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Factor analysis is a statistical method that is used to determine the number of underlying dimensions contained in a set of observed variables and to identify the subset of variables that corresponds to each of the underlying dimensions. The underlying dimensions are referred to as continuous latent variables or factors. The observed variables are referred to as factor indicators. There are two types of factor analysis: exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA).

CFA is appropriate in situations where the dimensionality of a set of variables for a given population is already known because of previous research. The task is not to determine the dimensionality of a set of variables or to find the pattern of the factor loadings. Instead, CFA may be used to investigate whether the established dimensionality and factor-loading pattern fits a new sample from the same population. This is the confirmatory aspect of the analysis. CFA may also be used to investigate whether the established dimensionality and factor-loading pattern fits a sample from a new population. In addition, the factor model can be used to study the characteristics of individuals by examining factor variances and covariances/correlations. Factor variances show the degree of heterogeneity of a factor. For example, males in their mid-twenties may be less homogeneous with respect to a factor such as alcohol abuse than females and therefore have a larger factor variance. Factor correlations show the strength of association between factors.

CFA is characterized by restrictions on factor loadings, factor variances, and factor covariances/correlations. CFA requires at least m2 restrictions where m is the number of factors. This can be compared to EFA where exactly m2 restrictions are placed. Unlike EFA, CFA can include correlated residuals that can be useful for representing the influence of minor factors on the variables. A set of background variables can be included as part of a CFA. This model is referred to as the MIMIC model. The MIMIC model can include direct effects, the effect of a background variable on a factor indicator, and indirect effects, the effect of a background variable on a factor indicator via the factor.

Mplus can estimate CFA models and CFA models with background variables for a single or multiple groups. Factor indicators for CFA models can be continuous, censored, binary, ordered categorical (ordinal), counts, or combinations of these variable types. When factor indicators are all continuous, Mplus has seven estimator choices: maximum likelihood (ML), maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF, MLM, MLMV), generalized least squares (GLS), and weighted least squares (WLS) also referred to as ADF. When at least one factor indicator is binary or ordered categorical, Mplus has seven estimator choices: weighted least squares (WLS), robust weighted least squares (WLSM, WLSMV), maximum likelihood (ML), maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF), and unweighted least squares (ULS). When at least one factor indicator is censored, unordered categorical, or a count, Mplus has six estimator choices: weighted least squares (WLS), robust weighted least squares (WLSM, WLSMV), maximum likelihood (ML), and maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF).
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Significance6-17-18  2:58 pmPatrick Malone20
Type of CFA - fscores output9-24-09  10:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
SE for factor scores?9-28-09  8:39 amLinda K. Muthen2
Power for multi-group CFA9-28-09  8:09 amThomas Frazier0
Running a CFA from correlation matrix10-02-09  5:36 amUta Bindl0
CFA in Type Complex vs Type twolevel11-21-16  4:41 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Within subjects measurement invariance testing?10-14-09  6:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
Residual Bootstrap with Weight Variable10-20-09  11:19 amLinda K. Muthen2
Convergence problem in multigroup analysis10-23-09  6:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
Mplus vs Lisrel10-23-09  6:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
Simulation using factor loading matrix--possible?10-26-09  9:12 amLinda K. Muthen2
Standardized model results7-26-17  5:52 amLinda K. Muthen12
SEM with a nominal dependent variable10-28-09  6:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
SE of factor scores11-03-09  1:51 amAnders Skarlind3
Role of Cronbach's alpha in scale development11-07-09  11:54 amLinda K. Muthen4
Multivariate nonnormality11-14-09  7:06 amIoanna Vrouva3
Perfect fit statistics11-10-09  6:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
MPlus means not consistent with SPSS11-16-09  6:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
MG-CFA with covariance matrices: Number of groups?11-23-09  9:30 amLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing models across response distributions3-04-10  9:51 amLinda K. Muthen4
CFA with an observed variable factor11-24-09  9:58 amLinda K. Muthen2
Type=rand;11-26-09  8:12 amLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing item estimates in Multiple Group IRT3-22-13  2:45 pmLinda K. Muthen26
Model fit without chi square1-07-10  1:43 pmLinda K. Muthen10
Higher-Order Confirmatory FA5-21-20  4:25 pmBengt O. Muthen21
CFA: Correlation > 1 for latent variables12-09-09  5:24 pmLinda K. Muthen2
How to interpret Mplus output12-10-09  11:34 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEs of parameter estimates problem12-10-09  2:33 pmWilliam Welch0
Nonlinear constraints for loading DIF1-12-10  9:22 amLinda K. Muthen2
Factor analysis on day-level1-12-10  9:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
2nd order factor model Typ II1-21-10  9:56 amLinda K. Muthen4
CFA in two samples1-26-10  10:15 amLinda K. Muthen4
To use binary rating system(0-1) in CFA1-29-10  11:49 pmLeyla Khalili0
CFA Standardized Loadings greater than 111-06-13  1:34 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Analysing imputated mupltiple group data2-08-10  7:51 amPark Jungkyu0
