Structural Equation Modeling  
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Structural equation modeling is a statistical method that includes the estimation of models with regressions among continuous latent variables or factors. Path analysis is a special case of structural equation modeling where all variables are observed.

Mplus can estimate both structural equation models and path models for a single or multiple groups. In addition, Mplus can estimate models with regressions among combinations of continuous latent variables and observed variables. In Mplus, both factor indicators and other observed dependent variables for these models can be continuous, censored, binary, ordered categorical (ordinal), counts, or combinations of these variable types. When factor indicators and other observed dependent variables are all continuous, Mplus has seven estimator choices: maximum likelihood (ML), maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF, MLM, MLMV), generalized least squares (GLS), and weighted least squares (WLS) also referred to as ADF. When at least one factor indicator or other observed dependent variable is binary or ordered categorical, Mplus has seven estimator choices: weighted least squares (WLS), robust weighted least squares (WLSM, WLSMV), maximum likelihood (ML), maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF), and unweighted least squares (ULS). When at least one factor indicator or other observed dependent variable is censored, unordered categorical, or a count, Mplus has six estimator choices: weighted least squares (WLS), robust weighted least squares (WLSM, WLSMV), maximum likelihood (ML), and maximum likelihood with robust standard errors and chi-square (MLR, MLF).
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Standardized coefficients10-17-20  3:08 pmBengt O. Muthen593
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Parameters and sample size7-13-20  4:36 pmBengt O. Muthen49
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DELTA vs. THETA parameterization3-30-20  4:34 pmBengt O. Muthen61
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MIMIC/DIF interpretation1-23-19  10:26 amBengt O. Muthen25
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Default correlation vs. specified regression9-12-05  2:11 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Count Data Within Path Models7-06-19  9:33 pmEbrahim Hamedi38
Induced variables9-15-05  8:43 amRJM3
Weights7-19-18  6:04 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Multiple Group Analysis5-07-18  5:34 pmBengt O. Muthen58
Weighted Root Mean Square Residual3-16-14  6:24 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Outcome type(s) in multilevel SEM using Mplus10-11-05  7:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEM with continuous and categorical data6-18-18  9:38 amBengt O. Muthen56
Fit indices when assessing latent var interactions5-30-18  2:41 pmBengt O. Muthen24
Large Chi square and unidentified R-square10-30-05  7:38 amLinda K. Muthen4
How to deal with missing values in weight variable11-03-05  6:52 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Questions of second order model 10-10-16  9:43 amPaulo Alexandre Ferr14
Testing indirect effects7-22-16  6:55 amIrina Patwardhan14
Residual Variances5-10-18  3:02 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Weights11-30-05  1:03 pmbmuthen2
Chi-square difference8-05-20  6:49 pmTihomir Asparouhov17
SEM with sampling weights6-01-12  12:23 pmBengt O. Muthen19
Reading a .xls file or .sav file6-18-15  1:12 pmLinda K. Muthen56
Weight matrix12-14-05  12:54 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Question about AIC11-13-07  1:13 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Estimation using standardized data1-19-06  1:23 pmLinda K. Muthen4
CFI/ TLI not computed due to convergence problems 2-14-08  2:22 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Interaction between latent variables 8-19-19  5:17 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Linear Regression in Mplus vs SAS1-17-06  11:08 ambmuthen4
Linear Regression in Mplus vs SAS1-17-06  10:26 amAnnonymous1
Convergence problems in multi-group model5-25-20  4:26 pmBengt O. Muthen14
SEM to 3 mode data1-23-06  8:53 amLinda K. Muthen4
Plotting Interactions7-09-20  6:18 pmBengt O. Muthen42
Coefficient interpretation2-01-06  6:31 amLinda K. Muthen4
Formative Indicators10-27-20  10:29 amBengt O. Muthen73
RMSEA Confidence Interval12-19-13  10:40 amBengt O. Muthen33
Inferrring improvement in performance 6-09-09  12:10 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Equal Residual - Multi-group analysis2-20-06  6:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
Chi-square difference test8-29-18  1:21 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Parallel Process Modeling7-27-12  10:20 amLinda K. Muthen17
Multi-group and bias corrected bootstrap 3-10-06  9:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
Conditional growth models3-17-06  7:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
SEM for repeated cross-sectional data 1-22-14  6:19 amLinda K. Muthen23
SEM and OLS results1-13-18  9:55 amVanja Ljujic7
Analyzing residuals9-27-14  4:22 amS.Arunachalam18
Comparing Dimensional Models to Categorical Models1-20-14  5:00 pmBengt O. Muthen21
ULI constraints and identification in PA9-15-09  9:03 amBengt O. Muthen5
Model implied cov. matrix for Montecarlo study4-17-06  1:45 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Negative share explained variance. 4-20-06  3:33 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Mediation with Integration Algorithm7-31-19  4:58 pmBengt O. Muthen14
ULS Estimator5-05-06  6:40 amJeffrey Hall3
SEM with single-indicator binary variables5-30-18  2:36 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Coding of a predictor for growth curve models5-08-06  1:16 pmJungmeen Kim3
Monte Carlo Analysis Ignoring Covariates6-02-17  2:01 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Negative residual variance and correlations>15-18-06  9:49 amLinda K. Muthen2
Indicators for a 2-D construct5-29-06  8:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Reliability and factor metric in Monte Carlo 6-01-06  6:42 amLinda K. Muthen2
Twin Scripts2-16-19  6:01 pmBengt O. Muthen51
Control variables in SEM2-21-18  3:50 pmBengt O. Muthen68
Multiple indicators of a factor vs. an average6-07-06  9:32 pmRavi Jasuja3
Latent Interactions9-17-18  2:14 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Reverse scoring of scales7-30-16  4:17 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Multilevel modeling with SEM3-18-19  4:40 pmLinda K. Muthen28
Comparing models with different variables5-30-18  2:36 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Chi-Square Difference in WLSMV4-27-09  7:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
Comparison of Mplus and Lisrel output10-22-10  10:03 amLinda K. Muthen4
Obtain path diagrams for path analysis in mplus11-26-17  4:39 pmBengt O. Muthen37
Non-normal distribution8-20-18  11:31 amBengt O. Muthen54
Standard Errors, small sample8-03-06  12:34 pmFernando Terrés de E5
Comparing Models8-24-06  9:08 amLinda K. Muthen10
Model constraint 3-12-19  5:57 pmBengt O. Muthen23
Reciprocal relationship and multigroup comparison8-20-06  12:03 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Comparison of Nested Models using procedures of 6-26-18  8:36 amTihomir Asparouhov80
Imputed data9-09-19  5:46 amBengt O. Muthen8
Learning Mplus from the beginning11-12-07  11:10 amLinda K. Muthen10
Differences MLR MLF7-11-07  6:14 amLinda K. Muthen4
Non-positive definite matrix8-17-20  4:48 pmBengt O. Muthen142
Normality of exogenous variables in SEM9-04-06  5:39 pmLesa Hoffman5
Difference between SEM and piecewise modeling9-04-06  3:13 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Strange output for residual variances4-25-12  10:55 amLinda K. Muthen5
Loglikelihood and cell mean coding9-11-06  9:37 amBengt O. Muthen5
Correlated residual variance in path model7-08-19  4:13 pmChristopher Cambron24
Multiple pathways using depression across age10-01-06  12:00 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Mplus Output Interpretations10-19-06  1:19 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Beginner Question10-04-06  12:33 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Use of Partial Covariances in SEM (Path Analysis)10-06-06  9:38 amLinda K. Muthen2
Equating New Parameters10-10-06  3:13 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Modification index12-12-07  8:50 amSanjoy Bhattacharjee5
Warning Message re linear dependency5-23-19  5:03 pmAlexandra Alipan21
Chi square10-03-08  2:11 pmkamal.botros@gmail.c4
Theta vs delta parameterization10-26-06  12:27 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Competing models estimated by WLMSV11-01-06  1:06 pmLinda K. Muthen2
WLSM scaling factors in baseline model11-03-06  6:16 pmLinda K. Muthen2
ACE/ADE with WLSMV and DIFFTEST5-29-08  2:12 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Test for overdispersion4-15-12  7:46 pmJean-Philippe Lauren7
MonteCarlo Question11-09-06  6:43 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Categorical Classification of Independant Factors11-12-06  1:19 pmRobert Morris3
Use of a single factor vs. item parceling11-13-06  10:44 amRavi Jasuja3
Matrices11-24-06  9:27 amLinda K. Muthen7
Defining a new variable8-03-20  5:30 pmBengt O. Muthen51
Constraining variances of dependant factors11-30-06  9:30 amJean Frisou9
Binary outcome regressed on a cfa7-12-13  6:02 amLinda K. Muthen6
discrete-time model with interaction12-05-06  7:15 amLinda K. Muthen4
Discrete-time model with zero variance variables12-05-06  5:56 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Does group dependence affect the invariance test?12-05-06  12:01 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Indirect path coefficient4-22-10  1:23 pmjianghl8
RUNALL in v4?1-15-07  10:44 amLinda K. Muthen6
More variables than cases12-29-06  9:16 amDorothy E. 0
Simulation with a continuous variable constraint 1-11-07  12:30 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Monte Carlo Results1-16-07  7:43 amLinda K. Muthen2
Generalized Estimating Equations1-18-07  9:39 amLinda K. Muthen2
Reporting Output1-28-07  9:00 amLinda K. Muthen4
3-way interaction12-16-17  2:39 pmBengt O. Muthen20
Uncorrelated variables in SEM2-07-07  9:22 amLinda K. Muthen2
Building model11-23-11  2:07 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Bootstrap confidence intervals in path analysis9-24-18  4:50 pmBengt O. Muthen25
Influence Diagnostics in Mplus8-03-11  3:20 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Excluding cross-sectional effects2-28-07  7:11 amGreg Homish3
Let residuals correlate3-01-07  6:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
Format of the Mplus listing2-28-07  7:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Missing at random5-12-18  9:45 amHillary Gorin28
Relationship between fit indices and sample size3-06-07  7:38 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group analysis10-31-20  1:33 pmBengt O. Muthen96
Nominal variables9-16-16  11:16 amBengt O. Muthen17
Fit Indices8-23-19  6:11 amBengt O. Muthen39
Residual covariance matrix3-30-07  12:01 amSarah Strand0
CFI/TLI convergence3-30-07  12:03 amSarah Strand0
