -- $250
Mplus Base Program and Combination Add- On -- $275

All prices are subject to change. Contact the office of Muthén & Muthén for other pricing information.