Non positive definite and fit statistics2-10-10  4:50 pmBengt O. Muthen2
SAVEDATA factor score7-18-19  6:23 amBengt O. Muthen19
Model Fit Index WRMR6-05-20  6:26 pmBengt O. Muthen18
Testing within-subjects diff' in factor means2-12-10  10:17 amLinda K. Muthen2
Chi-Square difference testing with WLSMV2-12-10  9:32 amLinda K. Muthen2
TLI > 12-19-10  10:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
How to get fit index when the sample size is large2-20-10  6:00 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Effects coding method of identification3-25-19  4:48 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Nested Model Error3-01-10  5:24 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Chi-square in MPlus vs. Amos8-23-17  4:29 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Esimator for the v.2.02 of mplus3-03-10  8:23 amLinda K. Muthen4
I can't get the list function to work3-08-10  10:30 amJon Heron3
Multi-group CFA - good fit, but n.s. estimates3-10-10  9:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
Interpreting probit regression coefficients in CFA3-15-10  5:45 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Standard error of factor score4-11-10  8:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
Local independence4-14-10  1:12 pmBengt O. Muthen2
An idea5-04-10  10:11 amLinda K. Muthen4
Outliers in CFA5-05-10  8:37 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error message5-08-10  7:38 amLinda K. Muthen4
SAVEDATA5-10-10  9:26 amLinda K. Muthen6
Measurement Invariance - Constraints3-19-12  6:34 pmLinda K. Muthen10
When should you add factor loadings?5-15-10  8:05 amLinda K. Muthen4
SAVEDATA: ESTIMATES record layout6-16-10  9:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel CFA with ordinal variables6-08-18  1:34 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Problematic indicator reliability?8-26-19  4:52 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Multiple Group Analysis - Problem building factors7-22-10  3:26 amakiko tanabe5
Standardized Residuals (z-scores) for Covariances7-16-20  11:26 amAmanda Lemmon11
Measurement Invariance testing8-04-10  6:35 amLinda K. Muthen6
Transfering Data8-03-10  9:02 amLinda K. Muthen4
CFA on measured var for Multi-Group Path Analysis?8-11-10  2:42 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Obtaining Additional Fit Indices5-29-19  4:10 pmBengt O. Muthen23
Freeing measurement errors8-21-10  9:44 amLinda K. Muthen2
Parceling dichotomous items8-23-10  8:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
Means for latent variables1-22-19  5:05 pmSara Namazi64
Outliers and model fit11-21-16  3:45 pmLinda K. Muthen17
Second-order CFA in AMOS9-09-10  1:29 pmBeril Sayir0
Monte Carlo simulation1-18-17  5:48 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Adding Labels for Factors in the CFA Output9-22-10  5:34 amLinda K. Muthen7
CFA : empty cell warnings9-21-10  9:42 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent mean partial invariance interpretation9-22-10  10:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Problem estimating parameter 9-27-10  3:16 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Identification and Choice of Path Fixing12-07-10  8:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
2nd Order Formative Indicator9-30-10  12:17 pmLinda K. Muthen2
FSCORES - why has my variance changed?1-07-15  4:39 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Second order ESEM10-09-16  5:28 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Second-order CFA among multiple groups2-01-11  12:53 pmLinda K. Muthen4
What does Mplus analyzed for CFA model10-17-10  6:23 pmLinda K. Muthen2
How to constrain the two factors to be equivalent10-19-10  9:48 amLinda K. Muthen4
Model fit between free and restricted model10-26-10  6:10 amLinda K. Muthen2
Marker Indicator @1 vs latent Variance@12-16-20  11:39 amBengt O. Muthen10
Deviance information criterion2-25-19  9:12 amTihomir Asparouhov8
Problems with Mplus Version 6.19-29-11  8:47 amLinda K. Muthen8
Examine a CFA model with simulated data11-03-10  3:09 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CFA with Bayesian estimation9-23-20  5:39 pmBengt O. Muthen105
Obtaining additional decimal places1-22-20  2:27 pmTihomir Asparouhov14
MC sample size simulation with categorical data11-09-10  12:20 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Degrees of Freedom in "Baseline model" output11-24-10  9:14 amDmitriy Poznyak6
Modification Indices and Sample Size11-30-10  8:38 amLinda K. Muthen6
MI as a continuous function of age4-10-11  10:03 amBengt O. Muthen10
Generating an artificial data set through mplus12-26-10  8:01 pmMike C Parent2
Orthogonal indicators in simulation12-29-10  5:43 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Negative -2LL values2-01-11  2:08 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Rating scales - one source2-03-11  5:43 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Factors scores method2-06-11  10:47 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA when measures have different scales7-10-14  12:02 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Factor score transformation to Rasch IRT W-scale2-16-11  6:14 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Adding syntax for default settings2-25-11  1:12 pmLinda K. Muthen4
CFA Warning Message4-11-16  8:35 amLinda K. Muthen12
Using MLR for factor invariance analysis3-04-11  10:55 amYunfei Wu0
Mplus CFI is smaller than LISREL's?8-25-11  7:11 amLinda K. Muthen12
Factor Mean Constraints in CFA3-17-11  6:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Estimation of Scale Reliability Using Mplus3-20-11  5:37 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Higher-Order FA3-21-11  11:17 amsteve3
FSCOEFFICIENT matrix3-21-11  4:54 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Weird df coming out from CFA tests3-29-11  7:04 amTony Reed3
CFA4-02-11  2:12 pmLiz Woodruff3
Total SEM novice4-02-11  4:42 pmLinda K. Muthen4