Variance of zero3-30-07  12:06 amSarah Strand0
Chi-square model fit of 0.0009-11-19  11:55 pmBharath Shashanka Ka28
Null model in 2-group analysis4-03-07  8:34 amLinda K. Muthen2
Correlated disturbances in an autoregressive model7-06-11  12:44 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Setting error terms to zero?4-10-07  10:46 ampat berglund3
Imputed dataset with stand option and residual4-12-07  10:17 amLinda K. Muthen2
MLR acronym?7-16-20  11:27 amAmanda Lemmon69
Chi square significance and sample size2-13-13  10:25 amLinda K. Muthen15
Correlations between observed and latent x vars12-18-19  1:51 pmanonymous14
Social Network Analysis with Mplus?6-11-07  5:23 amIsrar Qureshi6
Path analysis and correlations2-05-16  5:35 pmBengt O. Muthen16
Dual/multi-core processor6-15-19  2:58 pmTihomir Asparouhov18
Generation of Non-Normal data(multigroup analysis)4-28-19  1:00 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Comparison of coefficients across groups11-01-19  5:28 pmBengt O. Muthen107
Interaction between latent variables6-12-07  1:59 pmLinda K. Muthen2
About trends estimation wtih mplus6-20-07  8:56 amLinda K. Muthen6
Chi-square value in large data set6-19-07  11:33 amvictor china3
Multiple loadings for categorical indicators6-20-07  5:42 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Proportion scores7-01-07  4:52 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Chi-square value in small data set6-28-07  9:47 amLinda K. Muthen2
Constrained estimation of a correlation matrix9-26-14  12:57 pmMiriam Kraatz16
Graphics?3-03-15  6:35 amCharles Opondo10
Model test vs Chi-square difference2-14-19  5:16 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Can I do this in SEM?7-06-07  6:05 amjames3
Single indicator factors2-29-16  4:52 pmMatthew Courtney16
Factor loadings and SEM6-12-15  7:39 amLinda K. Muthen10
Indirect Effects7-10-07  9:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
Modeling correlated errors for indicators7-17-07  6:14 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Normality assumption in mixed models10-11-09  12:02 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Adding indicator residuals to a regression model1-26-18  11:51 amBengt O. Muthen7
Log likelihoods for path analyses9-28-18  3:10 pmAhmad Siddiquei11
Do i need a two level model?7-21-07  9:36 pmvictor china5
Regression paths from a second-order factor 3-10-16  4:48 pmLinda K. Muthen8
% variance in liability 7-24-07  10:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Categorical factor indicators9-25-13  6:42 amLinda K. Muthen9
Nonlinear effects in SEM10-11-19  2:35 pmBengt O. Muthen38
Corr btw binary exogenous & latent continous var3-14-11  6:56 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEM with Multiple Imputation 3-08-12  12:34 pmLinda K. Muthen28
Latent Variable Interaction Model7-06-14  5:00 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Bootstrap in twins GxE model5-10-10  8:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEM & Predictive Modeling10-01-07  9:55 amBengt O. Muthen4
Error message-Cov matrix could not be inverted8-01-17  12:34 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Complex models9-18-07  4:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Categorical Variable in SEM7-26-18  6:13 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Confidence intervals for StdYX10-02-08  9:56 amLinda K. Muthen8
No zero order correlations10-05-07  11:14 amJW5
SAVEDATA RESULTS output11-05-08  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Interaction effects1-11-18  4:01 pmBengt O. Muthen82
Monte Carlo with Multigroup 10-10-07  3:05 pmScott R. Colwell0
Poisson Mediation10-12-07  6:31 amLinda K. Muthen2
Inequality constraints with Mplus10-14-07  4:39 pmKou Murayama3
Ascii file dataset question10-17-07  9:49 amAmanda M. White0
Using a control variable in SEM3-02-20  12:00 pmBengt O. Muthen29
Delta Method in Mplus10-24-07  5:51 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Path model 10-22-07  3:02 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Sobel Eq11-25-10  8:23 amLinda K. Muthen6
Two-part modeling and SEM6-05-20  6:24 pmBengt O. Muthen34
MGA 4-25-11  2:12 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Multiple group and WLSMV10-28-07  3:04 pmAmanda M. White5
Common Source Factor10-28-07  7:26 amLars Borgmann0
Question on multiple group analysis2-05-09  11:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEM: Convergence problem4-07-08  2:47 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Pairwise parameter comparison10-31-07  7:58 amLinda K. Muthen2
MGA confused!11-02-07  7:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error in command11-07-07  5:29 amLinda K. Muthen7
H0 not nested in H1, but unsure why11-11-07  10:34 pmBarbara Masser0
Mplus "Dear Santa" Letter12-18-07  1:43 pmPaul Silvia1
Loads of questions1-25-09  1:00 pmJack Noone54
About a warning MSG2-04-15  3:16 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Mediation and continuous time to event8-25-15  11:07 amTihomir Asparouhov25
Quantifying the effect of a continuous moderator2-11-08  7:55 amBengt O. Muthen3
Simultaneous equation model with censored data2-15-08  4:35 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Comparing two chi-square values2-15-18  4:48 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Disattenuation2-21-08  6:43 amLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing Model Fits10-29-13  5:47 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Seemingly unrelated regression3-12-08  3:47 pmRobert White6
Path Model degrees of freedom7-14-19  11:39 amBengt O. Muthen29
MLR and WLSMV differences10-08-20  11:28 amBengt O. Muthen10
Goodness of fit tests6-07-18  5:58 pmBengt O. Muthen21
Bootstrap and SE of STd coefficients10-11-10  11:25 amLinda K. Muthen9
Sample selction12-18-15  1:11 pmSamuel McAbee11
Interactions with latent continuous variables4-16-12  1:36 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Parcels4-17-08  12:30 pmLinda K. Muthen2
R-sqaure vs chi-square in assessment of path model5-02-08  3:30 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple Group analysis 5-08-08  6:35 amLinda K. Muthen4
Path Coefficients > 1.05-03-08  9:18 amLinda K. Muthen2
T-Test3-28-18  11:52 amBengt O. Muthen24
Probit Path Analysis and transformed Logits5-19-08  1:45 pmSuzanne R. Doyle, Ph0
"dimensions" in mplus v55-21-08  5:21 pmLinda K. Muthen2
About two-part mixed effects model5-21-08  5:23 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Scaling factors, MLR and Decimals9-18-15  5:54 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Postestimation command5-27-08  12:42 pmSanjoy Bhattacharjee3
Formative indicators5-28-08  1:40 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Predicted value5-28-08  9:34 pmSanjoy Bhattacharjee2
Warning message about algorithm=integration12-27-16  6:17 amLinda K. Muthen43
Basic Non-Recursive Model6-01-08  12:54 amBengt O. Muthen2
Heckman, Stixrud, and Urzua (2006) model - Part I12-08-15  6:21 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Number of Iterations Exceeded.6-14-08  10:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Subsetting Data6-15-08  7:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Negative chi-square difference6-30-18  6:52 amBengt O. Muthen18
Descriptive Statistic Output1-27-20  4:48 pmBengt O. Muthen25
Moderating variables in SEM10-12-14  4:04 pmMonda Giovanni11
Useobservations and define commands6-08-20  6:25 pmLinda K. Muthen35
Effect of WLS 7-08-08  9:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Partial metric invariance7-19-08  12:10 pmJason Prenoveau3
Different SEs for SAS vs Mplus7-23-08  9:14 amBengt O. Muthen4
Interactions between observed variables6-05-20  6:26 pmBengt O. Muthen21
Usevariables3-21-16  9:57 amLinda K. Muthen5
Regression9-11-17  11:33 amLinda K. Muthen4
BOOSTRAP option7-27-08  11:32 pmJean Frisou3
GFI vs. CFI7-30-08  7:32 amLinda K. Muthen4
Variance equality7-29-08  9:46 amBengt O. Muthen4
Method of analysis for "bimodal" distribution8-01-08  4:08 pmBruce A. Cooper3
P value calculation8-01-08  9:07 amLinda K. Muthen2
Export of data8-08-08  8:56 amLinda K. Muthen4
"par. change" and SEPC in amos/mplus8-09-08  6:51 pmMike C Parent3
Practical significance of path coefficients8-19-08  7:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
StdYX vs. estimated correlations9-11-19  11:26 amBengt O. Muthen8
R2 and error8-25-08  4:40 pmBarbara Masser3
Examinng model fit with latent moderators8-25-08  3:15 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Comparing Non-Nested Models11-29-16  6:38 amAnton Dominicson 26
MLM: non-normal & missing9-08-08  8:20 amLinda K. Muthen2
Influential Cases9-15-08  6:52 amLinda K. Muthen6
Intercepts observed indicators10-03-11  8:04 pmLinda K. Muthen6
High chi-sq value, n=206, other fit indices good9-16-08  9:15 amCarolyn Dayton5
Question About the Bootstrap9-20-08  4:50 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Baseline model in Mplus6-27-18  4:11 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Use of DATA TWOPART for indicator variables?10-03-08  9:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
Covariance among endogenous variables2-12-09  1:02 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Mediation in Multiple Group Analysis9-23-20  9:36 amfred70
Measurement model fit vs Structural model fit 11-04-19  5:09 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Test indirect effect using bootstrap8-10-20  3:21 pmBengt O. Muthen54
Model fit comparison10-09-08  11:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
Which p value to use?6-25-09  5:28 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Sample statistic10-23-08  7:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Autoregressive mediation model1-10-20  11:43 amBengt O. Muthen4
Correlation between two endogenous variables 9-16-16  10:01 amLinda K. Muthen7
Just-identified model10-24-19  4:07 pmTimothy Stahl11
Unconsrained approach in MPlus11-12-08  8:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
How to test correlation6-15-10  9:24 amLinda K. Muthen4
Indirect effects in models with multiple mediators11-25-08  10:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Graphics Error12-10-08  7:09 pmWassim Tarraf0
Interaction between manifest and latent variable4-04-13  1:57 pmlotti6
Estimators12-16-08  4:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints1-11-09  11:21 amDavid MacKinnon3
Parameter estimates outside confidence limits1-03-09  6:22 amLinda K. Muthen4
Standardized estimates of 1 with count outcome1-04-09  6:40 pmGuy Cafri0
Mixture versus manifest1-11-09  10:51 amDerek Smolenski3
Mplus/amos degrees of freedom discrepancy1-11-09  3:40 pmLinda K. Muthen5
HIghly Correlated DVs1-18-09  2:54 pmPhilip Parker0
Path analysis with manifest variables1-19-09  8:43 amTony Stoneriver0
Raw data in structural model1-21-09  8:05 amChristine Kowalczyk0
I need help 1-27-09  1:03 pmKolo Molo0
Beginner Needs Help6-08-14  12:27 pmMargarita 22
Path Analysis7-24-18  4:50 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Please help1-31-09  3:31 amPaul Brzozowsky0
Nested Path Analysis1-31-09  9:50 amR. Jackson0
Dummy coded and different scores2-02-09  11:23 amAkin Karatay0
Path analysis for reciprocal relationship6-30-15  7:07 pmAnna Manzoni14
Comparing non-nested models with a different set2-04-09  2:19 pmSungkun Cho0
Predict outcome with C.I.2-11-09  8:28 amBengt O. Muthen2
Freeing the variance of dependent variable2-16-09  4:56 pmLinda K. Muthen2
"Option Explicit" in Mplus?5-28-12  8:42 pmLinda K. Muthen26
Model Fit Indices5-23-19  5:03 pmTihomir Asparouhov6
Pooled Correlation Matrix for SEM Meta-Analysis3-24-16  3:50 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Genetic scripts2-20-09  4:54 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Path analysis, multiple group3-08-09  12:53 pmAniruddha Das. 3
Wald test calculations3-11-20  3:51 pmBengt O. Muthen39
Mplus Graphics Defaults5-12-09  3:11 pmKurt Beron5
Interval vs ordinal3-11-09  8:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Variance of intercept3-11-09  5:21 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Fit indeces for single indicator variable3-12-09  7:21 amLinda K. Muthen4
Mulitple Group Categorical Fit Statistics3-28-09  10:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
ESEM8-18-20  3:54 pmTihomir Asparouhov141
Tech 4 output7-04-13  1:42 pmBengt O. Muthen6
CPN used up to 50%3-22-09  9:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent factor's regression coefficient3-22-09  9:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Significance of change in R-squared3-24-09  7:17 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Crosslagged path analysis with count outcomes3-25-09  12:10 pmSusan E. Collins0
Degrees of freedom in DIFFTEST3-28-09  2:49 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Compare coefficients for supopulation analyses4-03-09  10:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Longitudinal mediation4-08-20  4:20 pmBengt O. Muthen20
Topic 7 Multilevel Modeling with latent variables 6-23-18  5:28 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Combined Residual Variance4-07-09  11:56 amBengt O. Muthen7
Correlation Matrix8-29-18  1:18 pmNate Breznau15
Quadratic Effects of Latent Variables7-07-16  9:54 amBengt O. Muthen8
Residuals as predictors2-25-14  12:19 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Eigenvalues in ESEM4-17-09  1:33 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Test difference in ESEM4-20-09  2:58 pmLinda K. Muthen6
ESEM MLR Categorical?5-25-20  4:21 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Parameter a function of person specific covariate.4-18-09  11:10 amBengt O. Muthen2
Covariate1-13-20  3:02 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Parameter number9-19-20  11:43 amBengt O. Muthen11
Cholesky decomposition4-23-09  7:37 pmSteven Taylor1
SEM with multiple groups versus single groups4-27-09  7:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
SEM with dichotomous outcome7-14-19  11:40 amBengt O. Muthen6
Dealing With Missing Values Using Mplus 41-13-20  4:47 pmSimon Coulombe11
Bootstrapping and missing data5-03-09  2:29 pmdlsherry3
Alternative ways of comparing models5-03-09  7:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
GEE and Wald test5-07-09  2:38 amJoey So0
ESEM and changing factor structures5-15-09  8:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
Meditation using SEM5-18-09  6:20 amLinda K. Muthen5
Imaginary latents SEM5-18-09  11:12 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEM error message5-20-09  5:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
Model fit indices5-19-09  7:30 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Two-tailed test for R-square?5-21-09  9:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Indirect effects5-22-09  11:28 amJeremy Miles3
Plot3 Estimated Results5-28-09  10:23 amLinda K. Muthen4
CIs: unstandardized vs. standardized12-21-18  3:46 pmBengt O. Muthen19
Convergence Problem5-29-09  6:08 amLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing paths in path analysis9-28-18  11:06 amBengt O. Muthen10
Curvilinear Effects9-24-11  9:00 amLinda K. Muthen10
Standardization of variables6-06-09  8:22 amLinda K. Muthen2
Question about estimator6-10-09  4:40 pmLinda K. Muthen2
R-squared estimates6-17-09  9:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Moderation test fit indices7-22-17  11:21 amChang Liu5
Survival Analysis4-10-17  6:56 pmBengt O. Muthen8
MPlus vs Mx6-27-09  8:05 amLinda K. Muthen2
Standardized coefficients and fit indices with MLR10-05-18  2:40 pmBengt O. Muthen22
Hierarchical7-01-09  8:30 amLinda K. Muthen2
MonteCarlo Storing Analysis Results10-16-19  8:15 amTihomir Asparouhov5
General regression question3-29-17  11:41 pmVera Denton2
MIMIC with generated regressor?8-24-09  7:46 amMark Tomlinson7
Compare two models.8-01-09  2:23 pmKaigang Li0
MPlus Options10-28-17  12:37 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Comparing a regression model with a SEM model8-05-09  3:06 pmYou-Geon Lee7
Response scale8-05-09  1:08 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Indirect effect in SEM8-06-09  2:43 pmKaigang Li2
Cluster and Covariates8-16-09  12:13 pmUlrich Schroeders5
Moderating and mediating in sem8-18-09  4:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Model indirect for categorical covariates8-29-09  8:36 amLinda K. Muthen4
Latent variable interaction6-18-20  4:12 pmBengt O. Muthen128
ULS for SEM1-19-10  8:18 amLinda K. Muthen6
Windows 79-23-09  10:28 amLinda K. Muthen2
Indicator normalization10-04-09  5:32 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Request Iterations to Converge10-09-09  5:07 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Std. error p-values vs. difference test7-09-12  12:41 amYvan9
Error when regressing efa factors on efa factors10-17-09  5:38 pmJohn Tan0
Covariances estimated that shouldn't be?10-19-09  3:22 pmLinda K. Muthen3
ML estimation versus WLS estimation9-07-18  2:25 pmBengt O. Muthen5
SEM with a nominal dependent variable10-30-12  1:29 pmLinda K. Muthen14
Poisson regression11-05-09  1:55 amfriederike5
Constrain errors to be equal7-18-12  11:27 amLinda K. Muthen6
Multiple-Sample Path Analysis12-02-09  7:41 amLinda K. Muthen4
Path analysis with specified variance11-27-09  6:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
MIMIC type model11-29-09  5:02 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Nonrecursive models - Stability index12-15-09  9:28 amLinda K. Muthen2
2 Indicator Latents11-28-17  2:49 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Residual greater than 11-07-10  10:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Not positively definite PSI matrix1-13-10  2:59 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Dichotomous moderator variables1-16-10  10:17 amBengt O. Muthen4
Cross-level analysis12-20-10  10:18 amLinda K. Muthen4
Saturated model and AICc1-20-10  4:14 pmYolande Tra0
About AICC1-21-10  9:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Mathematical representation1-21-10  3:37 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Moderated multiple mediation 6-19-11  9:29 amLinda K. Muthen8
Correlating Residuals3-09-15  11:33 amLinda K. Muthen5
Multiple Mediation - Half-Longitudinal Design1-27-10  5:02 pmEllen Fitzsimmons3
Interpreting multiple mediation effects1-29-10  2:20 amBenjamin Engelstätte3
Cut-off points for 3-asterisk system? 2-01-10  12:01 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Estimates and standard errors of aggregate effects2-03-10  9:11 amLinda K. Muthen2
Regression with multiple dependents 2-25-10  5:46 pmPaul A.Tiffin6
Estimate interpretation2-19-10  8:52 amLinda K. Muthen4
Fixed effects model in SEM2-23-10  5:22 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Error message (Err#:64)9-10-13  6:17 amLinda K. Muthen9
Measurement Error in Panel Analyses2-27-10  6:18 amBengt O. Muthen4
Multiple group analysis- group11-11-10  5:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
Problem replicating analysis3-08-10  6:10 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Bootstrapped Standard Errors3-11-10  5:57 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Output Residuals6-06-16  10:01 amTihomir Asparouhov19
Is it proper for Using control variables in SEM8-09-16  6:40 pmHewa G7
Syntax for binomial variables 3-17-10  9:21 amLinda K. Muthen2
Condition number is 0.178D-123-22-16  6:46 amLinda K. Muthen6
Error on data format3-25-10  8:38 amliangyuan zhao0
Indicators on different scales8-04-11  5:21 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Cholesky decomposition with many variables4-05-10  8:02 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path diagrams4-07-10  7:34 pmLeslie Rutkowski3
Joint signficance test of mediation5-20-10  6:46 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Recovering Information Matrix4-11-10  8:40 amLinda K. Muthen4
SEM with Using WLSMV - no convergence4-14-10  5:58 pmShabnam Javdani0
A new comer to SEM with some imagination4-18-10  9:36 pmRules Comm0
Syntax for correlation between 2 latent variables?4-19-10  2:25 amAlisa 0
Interaction between observed variables5-11-19  5:31 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Indirect Effects - Calculation and Saving Results10-19-20  5:01 pmLinda K. Muthen22
Estimator = BAYES5-25-18  11:39 amBengt O. Muthen18
Negative error vars: am I still confirmatory5-13-10  11:51 amRebecca Rooney6
I didn't ask for these paths/correlations5-12-10  2:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
R2 coefficient confusion3-29-12  4:16 pmLinda K. Muthen12
Naming variables for mediation SEM5-14-10  8:37 amLinda K. Muthen2
Naming variables for mediation SEM5-13-10  4:22 pmRobert Parker0
Confidence intervals of RMSEA with MLR in Mplus V65-16-10  1:40 amJean Frisou3
Problem after multiple imputation5-17-10  6:21 amLinda K. Muthen2
Errors with dichotomous DV output6-15-10  4:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Discriminant validity issue6-16-10  9:27 amLinda K. Muthen4
Multigroup ESEM5-19-20  3:37 pmZHIYAO YI63
Standard error for Standardised estimate in SEM7-26-17  6:05 pmLinda K. Muthen13
Means and variances in path analysis6-27-10  9:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
Genetic GxE model9-20-11  10:27 amLinda K. Muthen6
ESEM and DIF9-10-10  8:46 amLinda K. Muthen4
Structural comparison in multi-group SEM9-19-16  5:34 amMargarita 13
Estimation Message7-08-10  10:13 amLinda K. Muthen2
Using BIC for SEM9-19-18  10:58 pmTihomir Asparouhov18
A model design of path analysis1-12-12  10:49 amLinda K. Muthen6
Wald test vs. DIFFTEST10-29-13  10:10 amLinda K. Muthen14
MIMIC model7-28-10  10:34 amLinda K. Muthen2
Model with all single-indicator latent variables7-29-10  11:10 pmDusida Dee3
One indicator construct8-01-10  12:17 pmAntonis Ventouris7
Unexplained bad fit8-03-10  8:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multinomial Logistic Regression without output10-01-18  6:19 amLinda K. Muthen4
BAYES estimator10-14-19  4:47 pmTihomir Asparouhov74
Propensity Score Matching with SEM in MPLUS10-31-19  7:10 amNicholas Bishop14
Categorical dependent variable in IRT SEM9-14-10  2:13 pmLinda K. Muthen7
Covariance 7-03-17  6:46 amMarike Deutz4
95% confidence intervals for RMSEA9-09-10  6:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
Normal Theory Weighted Least-Squares Chi-Square9-16-10  9:52 pmFred B. Bryant6
Satorra-Bentler Scaled Chi-Square4-08-19  6:00 amRimantas Vosylis15