No convergence. # of iterations exceeded9-11-17  11:40 amLinda K. Muthen26
Constraining residual variance4-22-11  10:32 amLiz Woodruff10
Empty cell in bivariate table4-10-11  10:08 amLinda K. Muthen4
Steps in MGCFA with continuous variables4-17-11  5:03 amMary Teresa Granillo4
Multiple measurements of the same subject in CFA4-11-11  6:47 amLinda K. Muthen2
Strict Factorial Invariance in multigroup CFA8-12-19  2:28 amJan Stochl35
CFA with control variables4-28-11  11:05 amgibbon lab7
2PL parameters4-27-11  2:25 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Measurement model - selected observed variables4-28-11  10:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA all binary Variables8-24-16  9:23 pmAnton Dominicson 16
Some discrimination parameters equal in IRT5-09-11  6:30 amEvgenia 3
Generating out-of-sample factor scores5-11-11  12:09 pmTom Hanson3
Checking for acquiescence: correlation5-20-11  1:55 amDick Durver3
Factor Scores as Dependent Variables6-27-19  5:07 pmBengt O. Muthen18
CFA fit indices12-16-17  2:36 pmBengt O. Muthen26
Longitudinal Factor Analysis2-22-19  10:57 amBengt O. Muthen54
CFA with nonlinear indicator6-14-11  5:39 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multiple imputed CFA - standardized residuals?6-22-11  9:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Discriminant Validity in Mplus4-05-17  3:41 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Analysis of means6-29-11  8:13 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Correlated Errors in CFA using ML6-29-11  8:21 amDallas5
Est./s.e. 999.000? 5-20-17  6:42 amLinda K. Muthen6
Saving residual scores7-01-11  8:19 amLinda K. Muthen2
"normal distribution"7-03-11  10:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
Outliers in CFA4-17-18  4:00 pmBengt O. Muthen27
Chi-square value7-05-11  9:02 pmLinda K. Muthen4
AMOS and LISREL vs. Mplus7-26-11  9:02 pmDipali Rinker4
Fixing loading to zero vs. excluding an item7-26-11  12:48 pmLinda K. Muthen4
CFA with categorical data3-18-14  8:54 amLinda K. Muthen6
Estimating factor scores in categorical CFA8-04-11  6:31 amLinda K. Muthen2
Model Convergence3-26-19  5:23 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Error message concerning categorical variables8-12-11  1:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
MGA Syntax Question8-14-11  4:02 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Effect of multigroup CFA on RMSEA9-20-11  10:22 amLinda K. Muthen11
Modification Indices with WLSMV estimator8-24-11  11:01 pmNathan Alkemade3
CFI index8-22-11  3:05 pmLinda K. Muthen2
MCFM and structural model specification 8-23-11  8:18 amBengt O. Muthen5
Rotation + Loadings9-07-11  8:42 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Item errors correlate9-07-11  7:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
Summed Raw Scores as Latent Variables9-08-11  8:58 amNidhi Kohli3
Moderated factor loadings9-14-11  2:45 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Invariance of single-item constructs10-04-11  9:21 amLinda K. Muthen4
Variant latent means10-11-11  6:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Censored variable10-21-11  12:23 amPatchara Popaitoon3
Comparing models in bayesian framework7-06-20  6:19 pmTihomir Asparouhov11
Output error - too many categories6-15-18  11:06 amLinda K. Muthen20
Correlations in Mplus7-17-12  5:58 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Syntax for second-order and bifactor CFA6-18-20  4:17 pmBengt O. Muthen17
Longitudinal measurement invariance8-03-20  5:32 pmBengt O. Muthen17
SUBPOPULATION and MG/KNOWNCLASS12-01-11  12:38 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Factors scores 3-12-18  3:32 pmBengt O. Muthen24
Z scores of factor loadings and error variances12-01-11  10:18 amZeda Gibbs0
Simulation12-04-11  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen2
Saving residuals12-06-11  6:02 amLinda K. Muthen2
Reading a covariance matrix data file12-07-11  7:45 amKim Gower3
Usevariable12-07-11  11:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
MIMIC model and multigroup analysis12-10-11  5:39 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFA with dichotomous outcome12-13-11  5:46 pmAnna Westin5
Interpret indicator intercepts in Longitudinal FA12-18-11  12:36 pmElisa3
Group Comparisons in cases of metric variance 12-20-11  7:37 amBruno Figueiredo Dam3
Data type for CFA analysis in Mplus3-13-12  4:38 amyezi3
Using sampling weights12-26-11  7:14 pmHadar Baharav3
Noncongeneric CFA model1-27-12  9:59 pmcathy labrish3
Parameterization1-26-12  4:10 pmBengt O. Muthen9
CFA with repeated measures2-22-12  3:36 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Construct discrimination validation3-10-12  9:32 amJames Gambrell3
Bifactor model3-09-12  4:08 pmLinda K. Muthen4
MAHALANOBIS DISTANCE3-14-12  5:50 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Detection of threshold differences3-18-12  9:39 amBengt O. Muthen5
Measurement invariance, freeing intercepts3-19-12  1:39 pmErin P3
Error No. 59 ?!6-23-20  9:51 amLinda K. Muthen12
Varying numbers of factors in MGCFA3-29-12  5:26 amThomas Klausch5
IRT scores3-28-12  4:46 amPhilippe Golay3
Strict Invariance3-28-12  1:47 pmJasonBurnett4
False claim: "Variance of zero"3-30-12  9:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel CFA-- Between Level Factor Necessary?7-07-12  12:04 pmLinda K. Muthen8
ESEM11-09-17  5:04 pmBengt O. Muthen17
Error message4-17-12  10:04 amEric Deemer0
Huge chi square but other fit indices perfect?4-22-12  2:13 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CFA + nonnormal Likert data2-09-15  9:42 pmLinda K. Muthen6
SRMR fit index for order categorical data10-28-19  3:21 pmRyan Veal8
Mplus on Mac5-14-13  2:48 pmLinda K. Muthen2
MPLUS error message9-28-19  3:31 pmMagnus Alderling11
Semicontinuous Analysis and Gated Questions5-15-12  8:33 amBengt O. Muthen2
MSE5-19-12  11:09 amBengt O. Muthen9
Higher order and three correlated factors5-18-12  11:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
Distribution of latent factor(s)5-21-12  7:15 amcathrine pettersen3
Picture of model?5-18-12  1:55 pmSarah Phillips3