Stacked Models in a Single Syntax File9-12-10  1:44 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Moderated Mediation10-14-20  4:20 pmBengt O. Muthen415
Example 5.13 and Bayesian Estimator9-21-10  3:58 pmLinda K. Muthen3
Problems Running Model9-24-10  9:13 amcourtney cronley0
Sem with within-subject variable5-08-14  6:57 amLinda K. Muthen12
Count outcomes with non-integers2-09-17  4:03 pmBengt O. Muthen12
No convergence, number of iterations exceeded.8-21-16  4:43 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Matrix of the Regression Coefficients10-11-10  10:16 amRob Dvorak2
MIMIC model for DIF detection10-11-10  5:06 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Bootstrap in simulation10-24-10  9:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
How do I show p-values?10-25-10  4:52 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Model Fit in theta parametrization & WLS10-29-10  7:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Extended twin kinship/family designs10-29-10  6:05 pmMike Zyphur1
Censored variable11-02-10  10:19 amLinda K. Muthen2
Regression11-04-10  12:32 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Strange output from Mplus 6.111-04-10  9:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path Analysis Model11-10-10  10:42 amLinda K. Muthen4
Correlations adjusting for covariates11-04-10  2:11 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Integration= montecarlo +multigroup11-20-10  11:17 amLinda K. Muthen4
(1) Interpreting R-square (2) control variables11-14-10  11:31 amGavin Elder3
Syntax?11-30-10  10:18 amChristine Davis0
Model Diagrams12-01-10  4:19 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Two interrelated binary dependent variables12-10-10  10:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
Suppression?5-01-18  3:14 pmBengt O. Muthen6
About loglikelihood 8-24-19  7:13 amBharath Shashanka Ka11
Survival analysis1-22-16  9:08 amTihomir Asparouhov26
Sample statistics with complex survey data12-14-10  2:37 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Path coefficient between two latent variables12-15-10  5:08 pmLinda K. Muthen2
LMS estimation2-10-11  1:09 amTim Vantilborgh0
Causal inference3-28-11  6:33 amLinda K. Muthen4
Effect size of individual parameters8-01-13  10:38 amLinda K. Muthen13
How to get the intercept for a latent variable2-23-11  12:30 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Functional equivalence2-24-11  9:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cfi/tli with repweights2-24-11  9:52 amIsaac3
Zero standardized indirect effects4-09-16  6:19 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Control variables in mediation model10-30-19  7:57 amTimothy Stahl10
Basic Monte Carlo Question3-03-11  6:53 amLinda K. Muthen2
With statement in SEM11-10-17  4:47 pmBengt O. Muthen26
Multinomial IV in monte carlo simulation6-03-11  10:06 amLinda K. Muthen10
Indirect effects covariance matrix3-09-11  1:18 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Tests for reliability of single indicator latents3-08-11  3:45 amJulia110
Probability graph3-10-11  8:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Moderated Mediation with nonlinear interaction3-10-11  8:20 amBengt O. Muthen2
SEM for longitudinal data7-24-17  4:22 pmBengt O. Muthen12
Moderation Analysis using Multiple Groups6-11-20  8:37 pmAMN7
Measurement model error3-16-11  4:23 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Comparing direct and indirect paths5-18-18  1:49 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Pls help me check on this path analysis test3-21-11  1:54 pmTony Reed3
Modification index for threshhold in repeated data5-06-16  12:54 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Mplus vs. SPSS3-28-11  8:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Adjusted means controlling for covariates9-10-11  8:44 amBengt O. Muthen4
Adjusted means controlling for covariates3-28-11  11:41 amSeth J. Schwartz0
Testing mediation involving two mediations4-01-11  12:53 amTony Reed7
Combining items on multiple dimensions4-01-11  10:15 amIsaac3
The full name of MPLUS4-06-11  4:06 amChen, He3
Interpreting STDY vs. STDYX4-04-20  11:14 amBengt O. Muthen53
Moderated Mediation1-16-17  4:43 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Model constraint error4-06-11  3:31 amRebecca Lacey3
Multigroups analysis defaults in Mplus4-06-11  3:59 pmLinda K. Muthen3
Clustered standard errors4-10-11  10:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Multi group analysis with repeated measure10-01-12  10:48 amLinda K. Muthen9
Mediated moderation2-18-20  5:05 pmBengt O. Muthen16
SEM with interaction4-19-11  9:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
Deviance in LGC and HLM Models4-22-11  7:36 amLinda K. Muthen2
Moderated mediation1-23-12  9:38 amHeike B.8
Path analysis4-25-11  2:14 pmLinda K. Muthen2
About dichotomous variable as exogenous5-04-11  12:14 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Help with MG5-06-11  5:41 pmLinda K. Muthen6
P Values Command5-06-11  2:35 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Latent interaction in multiple group analysis6-06-12  10:55 amLinda K. Muthen12
Mediated Moderation with Count NBI Outcome5-08-11  8:27 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Model Question5-07-11  5:23 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Moderation 10-24-14  3:26 pmXiaoshuang Lin5
Handling Covariates9-17-20  6:07 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Model Fit question. 5-12-11  8:15 amBengt O. Muthen2
SEM with control variables5-12-11  6:44 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent Variable Modeling : Covariates and RCT5-12-11  5:50 pmLinda K. Muthen2
FIML5-12-11  6:30 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Robust Chi-Square Difference Test9-18-17  6:55 amRyan Snead14
Mediation 7-22-20  5:46 pmTihomir Asparouhov8
Rodkin: Error message5-19-11  2:00 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Scalar Invariance Testing1-19-19  1:26 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Cross validation test for multi group Analysis5-25-11  1:47 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Memory restrictions in 64-bit systems5-27-11  12:29 amSanja Franic4
Model fit comparison mediation model3-19-16  4:13 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Comparing models with and without covariates5-27-11  4:52 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Path analysis: how to interpret total effects?6-03-11  9:14 amBengt O. Muthen2
Multiple Groups Modeling: 6-06-11  6:16 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multiple Groups Modeling12-12-11  10:12 amLinda K. Muthen2
Structural Equation modeling6-06-11  1:18 pmSafutu Quainu0
Identifying latent variables6-08-11  8:05 amRita Samper5
Categorical/observed variables12-23-17  2:46 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Constraining effects to be equal6-14-11  2:30 pmLinda K. Muthen4
RMSEA not given in output6-08-11  1:42 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Three-path mediation6-09-11  8:09 amLinda K. Muthen4
Model Indirect Command3-30-20  4:53 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Chi Square for MLR6-14-11  2:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Anova in mplus6-14-11  6:07 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Error -- Can I report estimates?6-17-11  1:51 pmlearningmplus3
ANOVA command12-14-17  12:18 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Centering and Define11-12-13  6:55 amLinda K. Muthen11
Intercept in multiple group6-19-11  9:32 amLinda K. Muthen2
Clarification needed6-20-11  1:11 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Selecting cases for SEM6-24-11  7:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Choosing the best fitted model6-29-11  10:15 amLinda K. Muthen4
Endogenous correlation6-28-11  11:03 amyun-ci, ye3
Large standard error6-29-11  10:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Df in MIMIC 6-30-11  5:08 amjane jin0
Possible path in the structural equation modeling6-30-11  5:19 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Model Constraints for extended twin family models8-03-11  3:22 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Comparing probit coefs with mediating variable7-28-11  9:25 amLinda K. Muthen4
Constrained factor loadings in Estimator=Bayes?7-06-11  7:52 pmPhil Wood5
Comparing observed covariance matrices7-06-11  7:12 amBengt O. Muthen2
Correlation of exogenous variables in SEM10-08-20  11:19 amBengt O. Muthen58
Defining upstream latent variables7-27-11  11:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error Message7-28-11  2:53 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Differences in fit v 5.21 vs 6.118-03-11  6:42 amLinda K. Muthen4
Proportion of total effect mediated5-25-20  4:20 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Modification indices default setting8-10-11  10:42 amLinda K. Muthen2
AIC calculation6-16-15  2:01 pmdeana desa4
Datafile problem in MPlus9-02-19  1:21 amLaurence Wright56
Piecewise Regression3-08-16  9:53 amTihomir Asparouhov4
Correlation among latent variable8-17-11  6:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
Probing & plotting interaction8-24-11  3:02 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Latent Variables8-26-11  6:11 amBengt O. Muthen2
CINTERVAL Calculation9-06-11  5:20 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Fitted/predicted values9-08-11  9:31 amBengt O. Muthen2
Standardized EPCs9-09-11  6:56 amLinda K. Muthen2
Dissertation Help9-12-11  4:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
the same results in doing bootstrap10-17-11  5:48 pmli weidong8
Batch Unix Suppress Output?9-20-11  10:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error Message and Output Query9-21-11  7:58 amLinda K. Muthen3
Getting Standard Deviation in Output12-16-17  9:29 amBengt O. Muthen4
Multiple Mediations. Troubles with fit indices12-13-17  2:08 pmBengt O. Muthen14
Error message involving parameter # 9-27-11  9:26 amLinda K. Muthen3
One-sided confidence intervals9-27-11  2:04 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Estimating parameter confidence intervals10-14-16  2:01 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Total Effects10-03-11  11:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Model fit for ML models with categorical variables3-31-18  12:23 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Moderation Analysis10-12-11  12:22 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Longitudinal intercept invariance10-19-11  8:07 amLinda K. Muthen2
Difference Testing using Chi-square5-20-20  4:56 pmBengt O. Muthen60
Moderation Analysis1-28-20  6:49 pmZehua Cui30
Path Analysis (Direct, Indirect and Total Effects)4-15-19  4:21 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Plotting interactions11-01-11  5:49 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Observations2-27-14  6:04 amLinda K. Muthen4
New paper on mediation analysis3-16-18  6:30 amBengt O. Muthen37
Three-path mediation, dichotomous DV11-03-11  1:51 pmLinda K. Muthen4
WLS versus robust WLS (i.e. WLSMV)3-07-14  2:03 pmBengt O. Muthen4
SEM using panel data10-28-19  10:04 amChristoph Schaefer21
Variables in USEVARIABLES but not in MODEL command4-13-20  5:30 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Hausman test for endogeneity in SEM model 11-11-11  11:37 amTihomir Asparouhov5
Total Vs. Indirect Effects6-11-17  5:28 amFilipa Alexandra da 7
PPP for Bayesian analysis4-21-18  3:46 pmTihomir Asparouhov39
All paths sign, but indirect effect n.s.11-18-11  11:11 amBengt O. Muthen2
ESEM Geomin Loading Starting Values11-20-11  5:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Computing SE's: interaction of 2 standardized IVs11-23-11  10:08 amSharon Simonton5
Moderated SEM - sample article11-23-11  10:13 amLuke Brooks-Shesler3
Cross-lagged multilevel model?8-13-20  6:17 pmBengt O. Muthen27
Path analysis / standardized coefficients8-10-17  4:32 pmBengt O. Muthen30
3 ways interaction3-01-16  6:03 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Multiple group analysis: separate fit3-11-17  8:46 amManni5
Simulating multinomial logit model12-02-11  6:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent Variable based on correlation results12-03-11  8:14 amBengt O. Muthen4
Fit model on effect sizes not correlation matrices12-02-11  2:16 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Using residual variance as a predictor.12-06-11  2:04 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Parameter equality on multi group analysis12-15-11  2:26 pmLinda K. Muthen4
STDYX or STD3-07-20  3:26 pmBengt O. Muthen19
Multiple group analysis - won't read the data12-11-11  5:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Testing moderator12-13-11  10:25 amyao lu0
Testing moderator5-10-14  11:18 amLinda K. Muthen4
Standardized coefficients with multiple groups12-20-11  1:32 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Fit indices in MGCFA12-20-11  9:16 pmRon Fischer0
Spatial autocorrelation1-13-12  5:18 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Moderated mediation8-28-20  8:17 amBengt O. Muthen50
Moderation Analysis2-02-12  8:55 amBengt O. Muthen6
Score of latent response variable1-30-12  12:42 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Help with Model Fit Data1-26-12  8:53 amMarcus Fila5
Mplus citation4-15-16  11:48 amLinda K. Muthen6
MISSING MODEL FIT DATA1-26-12  5:30 amMarcus Fila0
CISE Model and Error Message1-29-12  4:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Measurement invariance8-17-20  1:59 pmAmanda Lemmon121
Model Constraint2-03-12  12:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Modeling interactions2-10-12  4:45 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Digits after decimal point?6-25-13  10:23 amLinda K. Muthen6
Divergence in model fit indices2-16-12  5:09 amDr Anke Karl2
CISE Model2-16-12  3:04 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Direction of Change2-17-12  8:17 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Inadmissible solutions2-18-12  5:17 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Categorical and Count outcomes2-20-12  1:58 pmLinda K. Muthen2
CFI for APIM with interchangeable dyadic partners2-22-12  12:53 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Partial Least square (PLS) and MPlus2-23-12  8:42 amBengt O. Muthen2
Robust estimation? 2-24-12  10:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
Correlated Errors between Count and Continuous6-28-17  5:17 amAllecia Reid18
MLR to test moderation models? 3-02-12  11:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
ML vs. WLSMV with continuous and categorical vars 4-29-18  4:43 pmBengt O. Muthen25
Common methods variance 5-22-19  4:16 pmBengt O. Muthen25
What-if Simulations with Results of MPLUS-Models3-05-12  6:23 amMarcel Paulssen0
Testing interaction 2-13-14  11:14 amLinda K. Muthen8
Instrumental Variables in SEM9-30-16  3:41 pmBengt O. Muthen10
SEM involving cox model3-08-12  6:40 pmgibbon lab0
Saving posteriors with ESTIMATOR = BAYES8-15-14  7:55 amBengt O. Muthen9
10 Time-varying covariates x 9 dependent variables3-12-12  5:05 pmLinda K. Muthen5
MLR = Automatic FIML or no?4-14-16  3:02 pmLinda K. Muthen11
Indirect effect - categorical ind & outcome var3-11-12  11:33 amLinda K. Muthen2
Get standardized scores in interaction effect test3-12-12  1:20 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Can a grouping variable change over time?10-03-14  10:24 amBengt O. Muthen12
Extremely high path coefficient scores6-02-20  3:14 pmBengt O. Muthen10
Observed measures as a dependent variables3-14-12  2:47 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Constraining paths in multiple groups model3-31-19  3:26 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Chi-square test for interaction effects3-16-12  4:12 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Interaction effect3-20-12  9:27 amLinda K. Muthen4
Pseudorandom Number Algorithm4-06-12  2:51 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Questions about MLR 6-11-18  11:37 amTihomir Asparouhov21
Interaction effect3-20-12  6:48 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Linearity and multcollinearity3-20-12  6:53 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Composite Indicators 10-19-15  6:32 amLinda K. Muthen4
Intercept for latent variable3-22-12  6:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Standard error output3-24-12  10:06 pmPhilip Parker5
Unstandardized or standardized coefficients? 3-27-12  8:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Binary Mediators and ML8-29-18  3:34 pmBengt O. Muthen50
Standardizing vs. rescaling indicators4-03-12  10:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Beta distributed endogenous variable4-04-12  1:32 pmLinda K. Muthen2
MGA with an interaction term PER group4-04-12  6:38 pmChristine Yu3
Mediation test 4-06-14  5:49 pmLinda K. Muthen9
Nominal X in MONTECARLO4-11-12  12:10 pmPatrick Malone3
Zero Variance Error from a Covariance Matrix4-30-12  8:40 amLinda K. Muthen6
Multivariate Multilevel Mixed-Effects Model4-18-12  6:44 amLinda K. Muthen4
Probabilities as predictors4-18-12  6:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
3-way interaction (one latent and two observed) 4-19-12  6:12 amLinda K. Muthen2
Categorical endogenous and exogenous variables 3-16-18  1:44 pmBengt O. Muthen20
Multiple Group Analysis11-26-12  9:10 amFrancesca Pesola14
Testing for group differences in SEM5-03-12  11:37 amLinda K. Muthen4
Prolematic SEM with Exogenous Dummy Variables5-04-12  6:36 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Replicating R ANOVA results in M-plus5-04-12  8:07 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Adding chi-square test for the output 5-07-12  5:10 pmLinda K. Muthen4
INdirect effects - neg bin DV10-04-13  10:36 amMargarita 16
Simple Main Effects5-10-12  6:25 pmLinda K. Muthen7
Confounders in path models5-10-12  7:54 amJon Heron3
Quadratic Effect in Observed SEM5-23-12  5:17 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Moderated mediation with nested structure5-10-12  10:48 pmHong Deng0
Mediation with non-recursive models9-06-16  3:15 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Correlated dependent latent variables8-30-13  8:09 amSteve16
Including confounders in a mediation model4-10-15  4:07 pmBengt O. Muthen14
Interaction Effects using Exported Factor Scores4-03-13  10:17 amLinda K. Muthen8
Changing Order of Variables in Output5-22-12  10:59 amZane Blanton3
Strange model result5-22-12  5:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Unexpected correlations5-23-12  5:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
Mediation with imputed data4-16-13  8:56 amLinda K. Muthen16
Constrained Estimation5-25-12  6:47 amEwelina Przymusinska0
Variances and covariances for LV interactions1-29-14  11:13 amBengt O. Muthen30
Mplus.R script6-01-12  2:52 pmTihomir Asparouhov5
Comparing models6-02-12  1:42 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Computing latent variable variance (xwith)6-04-12  12:58 pmLuke Brooks-Shesler1
TLI > 16-06-12  10:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
How to automatically run several imput files9-14-18  3:12 pmYue Yin15
Basic SEM model Constraints6-14-18  4:55 pmBengt O. Muthen36
NOT ENOUGH MEMORY SPACE8-16-18  12:36 amPasha Malik9
Urgent help with SEM6-11-12  7:57 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Fit statistics for SEM for MIRT with Missing Data6-12-12  8:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
Non-linear relationships between latents7-18-12  1:36 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Moderated mediation with binary mediator?6-18-12  9:14 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Non-significant paths10-15-13  10:35 amLinda K. Muthen5
Assessing fit with a nominal dependent variable6-20-12  11:14 amBradley Bergey3
Comparing regression slopes in a within design7-09-12  12:00 pmLinda K. Muthen4
DCM (dynamic causal modeling)6-22-12  9:54 amJan Zirk3
Factor correlations6-25-12  12:24 pmJo Brown5
MPlus estimating unrequested paths?6-25-12  2:59 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multigroup analysis with 3 groups10-27-20  10:47 amBengt O. Muthen20
Model Test3-22-19  2:57 pmBengt O. Muthen16
Problem with parameter number 207-05-12  11:10 amLinda K. Muthen4
Methods Factor7-07-12  1:40 amMaddy0
Tobit modeling and SEM9-07-15  7:58 amBengt O. Muthen8
SEM regression coefficient7-11-12  11:11 amLinda K. Muthen5
Scaling mixed continuous/categorical indicators7-17-12  7:35 amLinda K. Muthen4
Same participants, different times7-17-12  11:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Non-normality of data7-27-12  7:16 amClio Berry7
What model is the following mplus code modeling8-03-12  11:55 amLinda K. Muthen11
Factor loadings differ (SEM vs CFA)7-19-12  10:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path analysis with dichotomous outcome variables7-20-12  10:41 amLinda K. Muthen2
Model convergence7-23-12  11:43 amLinda K. Muthen2
Testing interactions of non-normal data7-27-12  7:09 amLinda K. Muthen4
Data simulation for moderation models3-01-13  12:11 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Practical importance of direct and indirect effect3-20-16  6:54 amBengt O. Muthen6
Comparing effect of different predictors7-26-12  7:42 amClio Berry1
Intercepts in path model?8-10-17  4:33 pmBengt O. Muthen21
Uncorrelated exogenous variables in 2x2 design?7-27-12  10:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
Looking at the effects of demographic variables10-14-13  9:47 amLinda K. Muthen9
Partial measurement invariance8-10-12  10:27 amLinda K. Muthen8
LISREL and MPLUS giving different results8-01-12  10:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Bimodal outcome variable 8-02-12  7:25 amLinda K. Muthen4
Ctaegorical mediators8-02-12  11:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error command8-09-14  5:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
Error messages8-15-12  12:17 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Grouping variable in SEM6-11-20  6:10 pmBengt O. Muthen14
Standardized CIs8-07-12  2:54 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Regression in SEM9-10-12  1:57 pmTihomir Asparouhov5
Descriptive statistics of latent variables1-19-16  2:54 amShawanda Stockfelt5