Exceeding character limit3-06-19  2:40 amSophie Ward21
Constraints5-26-12  3:12 pmEric Teman2
Degrees of freedom with multiple groups7-07-16  9:43 amBengt O. Muthen5
Covariates3-29-16  9:35 amBengt O. Muthen5
Syntax errors6-09-12  3:29 amIoanna Vrouva3
Correlation between factors6-12-12  6:15 amLinda K. Muthen5
Measurement invariance depedent samples11-17-14  2:54 pmOliver Rizmanoski6
2-tailed p-value6-12-12  1:45 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Interpretation6-13-12  6:18 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Low cfi11-15-13  4:33 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Second order and bifactor10-06-20  8:32 amTihomir Asparouhov28
Modification indices and different ML estimators9-23-20  5:44 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Multigroup CFA advice6-30-12  7:40 amMichael Rolt0
# of Free / Estimated Parameters in Mplus vs. Amos7-03-12  1:55 pmLinda K. Muthen2
About p value7-06-12  10:55 amJames Lee0
Positive and negative factor loadings in cfa9-10-18  2:53 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Reliability of a questionnaire7-18-12  6:12 amLinda K. Muthen4
How to obtain unstandardized factor score8-01-12  10:12 amLinda K. Muthen4
Help with CFA on longitudinal data8-07-12  8:36 amLinda K. Muthen2
Measurement invariance of 2nd-order factor7-01-20  4:22 pmBengt O. Muthen14
Confirmatory Factor Analysis WITH statement2-02-17  5:39 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Error in analysis command9-05-12  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Binary CFA vs IRT3-24-15  8:16 pmJ.D. Haltigan11
Testing two CFA models on the same sample9-10-12  6:56 pmBengt O. Muthen2
BIC index9-19-12  3:43 pmLinda K. Muthen4
The role of astericks on model fit9-22-12  3:32 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Binary Single Indicator Latent Variables7-14-20  5:10 pmTihomir Asparouhov20
Longitudinal CFA estimates to use in simulations9-25-12  1:52 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Longitudinal CFA with multicollinearity10-02-12  10:08 amLinda K. Muthen5
Multitrait multirater CFA w/ categorical outcomes9-27-12  9:09 amMark LaVenia5
Strong factor correlation and factor means9-28-12  12:54 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CFA design? 10-02-12  10:28 ammw5
Residual covariance of first-order factors10-02-12  10:13 amLinda K. Muthen3
Mixture CFA with different number of factors10-26-12  5:48 pmLinda K. Muthen7
Saving values in a separate file10-29-12  11:59 amLinda K. Muthen6
Positive and Negative factor loadings11-05-12  11:56 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multigroup multilevel CFA with ordinal indicators10-18-14  11:39 amBengt O. Muthen19
Measurement model11-29-12  12:09 pmBengt O. Muthen6
CFA with ordinal data12-03-12  8:35 pmBengt O. Muthen4
CFA with zero-inflated neg. binomial paths3-03-20  3:21 pmBengt O. Muthen18
MGCFA: WLSMV1-25-16  11:25 amLinda K. Muthen5
Fit indices12-06-12  8:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel CFA?5-13-16  1:45 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Saving separate array files1-03-13  11:34 amLinda K. Muthen4
Chi-square difference test is overpowered1-08-13  11:58 amBengt O. Muthen2
Longitudinal Monte Carlo Study1-20-13  10:09 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA1-31-13  4:27 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Dissimilar fit indices outcomes2-11-13  6:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
FSCORES not the same as factors3-24-15  3:19 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Measurement Invariance Analyses9-15-17  5:57 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Measurement invariance with multigroups6-26-18  3:25 pmBengt O. Muthen59
Java9-27-16  6:18 amLinda K. Muthen14
Labeling correlated errors3-08-13  11:19 amLinda K. Muthen4
Implied Model Output from BSEM3-15-13  10:39 amTihomir Asparouhov2
Error output3-16-13  6:54 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Cross-validation in CFA6-17-19  4:25 pmBengt O. Muthen14
Multigroup Analysis in a within design3-27-13  11:03 amLinda K. Muthen4
Saving factor scores3-27-13  11:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error message multi-group3-29-20  2:49 amDong Shuyang7
Warning Message4-02-13  8:55 pmKerrie Wilkins3
Measurement invariance with trend design data4-04-13  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Bifactor - negative loadings on group factor4-05-13  2:15 amPete Parkers5
Non-positive values in CFA4-04-13  5:55 pmToko Oshio5
Bootstrap standard errors4-08-13  5:23 amdavid 2
Validition sample command4-09-13  9:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA. missing data by design (cat variables)4-10-13  3:50 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Nominal variable in CFA Example12-21-17  7:02 amLinda K. Muthen9
Odd CFA results using MLR4-15-13  12:23 pmChris Coleman3
CFA method and reporting with categorical data4-17-13  1:11 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Correlated residuals among first-order factors?10-05-16  3:57 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Residual Variances in Multi-level CFA5-02-13  10:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Factor correlation significant difference5-08-13  2:13 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multivariate normality and scale chi squared test5-09-13  9:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
Bifactor CFA model 5-09-13  11:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multigroup CFA using modification indices10-02-15  6:44 amBengt O. Muthen7
Select Standardized Model Results for CFA 6-06-13  12:36 pmGwo-Bao Liou6
Select Standardized Model Results for CFA 6-03-13  3:50 pmGwo-Bao Liou0
Mean comparison in ESEM and CFA6-06-13  2:12 pmLinda K. Muthen10
Outputting factor score problem6-06-13  10:58 amLinda K. Muthen2
Testing Moderated Longitudinal Invariance6-18-13  2:55 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Two-parameter logistic IRT model, persons scores 6-21-13  3:26 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Error Message - Computing Standard Errors 6-24-13  11:27 amLinnie Green Wright3
Item Response Theory7-29-20  3:33 pmBengt O. Muthen37
CFA with count data6-28-13  3:48 pmBengt O. Muthen2
New invariance testing feature7-03-13  10:36 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple processors, CFA, imputed dataset5-28-14  9:07 pmTihomir Asparouhov10
Plausible values6-25-18  4:37 pmTihomir Asparouhov4
Satorra-Bentler Chi-Square Difference Test9-23-13  3:43 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Standardized and unstandardized esitimates8-01-13  10:17 amLinda K. Muthen16
Second-order and bifactor model7-31-13  9:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
Interpreting Probit Factor Loadings in CFA7-31-13  10:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cronbach's Alpha vs Composite Reliability3-30-17  12:42 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Multigroup alignment method10-23-20  4:00 pmBengt O. Muthen191
Multigroup CFA for dummies/beginners?8-15-13  2:25 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Corr>1 between second and first-order latent var8-15-13  8:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error message9-07-18  1:37 pmLinda K. Muthen5
High error variance8-29-13  11:03 amLinda K. Muthen4
Three-level CFA?4-30-18  6:03 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Does not get the correct no. of observation9-11-13  10:36 amEstee3
Standardized regression weights9-11-13  3:23 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Measurement invariance11-06-13  8:34 amBengt O. Muthen4
Comparing latent means8-03-19  11:45 amBengt O. Muthen25
CFA with different response options9-16-13  2:14 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Basic stats before the CFA9-23-13  6:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Different results from different versions9-28-13  12:04 pmLinda K. Muthen2
How to obtain factor score weight in Mplus10-08-13  9:34 amLinda K. Muthen5
Scaling issues for surveys in a CFA10-08-13  9:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Chi-square difference test for MG5-08-18  10:12 pmTihomir Asparouhov7
Bayes Factor for Complex Model3-15-16  2:24 pmEric8
Ordinal CFA with Imputed Data10-16-13  3:54 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Data cohort command10-21-13  2:57 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Error message when doing CFA11-01-13  9:07 amLee Devaney3
Use only one of the factors from a model11-08-13  9:03 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cut-off point for chi-square11-09-13  5:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
Priors for residual correlations in Bayes CFA11-12-13  2:14 amDavid Markland3
Standardization in BSEM?11-25-19  1:36 pmTihomir Asparouhov20
CFA bifactor simulation syntax12-23-13  11:54 amLinda K. Muthen6
CTCU11-19-13  10:28 amAbby Gray3
Data simuluation in Mplus11-26-13  9:11 amLinda K. Muthen6
Data simuluation in Mplus11-20-13  6:23 pmBengt O. Muthen2
MTMM model6-05-18  6:01 amLinda K. Muthen7
Bayesian measurement invariance?5-16-19  9:42 amYoungshin Ju15
Negative residual variance message?11-26-13  6:05 amLinda K. Muthen2
Adding/Subtracting Two Latent Factors6-29-19  12:36 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Convert LISREL syntax to MPlus: a question12-11-13  6:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
IRT 2PL FORMULA12-12-13  9:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Correlating residuals in BSEM?12-17-13  3:53 pmTihomir Asparouhov5
Measurment invariance with other variables12-16-13  2:37 pmLinda K. Muthen4
MG-CFA10-17-15  3:17 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Indicator order for latent variable1-20-14  6:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multidimensional IRT script10-21-20  11:19 amBengt O. Muthen25
Using and calculating Factor scores7-03-16  6:18 amTan Bee Li9
CFA and Cronbach’s Alpha2-02-14  10:18 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA measurement model2-10-14  10:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multi-group CFA empty cell2-11-14  3:06 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFA of count data4-09-19  5:36 pmBengt O. Muthen16
Factor alignment method possible?2-18-14  10:42 pmEric3
Proportions of data in CFA2-19-14  8:51 amBengt O. Muthen2
Satorra-bentler chi22-19-14  10:18 amLinda K. Muthen2
Variance explained by 2nd order factor3-01-14  11:58 amAndré Beauducel7
2 Questions about Monte Carlo Simulation3-10-14  8:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
2 Questions about Monte Carlo Simulation (conti)3-10-14  8:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Censoring3-13-14  7:21 amLinda K. Muthen2
A warning message3-15-14  7:26 amLinda K. Muthen4
Second-order CFA growth model3-14-14  12:44 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Item retention in bifactor CFA3-16-14  8:22 amMegan Paxton3
Multigroup parametrization3-31-14  1:09 pmSofie Wouters3
Model fit4-01-14  5:56 amLinda K. Muthen6
Dependent variable is observed not latent4-03-14  6:17 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multigroup invariance testing with missing items11-23-16  11:06 amBengt O. Muthen7
Group selection - Mplus implementation4-17-14  8:24 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multi-level CFA1-26-16  2:53 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CFA with missing data on indicators4-26-14  10:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
Compare result from bilog and mplus4-29-14  6:02 pmLinda K. Muthen5
BSEM with zero mean and small variance prior5-13-16  10:03 amBengt O. Muthen5
CFA with censored data5-04-14  10:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA of categorical and nominal indicators8-09-18  2:13 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Significance level for difference output?5-12-14  5:20 amFredrik Falkenström3
Factor score vs. Unit-weighted subscale5-09-14  9:43 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA of Ordinal Data via Adaptive Quadrature5-12-14  8:49 pmFred B. Bryant3