BIC vs. Sample Size Adjusted BIC 8-21-17  4:52 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Specifying a categorical variable8-15-12  12:20 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Version 6.0 vs. 6.12: different N of observations8-20-12  2:20 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Formative Variables Predicting Latent Variable8-24-12  8:31 amLinda K. Muthen2
Wald test modification 11-09-15  4:15 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Configural invariance8-30-12  10:26 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path Analysis with different groups as a benchmark9-03-12  7:27 amLinda K. Muthen2
Significance test for regression coefficients11-20-18  5:35 pmBengt O. Muthen11
R2 squared significance9-04-12  6:17 amBengt O. Muthen2
No fit indices for neg binomial DV?9-04-12  6:20 amBengt O. Muthen2
Error Undefined variable used in transfromation7-15-20  4:39 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Dichotomous Mediator9-06-12  9:55 amBengt O. Muthen2
Beginner question about count data9-07-12  11:23 amMelinda Kavanaugh3
Mediation and moderation?3-21-18  2:27 pmBengt O. Muthen19
Fit indices9-16-12  9:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
Equality constraints dependent variables9-25-12  7:52 amLinda K. Muthen4
Mplus Version 7 on Mac6-02-20  12:55 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Parameter estimates9-27-12  8:25 amLinda K. Muthen2
SEM with clustered data9-28-12  9:51 amLinda K. Muthen4
Chi Square Question9-28-12  9:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
It might be a simple problem, but ...9-28-12  2:31 pmSung Joon Jang3
Adjusted path model10-26-12  1:45 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Windows 8 and Mplus 6.1210-30-12  12:02 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Definition variables in Mplus11-02-12  5:20 pmManuel3
Missing values5-18-20  5:24 pmBengt O. Muthen19
Indirect Effects11-08-12  11:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Finding a data set11-10-12  9:09 pmSamantha Samarasingh3
Weighted Cases 11-20-12  11:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
CFA standard estimates and SR standard estimates11-28-12  11:52 amBengt O. Muthen8
Likelihood-based difference testing using mlr11-28-14  12:43 pmShiny78
Moderation - path analysis (observed)3-20-13  11:45 amLinda K. Muthen11
Non-normal distribution 11-21-12  4:52 pmDerby Munoz-Rojas3
Satterthwaite=ON with MLMV?11-25-12  9:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
How do I get a scatterplot 11-26-12  9:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
Tech 4 output12-12-12  7:05 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Path analyses vs seperate regressions12-05-12  11:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
AIC for linear vs. logistic regression models1-16-13  4:02 pmLinda K. Muthen8
Moderation model12-10-12  10:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Testing longitudinal structural invariance12-12-12  8:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multiple group mediation models using knownclass 4-15-17  4:44 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Mardia reference in Mplus1-01-13  12:58 amJean Frisou3
Predicting 1st- and 2nd-order LVs1-03-13  11:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
WRMR and multigroup models1-05-13  4:18 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Estimating indirect effects2-13-13  2:33 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Phantom variable approach to unequally spaced data1-11-13  4:44 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multigroup with 2 variables1-16-13  8:36 amFrancesca Pesola3
Mean and sd for latent variables12-12-18  12:33 pmRobert Archer22
Multi-group analysis with latent differences8-29-20  4:39 pmBengt O. Muthen15
2 moderators in a single relation4-21-13  10:42 amJindow Joseph20
BIC and Model selection incertainty1-21-13  9:45 pmKristopher J. Preach2
Multi level moderated mediators1-23-13  10:10 amchad proell0
Specifying matrices manually?1-23-13  5:34 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Interactions in SEM3-04-15  3:19 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Explained Variance6-05-18  3:16 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Syntax Errors in SPSS to Mplus transfer1-31-13  9:06 amRhenne Miles4
Regression coefficients and coding direction2-01-13  8:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
Bayesian SEM; Credibility interval6-16-18  3:39 amPatrick Malone11
SEM and Complex Samples2-05-13  5:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Mediation over time2-12-13  2:09 amDonna8
LCA Question2-07-13  9:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Question about mediation2-14-13  1:42 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Collective mediation2-13-13  10:46 pmJacinta Macintyre0
Calculation of confidence intervals3-04-13  2:37 amVolker Patent3
Mplus vs amos standard errors3-02-13  1:07 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Indirect effects > total effects3-01-13  6:09 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Posthoc power analysis2-18-20  5:06 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Do SEM and Mplus fit my needs?3-04-13  11:34 pmAreti Gkypali3
Multivariate normality testing3-05-13  6:02 amMelinda Kavanaugh6
Calculation of all indirect effects3-04-13  9:43 amLinda K. Muthen2
a simple identifiaction problem3-06-13  6:57 amLinda K. Muthen9
Testing Difference in Parameters10-20-17  5:35 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Test statistic corresponding to r-Squared value3-06-13  6:58 amLinda K. Muthen2
Variance inflation factor6-03-15  10:32 amBengt O. Muthen8
Multiple regression vs SEM 11-27-15  12:37 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Multiple Imputation (MI) 3-11-13  1:37 pmRachel Navarro5
CFA11-10-17  4:48 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Thresholds of underlying variables 3-14-13  2:23 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Path analysis with observed and latent variables1-23-19  10:28 amBengt O. Muthen10
Validity for Latent Factors3-31-13  8:44 amLinda K. Muthen6
Truncated regression3-20-13  3:23 pmJonathon Little3
Moderated mediation using a latent interaction7-16-18  11:52 amBengt O. Muthen16
Hierarchical SEM3-20-13  8:28 amamy cohn0
AIC or BIC - how much change is meaningful?3-20-13  2:19 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Indirect effect: Procedure?3-22-13  9:13 amLinda K. Muthen2
Poisson, Model Indirect, and Bootstrapping3-28-13  6:38 amBengt O. Muthen4
How to interpret the interaction effects?3-28-13  10:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
About APIM problem3-31-13  3:11 pmStella Zac5
Calculation for S.E. of indirect Effect3-30-13  3:49 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Censored priors4-01-13  12:47 pmTihomir Asparouhov2
Bayesian iterations6-01-17  6:54 pmBengt O. Muthen18
Modification Indices and Model Constraint4-04-13  12:21 pmChelsea Jin2
Bayesian BSEM Structural invariance1-31-17  9:08 amAndres Fernandez50
Significance of Correlation Coefficients3-28-18  2:45 amAndrea M Reina Tamay6
Mplus freezes8-04-15  6:15 amLinda K. Muthen8
Endogenous latent interaction5-31-13  8:26 amBengt O. Muthen8
Two level model selection binary and cont. data5-07-13  2:12 pmBengt O. Muthen9
Dyadic data modeling4-24-13  12:22 pmColleen Colaner3
Path Analysis Fit5-13-13  8:31 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Effect size in APIM model5-29-13  7:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Subsequent (binary) mediators6-12-13  8:05 amLinda K. Muthen8
SEM with interaction10-01-13  9:47 amLinda K. Muthen6
Output missing S.E. of standardized estimates9-02-13  11:49 amJessika Bottiani6
Assumptions in SEM6-14-13  5:39 amJMC3
Estimation concerns6-16-13  3:57 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Calculating probabilities from probit regression4-19-15  5:20 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Bayesian and ML Fit statistics6-17-13  8:57 amTihomir Asparouhov2
RMSEA6-18-13  7:39 amLinda K. Muthen2
Convergence Issue6-18-13  7:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Constraining errors between latent variables6-24-13  4:26 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Installation problems6-24-13  5:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
BSEM Measurement Invariance8-23-18  9:13 amTihomir Asparouhov42
Using Modification Indices7-06-13  6:35 amLinda K. Muthen2
Tobit mediation6-03-16  5:44 pmBengt O. Muthen13
Define - standardize with 2nd var's mean/stddev7-10-13  12:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Correlation matrix of lataent variables10-06-14  10:49 amBengt O. Muthen19
TWOLEVEL COMMAND7-11-13  2:09 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Confidence interval for factor loadings7-11-13  10:34 amLinda K. Muthen4
Relative effects12-07-14  7:47 pmBengt O. Muthen6
SEM with moderation and mediation8-01-13  2:33 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Scale validation with CR, AVE and FLC10-08-13  9:47 amLinda K. Muthen5
Regions of Significance - Interaction7-14-19  11:34 amBengt O. Muthen20
Path Analysis and Covariates9-02-13  11:44 amStephen Salbod3
Differential change of items over time8-16-13  10:42 amLinda K. Muthen2
Advantages of Mplus compared to AMOS and Lisrel8-23-13  10:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Combining LOOP with DO9-26-14  2:25 pmJoe15
Indirect8-28-13  5:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path coefficients Invariance across group using PV10-18-14  11:10 amLinda K. Muthen5
Moderated mediation command error9-01-13  6:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
Factor scores as endogenous variables8-18-16  10:37 amBengt O. Muthen4
Sum of indirect effects9-13-13  6:42 amLinda K. Muthen4
MIMIC model residual9-13-13  5:08 pmLinda K. Muthen4
SPSS data in Mplus9-19-13  6:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Multigroup constraints question9-19-13  9:34 amLinda K. Muthen2
How should I write syntax for this model9-23-13  6:58 amLinda K. Muthen2
Ridge correction9-25-13  4:34 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Re-sampling from a data set9-24-13  12:08 pmTA3
Invariance of path coefficients5-30-18  3:31 pmSamantha-Kaye Johnst5
No indirect or direct path exists in the model?9-27-13  10:36 amLinda K. Muthen3
Identifying specific paths that differ9-30-13  10:46 amLinda K. Muthen4
MODEL INDIRECT or MODEL CONSTRAINT?10-08-20  11:26 amBengt O. Muthen21
MplusAutomation 9-29-13  9:51 amLinda K. Muthen2
Samling weights and categorical data10-01-13  7:47 amMarkus Riek3
Latent Independent Variable, Gamma10-03-13  2:18 pmJonathan Cottrell5
Possibility of using Mplus for proposed SEM10-07-13  2:12 amSarah 3
Pairwise Contrasts in Multiple Mediator Model3-26-16  6:17 amBengt O. Muthen10
APIM with count data and proportion data5-15-18  11:29 amDora16
Post hoc power analysis using monte carlo9-11-17  5:32 pmBengt O. Muthen25
Number of observations is 010-11-13  5:32 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Invariance testing sig value oddity10-17-13  6:25 amBengt O. Muthen6
95% Bootstrap Confidence Interval9-21-19  11:32 amBengt O. Muthen48
Unequal spacing btw assessments across subjects10-17-13  3:51 pmLinda K. Muthen2
AIC/BIC with different estimated models11-06-19  7:17 amAnnie Lemieux24
Assumptions such as linearity of relationships5-13-15  10:08 amTihomir Asparouhov12