Categorical CFA - Longitudinal Invariance11-13-14  6:26 amLinda K. Muthen10
Scale or metric scale5-30-14  11:28 amLinda K. Muthen6
Facet Models and Negative Residual Variances5-28-14  4:31 amTanja Gabriele Bauds3
Issues with input1-15-17  9:51 amLinda K. Muthen5
Bifactor model, AMOS and Mplus6-03-14  5:44 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Replicating a CFA using summary data 6-04-14  1:37 pmjmquinn3
Contributors to model differences6-05-14  3:38 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Negative Variances in Bifactor Modeling6-25-14  2:18 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CFA - ERROR in MODEL command6-26-14  8:47 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent construct with only two indicators7-05-18  5:50 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Formative models10-28-20  4:07 pmBengt O. Muthen16
Inverse-wishart prior and fixed variances7-09-14  9:30 amTihomir Asparouhov2
CFA of a two-dimensional model7-29-14  4:42 pmBengt O. Muthen2
2nd order CFA identification problems 8-07-14  12:44 pmKatherine Keenan5
CFA with clusters8-26-14  10:02 amBengt O. Muthen9
Which kind of bootstrapping? 8-12-14  1:23 pmThomas Carpenter3
CFA of Second-Order Constructs8-26-14  3:06 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Bi-factor model with dichotomous variables8-29-14  1:25 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Computational Demands of multigroup bifactor model9-16-14  9:37 amGarett Howardson5
CFA bi-factor model and centering9-23-14  12:32 pmIna Prokjev3
CFA wlsmv or mlr9-25-14  3:47 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Estimating FS for Skewnormal, T and SkewT10-03-14  4:40 pmJan Ivanouw3
Error Message - 'Sharing Violation"10-04-14  8:46 amAlex Meredith3
Interpretation Of Factor Loading In CFA10-04-14  10:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error message with multiple level CFA10-06-14  9:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Obtaining and Comparing Latent Means in CFA1-14-16  6:10 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Bifactor CFA - Error Message10-13-14  1:07 pmEu Gene Chin3
Multiple group analysis with correlated residuals7-27-16  5:36 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Path diagram2-13-19  2:58 pmThuy Nguyen7
Ordinal variables, estimators, and missing data4-10-16  2:51 pmPo-Yi Chen10
Evaluating Impact of Nonequivalence Across Groups10-20-14  7:18 amSarah Phillips5
Group Means Testing with Covariates3-23-16  8:56 amLinda K. Muthen11
CFA with catgorical variables10-19-14  6:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel CFA with skewed, continuous data?10-24-14  6:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multilevel CFA with skewed, continuous data10-24-14  3:15 amOdilia0
Comparing models with PP checking?11-14-14  10:54 amBengt O. Muthen2
Error message11-27-14  5:00 amBruno Chauvin3
Saving factor scores for all observations11-28-14  2:39 amHin Kwan Wong3
Ssd Chemical for cleaning black Dollars, euros,12-05-14  2:05 amJackson0
Uni-dimensionality12-09-14  4:49 pmLinda K. Muthen4
CFA correlation 12-10-14  2:11 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Rotation12-10-14  6:29 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFA on imputed data with grouping12-15-14  9:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Testing convergent & discriminant validity11-05-15  4:59 pmTihomir Asparouhov4
About to chi-square difference test1-20-15  4:56 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Reading in data file1-24-17  1:43 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Correlations for clustered variables2-09-15  4:53 pmBengt O. Muthen4
CFA and missing data1-22-18  6:11 amAurelie Lange12
Saving factor scores2-20-15  2:09 pmHongseok Lee7
Dfs in multilevel CFAs2-22-15  5:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Sufficient power for difftest2-26-15  7:13 amBengt O. Muthen4
Measurement Invariance: model vs. equality constr.6-14-16  4:33 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Monte Carlo simulation to detect power3-11-15  6:19 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Savedata output3-18-15  4:38 pmBengt O. Muthen2
E/CFA with indicators having strong ceiling effect3-20-15  4:07 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFI and TLI depends on sample size4-08-15  11:46 amBengt O. Muthen4
Standardized factor loading4-13-15  8:13 amBengt O. Muthen4
Multilevel MIMIC model3-05-16  6:16 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Negative factor loadings for composite reliability4-18-15  9:52 amBengt O. Muthen4
CFA with binary data5-04-15  7:48 amBengt O. Muthen2
Multigroup CFA 0 observations5-07-15  1:53 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Warning meassage in CFA9-03-15  7:38 amLinda K. Muthen10
Bad model fit3-26-20  2:40 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Choosing a parameter5-11-15  8:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Covarying variables5-11-15  10:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Errors5-11-15  2:31 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Real madrid v juventus5-13-15  2:27 amjmmlae0
CTCU Model Definition5-22-15  5:58 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Multivariate normality4-11-16  2:53 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Split data or random sampling9-12-19  4:14 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Measurement Model Factor Determinacies6-09-15  10:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA with formative and reflective indicators6-23-15  2:36 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Convergence problems8-04-15  6:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Diagrammer Display4-30-18  11:43 amBengt O. Muthen11
Factor scores covariance and factor determinacies8-11-15  1:40 pmBengt O. Muthen2
A Cfa model with different categorical indictors8-20-15  7:31 pmyan wang10
Invariance testing for categorical indicators9-08-15  5:59 pmBengt O. Muthen5
CFAs on Binary and Binary/Continuous Data9-30-15  5:59 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFA Binary data - factor scores10-02-15  7:53 amBengt O. Muthen2
Bayesian CFA: ERROR in MODEL PRIORS command10-05-18  2:49 pmBengt O. Muthen8
MTMM for trait effects10-23-15  3:07 pmBengt O. Muthen2
MI across time using ON instead of WITH12-01-15  2:22 amMarike Deutz5
Latent variable by categorical and continuous var?9-28-16  6:17 amLinda K. Muthen6
MCFA for Categorical Variable4-09-18  4:04 pmBengt O. Muthen8
( Yahoo ID : h4cker_in ) Mailer send inbox1-22-16  10:50 pmdavid sunbro0
MGCFA Warning1-24-16  5:44 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFA Estimator DWLS2-09-16  10:25 amCarolin Fischer0
Bifactor model 2-16-16  4:48 amwayne smith3
How to model the ordinal and nominal GRM correctly2-22-16  5:46 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Measurement Invariance2-25-16  10:21 amLinda K. Muthen5
Multilevel CFA - Factor loadings2-29-16  4:44 pmLinda K. Muthen2
One factor two categorical indicator CFA3-05-16  3:08 pmLinda K. Muthen2
2 Parallel Mediation analysis problem3-09-16  3:02 amLee Yong Seok0
MLM vs ML under normality conditions in CFA3-09-16  11:58 amBengt O. Muthen2
Non Positive Definite3-17-16  5:15 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Using missing data 3-16-16  9:01 amSukhmani Singh 0
Residual variances3-17-16  5:15 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multiple Group 2-PL IRT Model3-18-16  6:52 amMatthew White3
Estimator Choice in CFA7-27-16  7:38 amLinda K. Muthen7
Reliability/mesurement error in observed measures4-13-16  10:06 amLinda K. Muthen6
EFA/ ESEM /CFA with clustered standard errors4-08-16  8:00 amLinda K. Muthen5
IRT EAP scores and missing data6-12-17  5:48 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Cross Loading Indicators2-07-17  6:16 amCarla Cebula5
SRMR for multiple-group CFA4-22-16  2:49 pmTihomir Asparouhov4
Problem with identification of SEM4-25-16  8:10 amLinda K. Muthen2
Bayesian SEM6-29-16  6:51 amLinda K. Muthen4
Measurement invariance5-11-16  7:15 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Optimization algorithm CFA / LCA4-29-16  2:18 amChris Gaasendam1
Longitudinal invariance CFA5-09-16  5:01 pmLucy Leigh0
CFA with three nesting variables6-22-16  5:36 pmMing-Hong Tsai11
Linear Dependency6-03-16  10:32 amLinda K. Muthen2
SAVING FIT INDICES6-08-16  6:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple groups with different sets of indicators6-19-16  9:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Simple Example of MGA with multiple data files6-25-16  5:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
PSI Problems7-28-16  10:03 amLinda K. Muthen4
CFA binary data factor scores7-27-16  7:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error - weight variable exceeds variance limit8-17-16  3:33 pmMelissa Harry3
TLI > 15-14-20  3:42 pmTihomir Asparouhov4
Nonlinear constraints with threshold parameters9-04-16  8:15 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Multiple Group CFA with binary data4-01-18  12:14 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Grouping in CFA12-07-16  10:36 amBengt O. Muthen4
CFA vs ESEM8-12-17  10:43 amBengt O. Muthen15
CFA & IRT10-21-20  11:51 amEthan Arenson9
CFA with PATTERN and dichotomous items9-27-16  7:54 amBengt O. Muthen4
Factor scores with weights10-06-16  9:10 amBengt O. Muthen2
Two-Level Bi-Factor Confirmatory Factor Analysis6-08-18  1:33 pmBengt O. Muthen8
RMSEA too high10-11-16  12:05 pmBengt O. Muthen2
ME Doesn't Stop Running10-25-16  10:03 amBengt O. Muthen2
Modeling Data with Completely Missing on Groups11-18-16  12:31 pmJunichiro NIIMI5
Questions about multigroup analysis 11-29-16  5:45 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Comparing non-nested models1-09-18  5:31 pmBengt O. Muthen6
2-level CFA model: problems with estimation2-07-17  10:34 amJonathan Gellar0
CFA constraints2-08-17  9:30 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Fscores (same data, different output)2-08-17  3:54 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Second-order CFA - Identifiability Problem2-09-17  12:19 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Missing Nonnormal Data2-15-17  5:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Output both FSCORES and ESTIMATES2-16-17  5:11 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Which standardized estimates...?2-18-17  2:57 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Monte Carlo Power Estimation for ESEM2-22-17  12:32 pmBengt O. Muthen2
WLSMV DIFFTEST TWOLEVEL 10-16-19  9:45 amBengt O. Muthen4
ERROR IN DATA COMMAND2-13-18  8:45 amBengt O. Muthen6
Guidelines for Specifying Zero-Loadings in ESEM3-18-17  9:03 amKasey Stanton1
Measurement invariance across both groups and time4-02-17  6:37 amLinda K. Muthen5
Non-significant loadings with fit model indices4-05-17  3:42 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Allignment optimization4-08-17  11:32 amLinda K. Muthen2
Internal rescoring of ordinal data4-26-17  9:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
WLSMV standardized residuals 4-27-17  5:03 pmTihomir Asparouhov2
Multiple-Group Measurement Invariance in CFA5-29-17  2:39 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Testing Factor Similarity Across Measures?6-10-17  7:43 pmKasey Stanton3
How to output the the theta (ability) of IRT6-12-17  5:48 pmBengt O. Muthen2
High RMSEA6-15-17  10:36 amValeria Moran3
Multigroup METRIC invariance6-18-17  10:22 amLeonardo4
Delta and theta in multi-group MI CFA models6-29-17  5:41 amMelissa Harry4
Power Analysis w Monte Carlo Sim w 3+ Factors7-21-17  2:28 pmChristopher Wiese3
CFA Model Comparison with WLSMV Estimator7-23-17  5:26 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Bifactor model8-09-17  3:42 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Ex12.78-25-17  5:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Monte Carlo CFA with 3 factors9-22-17  4:07 pmBengt O. Muthen6
ECV for bifactor model9-23-17  5:59 pmEmma Burton3