Indirect effects with multi-catetorical DV11-01-13  4:04 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Adding constraints improved fit in nested models?10-30-13  7:33 amAds3
Interpretation of binary mediator11-13-13  12:13 pmgibbon lab11
Testing for coefficient differences between models11-05-13  4:03 pmBengt O. Muthen2
BSEM2-06-18  3:31 pmBengt O. Muthen11
Samplewieght and DIFFTEST11-12-13  1:24 pmLinda K. Muthen2
UFT-8 Question11-12-13  1:53 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Moderated Mediation11-16-13  11:22 amLinda K. Muthen7
ML vs. WLSMV (moderated mediation)11-19-13  9:27 amJay O'Toole4
Bayesian estimation 11-15-13  11:54 pmprayoonsri3
Latent difference score and XWITH12-27-18  9:23 amBengt O. Muthen6
Interaction (latent variable X indicator)11-16-13  11:23 amLinda K. Muthen4
ML chi-square vs. MLM chi-square11-21-13  1:17 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Categorical mediating variables11-28-13  8:15 amBengt O. Muthen7
Changed order of BY statements -unexpected results11-30-13  4:50 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Monte carlo: latent and observed score analysis12-03-13  12:15 amXu, Man3
Bayes SEM fatal error12-05-13  11:11 amDavid Markland3
Model fit structural equation modeling12-09-13  10:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
MSEM12-11-13  7:01 amLinda K. Muthen2
Compare effects-binary & continuous outcomes12-13-13  10:17 amLinda K. Muthen4
Single Group Vs Multigroup in Interaction Model1-10-14  4:46 pmJoseph16
"total indirect effects"/singe indirect eff.12-17-13  3:41 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent variable interactions - summary data12-20-13  8:56 amSimone Santoni3
Multiple imputation and small sample size12-27-13  5:37 amLinda K. Muthen4
Repeated measures logistic regression1-29-14  11:26 amBengt O. Muthen9
Nominal unordered variable and SEM1-06-14  7:03 amLinda K. Muthen9
Nominal unordered variable and SEM1-03-14  1:36 pmYILDIZ HELENE0
Mediation analysis followed by SEM1-06-14  8:21 amBengt O. Muthen2
Model Indirect7-05-18  5:40 pmBengt O. Muthen5
NPD warning1-08-14  9:50 amLinda K. Muthen3
Path Analysis-Correlated Dependent Variables1-10-14  7:51 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent interactions in Bayesian SEM5-11-19  6:50 amBengt O. Muthen16
Remove Correlations1-13-14  12:03 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Tests for overidentifying restrictions1-16-14  2:21 pmFabricio Vasselai3
Invariant results in measurement error correction1-18-14  5:44 pmSuyin Chang3
Undefined R-sqd without negative residual variance4-02-18  4:17 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Factor Scores4-27-18  9:05 amBengt O. Muthen7
Control variables in longitudinal design1-27-14  12:27 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Test difference with and without controlling for 2-11-14  2:05 amben pelzer8
Names of SEM arrays in Version 72-24-14  10:37 amPeter Halpin5
SEM latent variable interaction indirects9-15-16  10:34 amBengt O. Muthen10
Proportion of Variance in Latent Interaction2-07-14  1:55 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Model Indirect2-09-14  9:23 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error messages in path analysis2-11-14  10:30 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent var. makes model fit Chi-sqrd significant2-16-14  12:42 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Same model not running on different sample2-16-14  11:15 amLinda K. Muthen2
Weight variables, plausible values 2-17-14  2:36 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Output does not show 6-04-19  5:32 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Categorican predictors 2-25-14  1:18 pmLinda K. Muthen4
Multi-group path analysis with two different data2-03-16  2:18 pmLinda K. Muthen4
TECH3 has more parameters than TECH15-02-16  9:30 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Model fit2-26-14  12:16 pmMBH3
Details on the CIs for interaction effects2-26-14  1:10 pmFabricio Vasselai4
Model fit but no convergence in regression2-26-14  6:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
Poisson Regression with Mediation3-03-14  12:06 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Bias due to conditioning on a collider3-12-14  11:27 amBengt O. Muthen4
Effect of a dichotomous mediator4-07-14  6:26 amLinda K. Muthen6
Moderation and MLM3-18-14  6:42 pmffan0
Regions of Significance with respect to X 11-15-17  10:41 amBengt O. Muthen4
Asymptotic variance-covariance matrix3-19-14  10:39 amLinda K. Muthen2
Longitudinal Mediation3-21-14  9:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
Order of binary and categorical variables in SEM3-31-14  5:18 pmMBH3
MIMIC with non independent observations3-26-14  7:45 amAndrea Norcini Pala3
Indirect effect with count dependent variable3-31-14  6:33 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Growth modelling and observed variables4-02-14  11:10 amLinda K. Muthen10
Interpretation of statistical model4-02-14  11:25 amBengt O. Muthen2
Integrative Data Analysis in SEM4-10-14  10:19 amLinda K. Muthen2
Comparing path coefficients in multigroup analyses4-11-14  6:09 amBengt O. Muthen2
Error for multilevel analysis6-04-14  2:42 pmLinda K. Muthen8
R-Square for direct and indirect effects5-07-14  3:14 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Degrees of freedom4-23-14  9:20 amEric Teman2
Est./S.E. and Two-Tailed P-Value4-23-14  2:51 pmLinda K. Muthen4
R-square undefined4-23-14  4:13 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Chi-square LISREL vs. Mplus4-26-14  10:50 amLinda K. Muthen2
Chi-square difference testing4-28-14  6:19 amLinda K. Muthen2
STDYX standardization2-03-20  4:54 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Nominal and categorical variable4-29-14  11:21 amMBH3
R-SQUARE3-04-15  3:29 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Model comparison5-09-14  8:56 amLinda K. Muthen3
Skew SEM6-03-19  8:29 amTihomir Asparouhov42
MODEL INDIRECT with binary outcome5-27-14  6:10 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Alignment method4-26-18  8:29 pmWEN Congcong11
Mediation Analysis with the Logistic Model5-29-14  1:01 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Interpretation of Model Fit Statistics6-04-14  6:13 amLinda K. Muthen4
Indirect effects with categorical mediators6-07-14  5:31 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Montecarlo SEM7-02-14  10:20 amBengt O. Muthen4
Non-Normal Data and Bootstrapping7-01-14  5:17 pmBengt O. Muthen2
CFI TLI not calculated7-03-14  4:26 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Decomposing Fit-Indices7-07-14  6:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Residual variance of indicator to predict outcome7-16-14  10:58 amBengt O. Muthen2
Moderating syntax7-30-14  8:48 pmXiaoshuang Lin3
Graphical chain modelling in Mplus7-30-14  4:00 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Mixed logit with latent variables8-12-14  2:49 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Multigroup Monte Carlo9-09-14  6:10 amLinda K. Muthen4
NPD with Modindices(all) in Mplus78-18-14  6:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
Mplus not reporting model fit index 8-20-14  4:08 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Covarying residuals8-26-14  3:25 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent Interactions Missing Data 3-27-16  5:48 pmBengt O. Muthen14
Enquiry about improvements in Mplus 7.11 to 7.29-02-14  9:54 amLinda K. Muthen2
Interpretation of STDY output9-16-14  1:48 pmBengt O. Muthen2
SEM with dichotomous outcomes9-24-14  6:01 amLinda K. Muthen4
Adjusting Standard Error for Pairwise Entry Data10-02-14  11:53 amChong M. Chow3
MIMIC - factor scores by group 10-17-14  11:34 amBengt O. Muthen5
Monte carlo from dataset10-09-14  12:00 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Setting up the Heckman Model with Mediation1-28-19  1:16 pmBengt O. Muthen22
Some theoretical questions about goodness fit10-16-14  5:15 pmBengt O. Muthen6
ESEM within CFA with categorical indicators10-17-14  11:43 amBengt O. Muthen2
Nested model comparison - gender differences10-23-14  8:33 amLinda K. Muthen4
XWITH and Baron & Kenny11-11-14  12:43 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Moderated Mediation - Interpreting output11-16-14  6:55 amKJ Research7
WLSMV vs. Bayes estimator11-12-14  11:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Error when centering in multigroup model11-15-14  2:34 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Mediation. Single item measure11-21-14  9:27 amBengt O. Muthen4
Twolevel variances change according to predictors11-25-14  10:14 amLinda K. Muthen6
Multi-group analyses11-26-14  8:06 amLinda K. Muthen4
Relative importance in SEM12-01-14  2:47 amMandy Cao0
Ssd Chemical for cleaning black Dollars, euros,12-05-14  2:06 amJackson0
Use MLR when missings are not MAR or MCAR12-06-14  2:09 pmBengt O. Muthen4
QUADRATIC NONLINEAR EFFECT11-09-18  1:07 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Specifying burn in for Bayes5-04-20  10:18 amTihomir Asparouhov13
Recommended computer hardware12-14-14  10:15 amTor Neilands3
Count variables12-12-14  6:08 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Covariates in MIMIC12-15-14  9:55 amLinda K. Muthen2
SRMR simulation study12-15-14  5:58 pmTihomir Asparouhov2
Model estimated covariance matrix12-18-14  9:44 amLinda K. Muthen2
Plotting combined conditional indirect effect8-03-17  5:22 pmBengt O. Muthen13
2-1-1 Mediation with Dichot Outcome and Mediator1-07-15  5:25 pmBengt O. Muthen2
A priori power analysis1-14-15  11:19 amCMP10
Bifactor Model Question2-02-17  5:41 pmBengt O. Muthen6
WITH statement output missing for one association1-09-15  4:30 pmBengt O. Muthen2
BSEM Measurement Invariance1-12-15  11:06 amBengt O. Muthen2
Bootstrap or MLR1-30-20  5:24 pmBengt O. Muthen17
Causal mediation11-05-19  5:40 amKirsten Smith39
Model invariance1-14-15  5:34 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Buy Passport drivers license visa1-18-15  2:21 amkim sharon0
Indicator variables categorical1-20-15  1:53 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Model trimming1-21-15  6:07 amLinda K. Muthen3
Some Bootstrap samples are not converging1-21-15  10:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Generalised SEM1-30-15  6:49 amBengt O. Muthen2
Multilevel factor model2-03-15  4:46 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Model Fit Indices2-03-15  4:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent change with experimental data2-05-15  6:59 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Bayesian Path Analysis4-18-16  6:01 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Latent Moderated SEM6-22-19  6:24 amBengt O. Muthen40
SEM in R - Comparison of groups across variables3-10-15  9:25 amvics gal5
MLM or WLS estimators to analyze non normal data?3-21-18  2:29 pmBengt O. Muthen23
Mediation, moderation, and measurement invariance2-26-15  12:29 pmStudent6
Testing for measurement and structural invariance4-14-15  8:23 amBengt O. Muthen17
Comparing path coefficients (saturated model)3-06-15  2:06 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Stop Cheating, using Magick; +276181831123-07-15  9:53 amAtrologer Spell0