GFI9-27-17  6:11 amNagwan zahry3
CFA result only shows CFI GFI9-26-17  5:33 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Alignment and cross loadings9-27-17  11:42 pmOlev Must3
Estimated Asymptotical Standard Error10-04-17  3:07 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Explaining group diffs in multiple-groups CFA10-06-17  6:25 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Fixing factor loading 10-11-17  2:20 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Fixing factor loading 10-10-17  10:24 pmYuree Lee0
Fixing factor loading 10-10-17  10:34 pmYuree Lee0
"phantom" third category in a logistic IRT model10-17-17  4:50 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Monte Carlo Simulation for CFA11-03-17  10:32 amBengt O. Muthen16
Can L1 structure influence L2 variation10-26-17  11:36 amBengt O. Muthen2
CFA Running for a very long time11-02-17  3:02 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Estimators for EFA & CFA11-10-17  3:28 pmYue Ma5
Alignment Method Question3-06-18  6:19 pmWEN Congcong5
Please advise me the mixed format CFA model12-18-17  11:45 amBengt O. Muthen2
CFA - Measurement Invariance1-18-18  11:20 amBengt O. Muthen2
Two higher-order factor analysis1-23-18  7:17 pmYousun Baek4
Bifactor model - ensuring traits are orthogonal2-13-18  10:50 amJon Heron3
Scaling method for categorical indicators in CFA2-12-18  7:04 amAi Ye3
Technical Documentation for count indicator CFA?3-21-18  5:28 amTimothy Hayes5
Error reading file for CFA 7-13-18  11:41 amLinda K. Muthen4
Multiple Group CFA with count and NB data4-17-18  3:59 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Mplus Data file Problem4-17-18  6:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Data Aggregation Problem in Mplus4-18-18  3:56 pmBengt O. Muthen3
MLM or MLR estimator for CFA4-24-18  2:30 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Two-level confirmatory factor analysis6-11-19  4:56 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Bifactor Model - No Convergence4-30-18  12:21 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Recommended estimator for CFA with censored data5-14-18  4:24 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Alignment or AwC in second-order structure.5-20-18  4:03 pmHan, Chang Hoon3
Why not all residual covariances are presented5-27-18  5:56 pmBengt O. Muthen2
AMI Parameterization6-11-18  8:23 amQixiang Fang3
Factor with zero-inflated continuous variables6-22-18  3:51 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Confirmatory factor analysis on binary data6-20-18  11:57 amBengt O. Muthen2
Model Constraint details6-30-18  2:44 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Probability RMSEA <= .057-03-18  3:09 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Correlation difference in Mplus results using CFA7-13-18  2:01 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Chisquare diff test7-16-18  2:54 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Multifactor item response model7-15-18  2:35 pmBengt O. Muthen2
MCFA problem7-23-18  10:19 amBengt O. Muthen2
Invariance model from covariance matrices8-13-18  1:58 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Simulating binary data for CFA in Mplus8-14-18  12:43 pmBengt O. Muthen2
No model fit?8-22-18  4:35 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Using summary data in multi-group analysis3-04-20  11:36 amBengt O. Muthen8
CFA for longitudinal data8-31-18  1:52 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Comparing CFAs with continuous indicators8-30-18  4:29 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Metric Invariance 9-12-18  9:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Factor mixture modeling9-17-18  2:05 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Multilevel nominal response models9-23-18  4:04 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Using binary variables as factor indicators9-26-18  6:30 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFA with method factor error10-05-18  2:56 pmBengt O. Muthen4
AMI Group Means Comparison & PPPP10-09-18  9:49 amTihomir Asparouhov2
Perfect correlation10-26-18  1:04 pmMINHO KWAK8
CFA OUTPUT11-21-18  2:26 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Estimation Methods11-30-18  4:41 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Monte Carlo CFA categorical & cont. data12-07-18  8:57 amBengt O. Muthen2
WLSMV estimator chi-square difference test12-30-18  1:07 pmBengt O. Muthen13
Omega coefficients 12-18-18  5:17 pmBengt O. Muthen2
DIFFTEST option1-25-19  10:46 amBengt O. Muthen2
SRMR and residual values4-17-20  7:36 amFranzi Kößler8
Structural invariance test for multilevel CFA2-22-19  1:19 pmSimon Goldberg3
Partially constrained model & items to "freed"? 2-27-19  11:25 amBengt O. Muthen2
Differences in avg estimates between sets of items3-16-19  6:07 amJeff Williams5
DIF using Multi group CFA3-28-19  5:43 pmBengt O. Muthen7
How to compute the variance of path coefficients?3-25-19  5:28 amMario3
Monte Carlo Simulation 2-23-20  5:12 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Dropping a path ro det it to zero using @05-17-19  11:13 amBengt O. Muthen4
ESEM MIMIC Path Constraints5-26-19  5:09 pmBengt O. Muthen2
RMSEA and SRMR5-30-19  5:38 amCesar Daniel Costa B4
Seemlingly inconsistent CFA fit statistics8-09-19  1:32 pmAnh Hua3
WLSMV with lots of missing data8-15-19  11:33 amAnh Hua5
Latent variable indentified without fixing9-02-19  1:11 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Alignment9-27-19  9:07 pmOlev Must7
Tutorials to conduct multilevel CFAs11-23-19  6:54 amAnh Hua3
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MLR and WLSMV fit statistics (again)2-06-20  3:52 pmTihomir Asparouhov2
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CFA with dichotomous indicators2-29-20  5:53 amBengt O. Muthen4
Online .dgm viewer?2-26-20  8:12 pmThuy Nguyen2
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Freeing latent means within multiple group CFA9-29-20  2:34 amThomas Bayley3
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