One Group - comparison path coefficient3-09-15  11:40 amLinda K. Muthen2
Regression output: STDY vs STDYX6-11-18  5:46 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Newbie - Errors regarding SEM - PLEASE HELP3-10-15  5:57 amLinda K. Muthen2
Goodness of fit tests3-16-15  3:27 amLissa0
Default Range of Latent Variables3-16-15  2:15 pmDandan Liao3
Variance and intercorrelated predictors3-17-15  5:16 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cluster option - won't bring the data in3-17-15  3:44 pmLinda K. Muthen2
New Thread: "Error: please help me"3-19-15  1:13 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Sample weight3-19-15  2:49 pmTihomir Asparouhov2
Measurement invariance in multi-group SEM3-24-15  2:52 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Missing means in grouped configural invariance3-26-15  10:24 amBengt O. Muthen5
Dyadic data ...model as multi-level?3-31-15  6:41 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Data sets formate4-01-15  2:28 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Standardized vs. Unstandardized Path Coefficients 6-14-17  4:31 amFilipa Alexandra da 5
Moderation with multiple outcomes4-09-15  12:59 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Nested model comparison for ML/bootstrapping4-09-15  2:47 pmStudent3
Statistical significance test (p-value)4-17-15  10:00 amLinda K. Muthen2
Total & Total Indirect Effects - Output4-21-15  5:52 amLinda K. Muthen2
Cross-lagged model8-26-20  3:40 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Files no longer reading properly4-23-15  4:45 amThomas Scotto2
Fixed effects and reciprocal-causes model4-30-15  5:09 amStéphanie Baggio3
Zero cells in path analysis4-29-15  5:53 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Matrix used as input for the analyses5-06-15  10:57 amLinda K. Muthen4
MIMIC Model Clarifications8-23-18  6:25 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Including error for endogenous variables 5-11-15  3:13 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Latent 3-way interaction in Monte Carlo 5-11-15  6:38 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Read correlation data of two groups in one matrix5-13-15  5:43 pmSherry Zhang3
Mediation with a nominal control variable5-15-15  5:45 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Condition number, Determinant of the corr. matrix5-15-15  5:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Correlation matrix with single indicator variables5-23-15  12:02 amRichard Wonner3
Can you save pvalues to view more decimals?5-27-15  9:07 amLinda K. Muthen6
Setting non-significant paths to zero5-26-15  2:50 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Effect size5-31-17  5:35 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Different group sizes multiple group 6-05-15  8:07 amLinda K. Muthen2
Path analysis with dichtomous6-24-15  10:17 amWalaa Ismael4
Mod indices - 2 quick Qs6-09-15  1:24 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Decimals in output6-09-15  1:27 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Indirect effects and imputed datasets6-15-15  2:04 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Fit Indices Problem6-15-15  7:45 pmLinda K. Muthen5
Second order factors 6-28-15  9:47 amLinda K. Muthen7
Path model groups - equal paths different means?6-17-15  6:07 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Local identification 6-25-15  6:47 amLinda K. Muthen4
One way ANOVA on SEM latent variable?12-12-19  3:10 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Performance6-26-15  5:36 amCaitlin Smith Sockbe3
Assessment of model with multinomial variable4-10-17  7:00 pmBengt O. Muthen18
Integration Algorithm and Outcome Measures8-04-15  2:15 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Asks for DEFINE statement for existing variable8-07-15  4:57 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Simultaneous equations 8-12-15  5:37 pmAnna Manzoni3
Model identification for 2-indicator factors 8-14-15  3:48 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Dichotomous exogenous variables in path models8-12-15  4:47 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Degrees of Freedom in Path Analysis (APIMeM)8-13-15  8:29 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Seeking help of model fit indices8-16-15  7:00 amLinda K. Muthen2
Negative lower CI8-20-15  9:27 amJas Wer7
Competing multiple mediators with boostrapping8-20-15  4:45 amGeoff Davies5
SEM Model Fit 8-19-15  1:24 pmLinda K. Muthen6
Path model using nominal exogenous variable8-24-15  2:06 amYinxuan Huang3
Equivalence of script lines8-25-15  7:27 amBengt O. Muthen2
Just identified model in regression8-25-15  6:24 amLinda K. Muthen2
Testing tnstruments8-25-15  10:50 amBengt O. Muthen2
Mediation9-07-15  11:48 amLinda K. Muthen2
Binary mediators9-08-15  2:14 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Analyze population matrix9-09-15  9:45 amBengt O. Muthen2
Number of integration points 12-07-15  12:50 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Competing mediators 9-27-15  6:26 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Alignment questions4-14-20  9:39 amTihomir Asparouhov6
ESEM and survival analysis10-07-15  8:38 amTihomir Asparouhov2
Units of total effect in path with logistic reg10-12-15  2:05 amvictor china6
Mediation - Cat. variables + bootstrap + weights1-23-17  3:35 pmBengt O. Muthen15
Multiple group ESEM with complex design10-16-15  11:53 amBengt O. Muthen2
Non-linear relationship10-19-15  10:04 amLinda K. Muthen2
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Latent indicators10-22-15  5:49 pmFiona G0
SAMPLE STATISTICS10-26-15  7:26 pmLinda K. Muthen4
First factor in ESEM10-26-15  9:14 amLinda K. Muthen2
Controls10-27-15  1:49 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Adjusted Means Latent Factor Mediation10-29-15  5:29 pmBengt O. Muthen2
ML vs. MLR 8-16-20  4:10 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Similar models, different degrees of freedom11-04-15  10:51 amCarl-Etienne Juneau0
Similar models, different degrees of freedom11-04-15  5:29 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Multi-group SEM11-26-15  6:35 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Effect sizes for mediation9-21-19  11:43 amBengt O. Muthen4
MLMV versus MLR11-06-15  11:07 amLinda K. Muthen4
ZIP vs linear model4-12-18  5:34 pmBengt O. Muthen7
+27629741839, Get Back Exlover11-07-15  2:38 amDr Ethan0
Indirect effect in path model11-10-15  8:46 amBengt O. Muthen2
Using a one level instead of two level model.11-15-15  12:40 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Robust weighted least squares ML estimation11-16-15  2:38 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Regression with Variables (loaded on Factors)11-16-15  2:42 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Help with understanding an SEM analysis11-26-15  6:39 pmBengt O. Muthen2
R-Square12-01-15  5:22 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Commands deleted in input still running in output12-02-15  5:17 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Results to use for continuous and bianry var12-08-15  5:53 pmBengt O. Muthen3
Moderation mediation12-13-15  4:32 amemmanuel bofah1
Moderated mediation using a latent variable 12-15-15  1:53 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Reference category 12-24-15  6:13 pmBengt O. Muthen8
Useobservations or SUBPOPULATION12-21-15  12:24 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Can a latent variable be a dependent variable?12-22-15  9:30 amLinda K. Muthen2
Latent variable can be a dependent variable?12-22-15  12:39 amMario0
Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD)12-29-15  5:22 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Indicator correlation matrix 12-31-15  5:46 pmLinda K. Muthen2
SEM for dependent vables differing in sample size1-24-16  5:40 pmBengt O. Muthen4
AICc values in MPlus1-13-16  12:26 pmBengt O. Muthen4
Defining the distribution of dependent variables2-18-20  5:16 pmBengt O. Muthen13
RMSEA Confidence interval1-16-16  6:45 amRogier A. Kievit3
Long running time7-22-20  5:57 pmBengt O. Muthen13
Monte Carlo for survival data1-21-16  1:35 pmHanjoe Kim3
Cross-lagged-model10-25-18  4:11 pmBengt O. Muthen6
ICLV model issue6-22-17  1:36 pmBengt O. Muthen6
Categorical predictor in causal mediation2-26-16  2:34 pmBengt O. Muthen13
Get standardized model using latent moderator 1-28-16  6:22 pmBengt O. Muthen2
BASEHAZARD vs. ESTBASELINE under SAVEDATA2-01-16  1:52 pmHanjoe Kim3
Problem with categorical variables1-29-16  5:59 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Reciprocal Causality Syntax1-30-16  6:06 amLinda K. Muthen2
Participation-intensity as moderator2-04-16  6:54 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Model fit evaluation for ESEM analysis2-05-16  3:39 amXu, Man3
Second-order factor in ESEM2-05-16  6:04 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Probing a 3-way interaction - simple slope diffs2-05-16  5:52 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Mplus with Recursive & Non-Recursive Models2-07-16  2:13 pmVivo Gharib1
Problem with Independent Pathway Model2-09-16  6:17 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Moderated mediation with latent variables6-09-20  1:09 pmBengt O. Muthen7
Ex3.18.dat2-16-16  3:44 pmLinda K. Muthen2
Using Latent Variable as a Control Variable2-24-16  6:21 pmBengt O. Muthen2
2 Parallel mediation anlysis problem3-10-16  7:17 amLinda K. Muthen2
Priors for residual covariances in BSEM10-16-19  9:15 amTihomir Asparouhov9
Bayesian SEM; MODEL CONSTRAINT:3-11-16  8:56 amTihomir Asparouhov2
Mediation question3-18-16  6:02 amBengt O. Muthen4
Interpreting results3-15-16  5:55 pmIsmail S5
Cross-Lagged Path Analysis & Standardization11-24-19  9:19 pmYan Liu17
Macro function?3-18-16  6:07 pmSu J0
Cross lagged panel model dummy variable3-23-16  8:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
Total and Specific Indirect Effects3-23-16  8:59 amLinda K. Muthen2
All but one bootstrap iterations finish3-27-16  5:51 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Difference between BY and ON4-02-16  6:18 amBengt O. Muthen2
Correlation of Endogenous Variables4-04-16  10:29 amLinda K. Muthen2
Residual Scores and Measurement Models4-04-16  6:50 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Interpret in path analysis model4-15-16  11:45 amLinda K. Muthen2
The decision to remove exogenous 4-15-16  11:46 amLinda K. Muthen2
MIMIC - multiplicity control4-19-16  9:58 amLinda K. Muthen4
Using effect size or stdYX?5-01-16  1:59 amvictor china4
Mean centering for interaction terms8-07-18  11:16 amBengt O. Muthen16
Montecarlo integration - no convergence 6-16-18  3:32 pmBengt O. Muthen5
Sample size with observed variables4-26-16  5:59 amBengt O. Muthen2
Standard coefficient greater than 1, only one IV4-28-16  6:57 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Scaling and structural parameters4-29-16  7:00 pmBengt O. Muthen2
Residuals and Interactions4-30-16  6:07 amBengt O. Muthen2
Over vs just identified models6-20-18  12:35 pmSamantha-Kaye Johnst5
Model fit output for continuous/binary model6-07-16  10:28 pmCharlotte9
Model fit indices with count outcome9-18-19  3:43 pmBengt O. Muthen4